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Leading the development and refinement of diagnostic imaging services for children.

The Department of Pediatric Radiology provides a full range of imaging services for newborns, infants, children, teens, and young adults at Duke Children's Hospital & Health Center and three of our satellite clinics in Durham. Our experienced team of board-certified pediatric radiologists perform and interpret imaging studies using the latest equipment and techniques specially designed or adapted for pediatric use.

Our physicians tailor imaging examinations to answer specific clinical questions whenever possible to optimize imaging utilization and patient safety. We offer the full spectrum of imaging tools for the diagnosis and management of pediatric disease including ultrasound, radiographic imaging, fluoroscopy, CT (including 3D CT), CT/PET, and MRI. In addition, we have developed and utilize low radiation dose imaging parameters for our CT examinations. Interventional procedures include, but are not limited to, feeding tube placement, percutaneous interventional procedures (biopsies, joint injections, and drainage procedures), and esophageal dilatation.

Our ultrasound and fluoroscopy technicians are also attuned to the special needs of children and understand that imaging children poses unique challenges. We know just how to make your child's experience as safe and pleasant as possible while obtaining the high-quality images needed to rule out, diagnose or treat diseases.

The Department's research includes both clinical and laboratory based imaging studies. In addition, Dr. Donald Frush has been a pioneer in the Image Gently campaign--an international movement to modify imaging techniques and practices to reduce medical radiation exposure to children.


We offer the latest in:

  • radiography
  • fluoroscopy
  • sonography
  • computed tomography
  • MR imaging
  • nuclear medicine examinations

Services available also include select interventional procedures.


Name Areas of Special Interest
Caroline W.T. Carrico, MD Pediatric radiology
Donald P. Frush, MD Pediatric imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, sonography
Ana M. Gaca, MD Pediatric radiology
Charles M. Maxfield, MD Pediatric radiology

Clinic Hours and Location

Duke Children's Hospital & Health Center
First Floor
2301 Erwin Road
Durham, NC 27710
Tel: 919-684-7293 or 919-684-7302

Duke Health Center at Pickett Road
3024 Pickett Road
Durham, NC 27705
Tel: 919-490-9800

Duke Health Center at Southpoint
6301 Herndon Road
Durham, NC 27713
Tel: 919-572-9905

Lenox Baker Children's Hospital
3000 Erwin Road
Durham, NC 27705
Tel: 919-684-6669