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Providing highly specialized pain treatment and symptom management for children of all ages from birth through adolescence.

The Pediatric Anesthesia Program provides comprehensive anesthesia and perioperative care for the pediatric patient. A wide range of pediatric anesthesia services is offered both in the operating room and at multiple remote anesthetizing sites including a pediatric minor procedure suite, interventional and diagnostic radiology, radiation oncology, the eye center, and a cardiac catheterization suite. An increasing number of anesthesia services are being incorporated into the Duke Children’s Hospital to improve the comfort for our pediatric patients. The pediatric anesthesia program has continued to grow to support children’s services at Duke and is an integral part of the perioperative experience including the preoperative screening process, preoperative holding area, children-specific operating rooms with the latest technology, and a separate pediatric post-anesthesia recovery unit (PACU).

The faculty in the program are all specialty-trained pediatric anesthesiologists from diverse backgrounds and with a variety of clinical and research interests. We administer anesthesia to all children, both healthy and those with complex medical diseases, for services throughout the Duke medical community. Nearly 7,000 patients under the age of 18 years receive anesthesia at Duke under the auspices of pediatric-friendly anesthesia teams. The care offered begins at the time of the scheduling of the procedure and follows the child throughout the experience including their intensive care stay, and acute and chronic pain services. In addition, several members of the program are involved in studying the effects of anesthetics on the developing brain or how certain anesthetic agents affect children of different ages.


Anesthesiology is a critical component of patient care at Duke Children's. Working in tandem with surgeons or on an individual basis with patients, anesthesiologists relieve pain, ease healing, and promote patient comfort.

We provide pediatric anesthesia for all children, both healthy and those with complex illnesses. We also offer care for children with complex cardiac disease in the operating room, cardiac catheterization lab and for electrophysiologic and diagnostic procedures requiring general anesthesia.

Our pediatric anesthesiologists provide an array of services at locations throughout Duke, some of which include:

  • preoperative screening
  • acute pain services
  • sedations and brief general anesthetics
  • main operating room services
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) services
  • chronic pain services


Name Areas of Special Interest
Warwick A. Ames, MBBS Pediatric and pediatric cardiac anesthesia; management of children with congenital heart disease and difficult airways
Guy De L. Dear, MB ChB Pediatric/general anesthesiology; hyperbaric medicine
John B. Eck, MD Pediatric anesthesiology
Hercilia Mayumi Homi, MD, PhD Pediatric anesthesiology
Edmund H. Jooste, MB ChB Pediatric anesthesiology, pediatric cardiac anesthesiology
Allison K. Ross, MD Pediatric anesthesia; pediatric regional anesthesia
Brad M. Taicher, DO, MBA Pediatric anesthesia; pediatric ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia; pediatric ultrasound-guided vascular access


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Tel: 919-668-4000
Hours: Daily, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm