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2013 Honor Roll of Donors

Children treated at Duke Children's Hospital are the beneficiaries of a caring community. Because we believe children deserve the very best in modern healthcare services, our goals are ambitious. We extend our deepest gratitude to those individuals, corporations, foundations, trusts, groups, and estates who haved helped us. The Honor Roll of Contributors includes those who gave gifts of $100.00 or more from January 1, 2013 through December 30, 2013. Please bring any inaccuracies to our attention by calling 919.385.3138.

    Donors marked in bold have supported Duke Children's for five years or more.
    **Children's Miracle Network Sponsor

    Individual Donors

    Circle of Passion ($500,000+)

    Estate of Glenn A. Kiser*
    Mrs. Lisa Benenson Quattrocchi
    Mr. Julian H. Robertson Jr.

    Circle of Inspiration ($100,000 and above)

    Dr. and Mrs. Yuan-Tsong Chen
    Mr. and Mrs. William H. Gates III
    Mr. and Mrs. Earl E. T. Smith Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. James T. Yonkers

    Circle of Strength ($25,000 and above)

    Mr. Anthony Abitbol
    Mr. Jerry W. Atkins
    Mr. James V. Baker
    Mr. Ronald J. Bernstein
    Mr. and Mrs. W. Harden Blackwell
    Mr. Gerald G. Chen
    Mr. Jerome G. Chen
    Mr. William L. Glancy, Jr.*
    Mrs. Heather Golin
    Mrs. Elaine Cruz Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. David P. King
    Mr. and Mrs. David G. McIntee
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Moulton
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip Procacci
    Mrs. Susan  Sabiston
    Mr. Yomtov Senegor and Ms. Kelly A. McNelis


    Circle of Hope ($10,000 and above)

    Mr. and Mrs. Rick  Anicetti
    Ms. Barbara M. Bays
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Chut Sr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Ferrell
    Mr. and Mrs. David S. Ferriero and Gail Zimmermann
    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Gabriel
    Mr. and Mrs. David A. Groves
    Mr. David W. Hanson
    Mr. and Mrs. William H. Huffman
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Jenkins
    Ms. Jennifer A. Jenkins
    Mr. and Mrs. George K. Jennison
    Mrs. Patsy S. Johnson
    Ms. Donna Cruz Jones
    Dr. and Mrs. John P. Kelly
    Mrs. Nelda G. Lee
    Mr. Crockett  Long
    Mr. and Mrs. John H. Love
    Mrs. Kathrine G. McGovern
    Ms. Barbara B. Pollock
    Mrs. Vivian Raftery
    Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Reese
    Mr. Sean P. Renfree
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Shoemate
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. and Noelle Shoemate
    Mr. Robert E. Stroupe
    Dr. and Mrs. James R. Urbaniak


    Circle of Caring ($5,000 and above)

    Dr. Richard L. Auten, Jr.
    Dr. and Mrs. Habib F. Bassil
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Brewer
    Mr. Richard A. Carrington III
    Mr. and Mrs. Joel Cusick
    Mr. David A. Dorminey
    Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Farmer
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Felton
    Mr. Ron  Francis
    Mr. and Mrs. David T. Goodson
    Mr. Eric Hart
    Ms. Shannon  Jenkins
    Mr. Richard E. Kauffman
    Ms. Lois S. Klauder
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Knott
    Estate of Carolyn L. McKenzie
    Mr. Joseph T. McMahon
    Mr. David C. Nolte
    Dr. Ann M. Pflugrath and Mr. Donald J. Thimsen
    Ms. Carol Richards
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Rolander
    Ms. Jamie Schatz
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry Winters
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wishnew

    Circle of Compassion ($1,000 and above)

    Mr. and Mrs. Clay T. Adams
    Ms. Shirelle M. Allen
    Mrs. Olivia  Andretti
    Mrs. Russellene J. Angel
    Mr. and Mrs. John Ashford
    Mrs. Terri Austin
    Mr. Edward  Bailey
    Mr. and Mrs. John W. Barnes
    Mr. and Mrs. C. Jim Beacham
    Ms. Bonnie L. Beliveau
    Ms. Leah  Bergman
    Ms. Rachel E. Bergman
    Mr. Merrick D. Bernstein
    Mr. and Mrs. Christian A. Bigsby
    Mr. and Mrs. H. Burns Blackwell
    Mr. and Mrs. Andy Blanton
    Mrs. Brenda  Bledsoe
    Ms. Marilyn L. Bollinger
    Ms. Angela Boone
    Ms. Kim Boyle
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Braddy
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Brandaleone
    Ms. Karin M. Brezin
    Ms. Jennings  Brody
    Mr. David E. Brown
    Drs. Charles E. and Rebecca H. Buckley
    Mr. and Mrs. Ike Bullard
    Ms. Deborah  Burchfield
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Burton
    Ms. Jennifer  Burton
    Mr. and Mrs. Carlton L. Campbell
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Carstens
    Mr. and Mrs. William Castonguay
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Chambers
    Ms. Candace Chapman
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Charles
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Chobot
    Ms. Suzanne B. Clark
    Drs. Dennis A. Clements III and Martha Ann Keels
    Ms. Shirley A. Clifton
    Mr. James W. Collins
    Mr. Roger Corner
    Ms. Alicia M. Cornwell
    Ms. Elizabeth L. Cozart
    Mr. and Mrs. David E. Cromartie
    Ms. Amy E. Crossley
    Mr. and Mrs. David Cutcliffe
    Mr. and Mrs. Bradfute W. Davenport
    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Davison
    Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Deel
    Mr. and Mrs. Sevan Demirdogen
    Mr. Robert  Derome
    Mr. Denis M. Diaz
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Dombeck
    Ms. Karen Downing
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Drickey
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Dwyer
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Dyar
    Dr. and Mrs. Victor J. Dzau
    Mrs. Edith Edmondson
    Mr. and Mrs. Irvin R. Ellington, Jr.
    Mr. Ernest  Ellison II
    Mrs. Margie F. Felton
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Finison
    Mr. Fred  Folger Jr.
    Mrs. Sherri P. Fonvielle
    Mr. John D. Fuller, Sr.
    Mr. William J. Gabor
    Mr. Russell Gantman
    Mr. Anderson H. Garrett
    Mr. John Garrison
    Mr. Dan  Gatti
    Ms. Michelle M. Gerardot
    Mrs. Mary Gerrans
    Mr. George E. Glass
    Ms. Susan I. Glenn
    Ms. Paulette Gonzalez
    Ms. Nicola J. Goodman
    Dr. and Mrs. Raymond S. Greenberg
    Mr. Ethan Grossman
    Ms. Susan Lynne Hagarty
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Handly
    Mr. Byron L. Hargett
    Ms. Lori D. Hattori
    Mr. and Mrs. Ira A. Heller
    Mrs. Harriet B. Hickman
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Hoffman, Jr.
    Mrs. Patricia L. Holsten
    Mr. Thomas Holum
    Ms. Ethany E. Howden
    Mr. and Mrs. Craig C. Huggins
    Mr. Richard  Hume
    Drs. Paul G. and Karen Foster Israel
    Mr. Anthony  Izzo
    Mr. and Mrs. Maurice D. James, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Jamiolkowski
    Ms. Kathleen E. Johnson
    Mr. William R. Johnston
    Mr. and Mrs. Evan L. Jones
    Mr. Jeffrey R. Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Kauffman Sr.
    Ms. Lynda Kerr
    Mr. John W. Kilgore
    Ms. Rachel  King
    Mr. and Mrs. George F. Klunk
    Mr. and Mrs. John Kordsmeier
    Ms. Elizabeth B. Lamar
    Mr. and Mrs. Charlie M. Lamm
    Ms. Nickle J. Lamoreaux
    Ms. Theodora Lengowski
    Mr. and Mrs. William D. Lindenmuth
    Mr. and Mrs. Colin MacNair
    Mr. and Mrs. David J. Mandzak
    Mr. Michael D. Manis
    Ms. Laura Mateo
    Mr. and Mrs. Eric  McCartney
    Mrs. Jayne W. McDaniel
    Ms. Jayne T. McGuire
    Ms. Anne F. McKay
    Estate of Frances C. McKay*
    Mr. Joseph W. McKay
    Ms. Louise R. Meminger
    Mr. Larry W. Miller
    Drs. Robert B. and Paige W. Miller
    Mr. Cornelius  Milmoe
    Mr. Nicholas G. Mirisis
    Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mize
    Mr. Howard W. Mizell
    Ms. Lynda Moegling
    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Monk
    Mr. Charles R. Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Morrison
    Ms. Georgia S. Nelson
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Newell
    Ms. Lisa Nicklis
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Nunn
    Ms. Phyllis J. Palmer
    Mrs. Frances E. Payne
    Mr. Glenn Perry
    Mr. and Mrs. Jay L. Peters
    Ms. Phyllis E. Pitt
    Mr. and Mrs. Luther W. Pitts Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. David B. Polich
    Mrs. Rose F. Procacci*
    Mr. Robert A. Pruett
    Mr. Daniel M. Raleigh*
    Mrs. Reva S. Raleigh
    Ms. Linda  Reavis
    Mrs. Barbara C. Reid
    Mr. William O. Richards
    Mr. and Mrs. William F. Roberson
    Mr. Ramon A. Ruberte Thiele
    Dr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Rusnak
    Ms. Bryce L. Russo
    Mrs. Jo Jo  Sallah
    Mrs. Ruth C. Scharf
    Ms. Debra A. Sedlak
    Mr. Bruce A. Seelinger
    Mr. David  Seoane
    Ms. Eva A. Snowden
    Miss Jane E. Snowden
    Drs. John P. and Laurie Kinder Sorge
    Mr. Gregory Soussloff
    Dr. Arthur W. Spengler
    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Spinazze
    Dr. and Mrs. William  St. Clair
    Drs. Joseph W. St. Geme III and Lynn White
    Mr. and Mrs. John Steffan
    Mr. Robert Stein
    Miss Gloria Stevens
    Mr. and Mrs. James M. Stogner
    Ms. Janet  Stowe
    Mr. and Mrs. Adam Taback
    Ms. Stacy M. Brown Taylor
    Mr. and Dr. Frank D. and Karen Grossmann Todd
    Ms. Linda K. Tolar
    Mr. William  Townsend
    Mr. Edmond R. Tremblay
    Mr. Michael S. Trombley
    Mrs. Donna C. Troublefield
    Ms. Susan Ellen Trukawinski
    Dr. George A. Truskey and Ms. Anna A. Wu
    Mr. Daniel A. Van Dyke
    Mr. William Van Meter
    Mr. and Mrs. Lars  von Kantzow
    Mr. Cleve Wagstaff
    Mrs. Carole Ann Weaver
    Drs. Dan and Stephanie Wechsler
    Mrs. Joyce C. Weiland
    Mr. Irving B. Welchons
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. West
    Mr. and Mrs. Don M. Wheless, Sr.
    Mr. James C. Whitaker
    Mr. and Mrs. David J. Whitney
    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wichtrich
    Mr. Dan G. Williamson
    Dr. David Wong
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Wrayno
    Mr. and Mrs. John Young
    Ms. Melissa Young
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert K. Yowell
    Mr. and Mrs. William Zahn
    Mr. John  Zimmermann


    Circle of Encouragement ($500 and above)

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V WY Z

    Mr. Seth Adams
    Dr. and Mrs. Tony C. Adams
    Ms. Anne Addabbo
    Mr. and Mrs. Harry Albert
    Ms. Julie Anderson
    Mr. Sam Andrews
    Mr. John N. Anthony Jr.
    Dr. and Mrs. David E. Attarian
    Mr. Allan Atton
    Mr. George C. Avent
    Mr. and Mrs. Ray Babuin
    Mr. Mitchel H. Baker
    Ms. Susan Banks
    Mr. Carl A. Barkley, III
    Mrs. Beth  Barlow
    Mr. Thomas Basnight
    Ms. Connie W. Beard
    Ms. Beverly L. Bell
    Ms. Jeane R. Bibb
    Mr. Michael Biersack
    Mr. and Mrs. William C. Blackman
    Ms. Mary Anne Bosher
    Ms. Tonia  Bowen
    Mr. and Mrs. Nelson W. Bowers
    Dr. and Mrs. Brian P. Bowman
    Mr. Barry  Bradley
    Mr. Chester Brantley
    Mr. and Mrs. Randolph G. Brecheisen
    Mrs. Ruby U. Briley
    Mrs. Molly P. Brown
    Mr. Paul  Brown
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Buhrman
    Dr. and Mrs. Wesley Burks
    Mr. and Mrs. Ty  Burns
    Mr. and Mrs. Claude F. Burrows II
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Burton, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. Buschbach
    Mr. Cornell Cannady
    Mr. Phillip Cantrell
    Ms. Patty Carlson
    Ms. Frankie  Carrigan
    Ms. Carol M. Carroll
    Mr. Jose C. Castorena
    Ms. Lindsay  Chadwick
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Chambers
    Mr. Carlisle  Chenault
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Clark
    Mr. Rogers H. Clark
    Ms. Shannon M. Clark
    Ms. Betty F. Cockrill
    Ms. Elisa Collins
    Mr. Victor Collins
    Mrs. Jenny Corbett
    Ms. Linda Cozzens
    Ms. Cynthia Crabtree
    Mr. Delbert Crawshaw
    Ms. Helen Crompton
    Mr. and Mrs. George R. Cunningham, Jr.
    Mr. R. O. Cutts
    Mr. Michael  Dalbo
    Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. D'Alli
    Mrs. Dolores D'Angelo
    Dr. Lawrence J. D'Angelo
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Darden II
    Ms. Deborah Davis
    Ms. Karen E. Davis
    Mr. Joseph S. Denning Mr. Dirk A. Dimitry
    Ms. Pamela Doolittle
    Ms. Sue  Doring
    Mr. Brett Doyle
    Ms. Laura K. Doyle
    Drs. Robert P. and Joan L. Drucker
    Ms. Kelly Dubs
    Ms. Stacy Dunn
    Mr. and Mrs. Penn Dupuis
    Mrs. Carol H. Eatman
    Mr. Rufus L. Edmisten
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank  Edwards
    Ms. Roxanne R. Ellington
    Mr. Gray Ellis
    Mr. Thomas A. Faircloth
    Ms. Amy  Farabow
    Mr. and Mrs. James W. Faucette
    Ms. Martha M. Faucette
    Ms. Peggy Feight
    Mr. Johnny Fleming
    Mr. Richard F. Flores
    Mr. James Flowers
    Mr. Frank A. Foster
    Mr. Michael Frawley
    Ms. Eva Fujimato
    Ms. Jane A. Fulton
    Mr. Rodney E. Gaddy
    Mrs. Kathy B. Gaither
    Mr. Jamie Garrett
    Mr. Steve J. Garry
    Mr. Edgar W. Garvin
    Mrs. Elizabeth D. Gasiorowski
    Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Gentle
    Ms. Trudy L. Gentry
    Ms. Mahmette  Gerrans
    Mr. George  Gillis
    Mrs. Elisabeth  Glann
    Ms. Juanita Godwin
    Ms. Katie A. Golliday
    Mr. and Mrs. Tony E. Goodson
    Mr. and Mrs. Ishwar H. Gopichand
    Mr. Michael C. Gore
    Dr. Paul D. Granoff
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Grant, Jr.
    Mr. Jeffrey S. Greaser
    Mrs. Bettina Greaves
    Ms. Robin Greenwood
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Gregory
    Mr. and Mrs. A. Bruce Greybill
    Mrs. Judith A. Grintz
    Mr. George L. Grody
    Drs. Steven and Enid Gross
    Mrs. Margaret M. Groves
    Ms. Yvonne Grymes
    Mrs. Colleen E. Gustafson
    Ms. Stacie  Halbert
    Ms. Janet M. Hall
    Mr. Samer A. Hamad
    Ms. Lisa D. Hampton
    Mr. Dave  Hamrick
    Ms. Gloria I. Hankins
    Ms. Glenda  Harrell
    Mr. Eugene Harris*
    Mr. and Mrs. Joe Harris
    Ms. Kathy Haydysch
    Mr. Ronald A. Haynes Sr.
    Mr. and Mrs. George Heaslip
    Mrs. Helga S. Hedrick
    Mr. Steve  Heidecker
    Mr. David M. Heiser
    Mrs. Nancy M. Hemmerich
    Dr. Mary Pat Hemstreet
    Ms. Amy Hendershott
    Mrs. Katherine  Hirscher
    Ms. Christina A. Hobbs
    Ms. Kimberly  Hoff
    Ms. Kimberly S. Hoft
    Ms. Jenny  Holland
    Mrs. Diane C. Hooper
    Mr. Dewitt Hoover
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Hopper
    Ms. Annette  Howard
    Mr. Jamie B. Huff
    Mr. Alan J. Hughes
    Ms. Bonnie Hurst
    Mr. and Mrs. Johnny R. Hussey
    Mr. Daniel P. Hynes
    Ms. Joan Inscoe
    Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jackson
    Mrs. Nelle C. Jackson
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Johnson
    Mrs. Janet R. Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. Ralph  Jordan
    Mr. Garland Joyner
    Ms. Akira Kageyama
    Mr. James S. Kalmer
    Drs. Samuel L. Katz and Catherine Wilfert-Katz
    Ms. Alyssa Vora Keating
    Mr. and Mrs. Sam A. Keel
    Mr. Paul J. Kerner
    Mr. Randall  Kerr
    Ms. Cindy Key
    Ms. Kerstin M. Kimel
    Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Kinney
    Mrs. Mechelle H. Kobar
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Kornegay
    Ms. Gail A. Lamm
    Ms. Melissa R. Landers
    Mr. Jason Langlois
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen  LaPierre
    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Larimore
    Ms. Teresa Laughan
    Drs. Jeffrey H. and Jennifer M. Lawson
    Mr. and Mrs. James T. Lawton
    Mr. Jesse C. League, Jr.
    Ms. Susan L. Leavell
    Ms. Brooke  Ledford
    Ms. Beth Lee
    Ms. Marina R. Lee
    Ms. Jennifer Lewis
    Dr. and Mrs. Shu Shiuh-Shieu Lin
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Lisk
    Dr. Gregory B. Louie
    Ms. Kimberly D. Loyd
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Luken
    Mr. Peter B. Lynt
    Ms. Lori Macauley
    Mr. Julius Mahan
    Mrs. Joseph J. Maher
    Halit M. Mane
    Mr. and Mrs. David E. Mann
    Mr. Miguel A. Manna
    Dr. Athanasios Maroglou
    Ms. Katherine A. Martino
    Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Mayes
    Mr. John D. McCartney
    Mr. and Mrs. William S. McCurdy
    Ms. Stephanie McDonald
    Ms. Sadie McLaurin
    Mrs. Susan McMickle
    Ms. Deborah Mella
    Mr. Carlton Midyette
    Ms. Kathleen L. Miller
    Mr. George M. Moffett, II
    Mr. and Mrs. Jim Molzon
    Mr. Peter Montana
    Ms. Lynda S. Moore
    Dr. Robert A. Moran, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Steve M. Morelen
    Ms. Kristy Morgan
    Mrs. Therecia Morris
    Mr. Timothy M. Mulroy
    Mr. Sanjeev K. Munshi
    Dr. Robert  Murphy
    Mr. I. E. Murray, Jr.
    Ms. Jane C. Murray
    Ms. Pamela Myers
    Dr. Cynthia Neal
    Ms. Vanessa D. Nelson
    Ms. Dianne P. Nichols
    Mr. Dan V. Noblin, Jr.
    Mr. Robert L. Norris
    Dr. and Mrs. Fred G. Odere
    Mr. Kim E. O'Donnell
    Mr. James W. Oldham
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles  Oliver II
    Mrs. Amy S. Orange
    Mr. Alan Outlaw
    Mr. Joseph Owens
    Mr. Jeffrey Parker
    Mr. Gregory T. Parks
    Mr. Larry  Pearce
    Mr. Allan D. Pedersen
    Mr. and Mrs. Wade H. Penny Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. D. Wayne Peterson
    Mr. Alston Phillips
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Pierrie
    Mrs. Jennifer L. Plurad
    Mr. and Mrs. Tony L. Pope
    Lauren E. Potter
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Prescott
    Mr. Larry Price
    Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ray
    Mr. Clifford E. Raynor, Jr.
    Ms. Paula Redstone
    Ms. Marcia  Reed
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Reed
    Mr. and Mrs. Jack Van Rich
    Mr. and Mrs. Allen E. Richardson
    Mr. Daniel Riley
    Mr. Michael W. Rodelius
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Rogan
    Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Rogers
    Ms. Tammy L. Rogers
    Mr. Miguel L. Rojas-Sotelo
    Mr. Richard J. Root
    Mrs. Kimberly P. Rost
    Mr. Phillip Sanderson
    Mrs. Laurie  Schaefer
    Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Scroggs
    Ms. Denise Seagroves
    Mr. and Mrs. James DeS. Shaffner
    Mrs. Carol Shaw
    Mr. John Shearer
    Mrs. Sheila R. Sheppard
    Mrs. Meredith  Shivar
    Ms. Patti K. Simmerson
    Ms. Vanja Sitar
    Miss Kris A. Sloman
    Mrs. Denise H. Smith
    Mrs. Dorothea E. Smith
    Mr. James B. Smith
    Mrs. Katherine H. Smith
    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Smith
    Dr. and Mrs. William Soffera
    Mrs. Dorothy D. Sogn
    Mr. John A. Sogn
    Ms. Heather  Sopko
    Ms. Terry W. Sosa
    Mrs. Adalia Sova
    Ms. Vicki Stovall
    Mrs. Pamela V. Strasser
    Mr. Harvey  Strauss
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Sullivan
    Ms. Meredith Sullivan
    Ms. Marie  Sutton
    Mr. Michael Synoracki
    Mr. and Mrs. H. Scott Tamblyn
    Mrs. Tammy Mae Taylor
    Mr. and Mrs. Jon R. Tervo
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Thomas
    Mr. James L. Throneburg
    Ms. Monica Toth
    Ms. Gina M. Trianfo
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Tucker Jr.
    Ms. Brenda F. Turnipseed
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Ulasewich
    Mr. and Mrs. Darren  Umstead
    Dr. and Mrs. T. Reed Underhill
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Utley, Jr.
    Dr. and Mrs. Steve Vacalis
    Dr. Anne M. Valente
    Mrs. Paula Villacis
    Mr. Michael  Vivenzio
    Ms. Gail Wagaman
    Ms. Brandie  Walser
    Dr. and Mrs. Warren S. Warren
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Waters
    Ms. Patricia A. Watson
    Dr. Susan L. Watts
    Mr. Tracy C. Weeks
    Ms. Elizabeth  Welch
    Ms. Katherine K. White
    Mr. Robert B. Whitfield
    Mr. John Whitney
    Mr. and Mrs. Terry Wiles
    Mr. Bradford and Dr. Christina J. Williams
    Mrs. Dorothy S. Williams
    Mr. Tom  Williams
    Ms. Carol A. Witthun
    Ms. Agnes Wong
    Mr. Sandy T. Wood
    Dr. Alma L. Woodyard
    Ms. Karen L. Woomer
    Mr. Douglas J. Yacenda
    Mr. and Mrs. Thornton H. Yancey
    Ms. Catherine Young
    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Zeltmann 


    Circle of Kindness ($100 and above)

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

    Ms. Trudi J. Abel
    Mr. David E. Abell
    Drs. Robert S. and Rosalind S. Abernathy
    Mr. Abu J. Abraham
    Mr. Alton R. Acree
    Ms. Brenda E. Adams
    Mr. and Mrs. Jesse E. Adams
    Ms. Marilyn Adams
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Adams
    Mr. Shane  Adams
    Ms. Stephanie  Adams
    Mrs. Susan M. Adams
    Ms. Vickie R. Adams
    Dr. and Mrs. Adegboyega O. Aderibigbe
    Mrs. Linda T. Adkins
    Mr. and Mrs. John J. Ager
    Mr. and Mrs. Ray  Ajluni
    Mr. Tyler  Albright
    Ms. Marsha A. Alexander
    Ms. Rebeccah Alexander
    Ms. Rebecca C. Alexander
    Mr. William F. Alexander
    Mrs. Mary Ann  Alford
    Capt. Samuel P. Alford
    Ms. Sherrie Alford-Beasley
    Mr. Jeffrey M. Aliotta
    Mrs. Eleanor P. Allen
    Ms. Lynn Allen
    Dr. Margaret K. Allen
    Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell J. Allen, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Randy S. Allen
    Mr. Richard N. Allen
    Mr. Wesley B. Allen
    Mrs. Sandra H. Allenbaugh
    Ms. Teresa M. Allgood
    Ms. Marki  Allison
    Mr. Reginald Allred
    Ms. Ruth E. Allred
    Dr. Stephanie Alm
    Mr. and Mrs. Mahir Al-Nadaf
    Drs. Thomas A. and Natalie Portillo Aloia
    Dr. and Mrs. David H. Altman
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Altstaetter
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Amerson
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Amor
    Mr. Christopher Y. Anderson
    Ms. Ellen L. Anderson
    Mr. James H. Anderson
    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Anderson Jr.
    Mrs. Julia H. Anderson
    Ms. Teel  Anderson
    Mr. Jay Andorfer
    Mr. Michael W. Andreucci
    Ms. Becky Aria
    Mr. Furness J. Armstead
    Mrs. Barbara P. Armstrong
    Ms. Melinda Arndt
    Mr. and Mrs. Randall G. Arnott
    Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Aronson
    Ms. Angelia V. Arrington
    Mr. Greg Arthur
    Mrs. Dorothy R. Arwe
    Mrs. Patricia H. Ashworth
    Mr. and Mrs. David  Askew 
    Ms. Jean D. Atkins
    Mr. and Mrs. John L. Atkins III
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Atkinson
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Atkinson
    Ms. Marsha Atkinson
    Dr. Susan S. Atkinson
    Mr. Tracey Atkinson
    Mrs. Dianna Aubin
    Mrs. Lois K. Auton
    Mrs. Jeanette Autry
    Mr. and Mrs. Alan P. Avakian
    Mr. V. Stephen Aycock
    Mrs. Ethel Ayscue
    Ms. Judith A. Baartman
    Mr. James L. Bacon*
    Ms. Carol A. Bader
    Ms. Megan Bader
    Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Bailey
    Mr. Clyde Bailey
    Ms. Helen E. Bailey
    Ms. Lucinda C. Bailey
    Ms. Kimberly Bailliard
    Ms. Sharon Baird
    Ms. Carolyn  Bajbus
    Mr. Allan P. Baker III
    Mr. and Mrs. David D. Baker
    Mrs. Edith  Baker
    Dr. Jeffrey P. Baker
    Mrs. Mandy Baker
    Ms. Melody Baker
    Ms. Michelle A. Baker
    Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Baker
    Mrs. Joan H. Balfour
    Mrs. Carol Ball
    Mrs. Elizabeth Ball
    Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Ballard
    Mr. and Mrs. William Baltzersen
    Ms. Amy E. Banfer
    Ms. Lisa Banks
    Ms. Deepa Baratam
    Mr. Rickie Barbee
    Mrs. Tami W. Barbee
    Mr. and Mrs. Grady L. Barber
    Ms. Clare Barbieri
    Mr. and Mrs. Rodney K. Barbour
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Barbour
    Ms. Nancy Bard
    Mr. and Mrs. John Barile
    Mr. Michael W. Barker
    Ms. Pamela Barker
    Mrs. Ann T. Barkley
    Mr. Barbara E. Barnes
    Mrs. Betty Barnes
    Mr. Chad Barnes
    Mr. and Mrs. David W. Barnes, Jr.
    Mr. Gerald O. Barnes
    Mr. Henry Barnes
    Mrs. Lisa H. Barnes
    Ms. Sherri Barnes
    Mrs. Beverly C. Barnett
    Mr. William K. Barnett*
    Mr. and Mrs. James L. Barnhill
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Barnhill
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Baroff
    Mrs. Lisa  Barrell
    Mr. Edward G. Barry
    Mr. Tucker and Dr. Kathleen Wurth Bartlett
    Mr. James Barton
    Ms. Ellie Bergman
    Ms. Michelle  Bass
    Mrs. Maricarmen I. Bass
    Mrs. Tammy Bass
    Mr. Adolphus Batchelor
    Ms. Jennifer Bates
    Dr. John B. Bates
    Mr. and Mrs. David M. Battan
    Mrs. Deborah D. Batten
    Ms. Deborah Batts
    Ms. Nancy B. Bausman
    Mr. William R. Bay
    Mr. Robert A. Baynard
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Baynes
    Mr. and Mrs. Gene C. Baynor
    Mr. and Mrs. John L. Beach, Jr.
    Ms. Sue  Beal
    Mr. and Mrs. Drewery N. Beale
    Mrs. Nathalie Beauchamp
    Mr. Mark R. Beautz
    Mr. and Mrs. Johnny S. Beck
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Becker
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Beckett
    Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Beer
    Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Begun
    Mr. Norman Bell
    Mrs. Carolyn S. Benner
    Ms. Barbara M. Bennett
    Mr. Jim Bennett
    Ms. LaRae  Bennett
    as T. Bennett Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bennett
    Ms. Wendy Bennett
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Benoit
    Mr. and Mrs. David Benton
    Ms. Tami  Beraud
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Berland
    Mr. Eduardo  Bermeo
    Mr. Carlo  Bernarte
    Mr. Derryl G. Berry
    Ms. Nancy M. Berry
    Mr. Pat  Berry
    Mrs. Crystal  Bever
    Ms. Usha  Bhagavatula
    Ms. Katherine L. Bick
    Ms. Susan Bickel
    Mr. and Mrs. George Bidanset
    Ms. Margarita Bidegain
    Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell S. Bigel
    Ms. Brenda Biggers
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Bihn
    Mrs. Dolores  Bilangi
    Ms. Sara Bingham
    Mrs. Darlene S. Birchette
    Mrs. Caroline  Bird
    Robby L. Birdsong
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Birkenmeyer
    Ms. Helen A. Bishop
    Mr. W. Warren Bishop
    Ms. Tara Bissette
    Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan K. Bivens
    Ms. Patricia  Bixby
    Mr. Allen  Bizub
    Ms. Brenda Black
    Mr. R. Dudley Black
    Mr. William J. Black Jr.
    Mrs. Terry L. Blackburn
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Blackshire
    Mr. Frank Blalock, Jr.
    Dr. Brent  Blaylock
    Ms. Edna D. Blizzard
    Mr. Ernest G. Blough
    Mrs. Sarah R. Blue
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott J. Blum
    Dr. and Mrs. R. Jeffrey Board
    Ms. Bridget Boaz
    Mr. Donald L. Bobbitt
    Mr. James Bock
    Ms. Susan  Bodette
    Ms. Gloria Bodnar
    Ms. Anne  Bogovich
    Ms. Minnie R. Bogue
    Mr. and Mrs. Marcel E. Boiteau
    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Bolick
    Mrs. Martha S. Bordeaux
    Mr. William S. Borsett
    Mr. and Mrs. Donovan E. Bort
    Mr. Carl D. and Dr. Donna M. Bortner
    Ms. Tapati Bose
    Mrs. Judith Lynn Boswell
    Ms. Rebecca Boulo
    Mr. Bert T. Bowe
    Ms. Faye A. Bowen
    Ms. Glenda B. Bowen
    Mrs. Sonya G. Bowen
    Ms. Joan C. Boyce
    Mr. Brian Boyd
    Ms. Holly Boyd
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Boyd
    Mrs. Lu A. Boyer
    Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Boyette
    Ms. Joanna Boykin
    Ms. Marybeth  Boynton
    Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Brackett
    Mr. Robert C. Brackett
    Ms. Sonia L. Bradshaw
    Mrs. Elizabeth E. Bradsher
    Mr. Troy  Bradsher
    Ms. Barbara A. Brady
    Ms. Ann Kenny Braff
    Ms. Ceresa Braithwaite
    Mr. and Mrs. Adam Brake
    Mrs. Joanne M. Braman
    Mrs. Dorothy K. Brandon
    Mr. Jimmy  Brantley
    Mr. and Mrs. Ashley Braswell
    Mr. and Mrs. Byron D. Braswell
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Braswell Jr.
    Ms. Kelly Braswell
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Brauer
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Brearley
    Ms. Tiffany Breindel
    Mrs. Sandra Breitschwerdt
    Ms. Lauren Brennan
    Mr. Brian Brett
    Ms. Mary Alice Brevard
    Mr. and Mrs. Amos C. Brewer
    Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Brewer
    Mr. Jim Brewer
    Mr. Benjamin O. Bridges
    Ms. Doris  Bridges
    Mrs. Sharon J. Bridgette
    Ms. Joanna Bright
    Ms. Tandi Brill
    Mrs. Dianne C. Brinker
    Mr. and Mrs. Dack Brinkley
    Ms. Jeanne H. Britt
    Mrs. Susan P. Britton
    Mr. John P. Broadwell
    Ms. Frances D. Brod
    Mrs. Marilyn Brodd
    Ms. Janice P. Broniak
    Ms. Denise Brook
    Mr. Michael A. Brooks
    Ms. Tracy A. Brookshire
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Browde
    Mrs. Amy N. Brown
    Ms. Brenda P. Brown
    Mr. Bruce Brown
    Mrs. Deborah P. Brown
    Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Brown
    Mr. Greg  Brown
    Ms. Heather P. Brown
    Mr. Joseph Brown
    Mr. Michael J. Brown
    Ms. Nancy A. Brown
    Ms. Rebecca M. Brown
    Mr. Robert E. Brown
    Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Brown
    Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brown, III
    Mr. William B. Brown
    Ms. Wilma Brown
    Ms. Meta E. Brownback
    Ms. Debbie Broyles
    Ms. Charlotte Bruce
    Ms. Elizabeth Bruder
    Ms. Michelle Julie Bruin
    Ms. Brittany A. Bryan
    Ms. Donna Bryant
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bryant
    Ms. Vicky Bryant
    Mr. William M. Bryant, Jr.
    Ms. Margaret  Bryce
    Ms. Lorie Buchanan
    Ms. Ronda F. Buchanan
    Mr. Don  Buckey
    Dr. Edward G. Buckley
    Mr. Robert D. Buckman
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Buckoski
    Dr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Buff
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Buhrman
    Mr. Bart Buie
    Ms. Linh Buie
    Mr. Robert L. Bullard
    Mr. and Mrs. Allen Bullock
    Ms. Velma J. Bullock
    Mr. Brian D. Bumgardner
    Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bunn
    Ms. Nancy  Bunting
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Burch, Jr.
    Mr. Jarrod  Burch
    Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Burch
    Mr. Walter A. Burch
    Ms. Dawn D. Burchette
    Mr. and Mrs. Ben Burger
    Mrs. Colleen Burgess
    Mr. Coy R. Burgess
    Ms. Harriet S. Burgess
    Mr. and Mrs. J. Armand Burgun
    Mr. William F. Burke
    Mr. Artie H. Burkhart
    Mr. Ricky M. Burleson
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew I. Burness
    Mrs. Betty T. Burnette
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel K. Burns
    Ms. Kristine  Burns
    Ms. Heather A. Burrell
    Ms. Dottie G. Burrows
    Mr. Hal Burrows
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Burton
    Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Butler III
    Ms. Denise I. Butler
    Mrs. Millicent H. Butler
    Mr. William T. Butler
    Ms. Betty Butler-Cole
    Ms. Deana N. Byrd
    Mrs. Elizabeth D. Byrd
    Mr. Herbert G. Byrd
    Ms. Laura Byrd
    Mr. James F. Byrne
    Mr. Mike Bysheim
    Mr. and Mrs. Sean P. Cabot
    Mr. George T. Cade
    Mr. Stephen C. Cadwallader
    Mrs. Phyllis H. Cagle
    Mr. Copeland W. Cain
    Mr. James Cain, IV
    Mr. and Mrs. Melton Caison
    Mr. Matthew Cali
    Ms. Laureen  Callan
    Mr. Michael J. Calvello
    Mrs. Leanne J. Camp
    Ms. Jocelyn Campanaro
    Mr. Brian Campbell
    Ms. Carolyn G. Campbell
    Ms. Kristen B. Campbell
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Canaday Jr.
    Mrs. Erika W. Canady
    Ms. Janice Canady
    Mrs. Susan Cannon
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Cantor
    Mr. Zachary A. Cantor
    Mr. Steve F. Capnerhurst
    Mr. Peter L. Caprioli
    Mr. Joseph Caradonna
    Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Carcich
    Ms. Rosario Cardenas
    Mr. and Mrs.  Richard F. Cardin
    Mr. and Mrs. Stanley E. Cardwell
    Mr. Chris Carillo
    Mrs. Cassandra Carponter
    Ms. Martha  Carr
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Carreno
    Ms. Caroline W. Carrico
    Mr. James F. Carrington
    Mr. and Mrs. Kent H. Carrington
    Ms. Kim Carroll
    Mrs. Martelia E. Carroll
    Ms. Melissa Carroll
    Mrs. Aimee  Carsten
    Mrs. Clara L. Carter
    Mr. Clarence E. Carter
    Ms. Diann W. Carter
    Ms. Eileen Carter
    Mr. and Mrs. Gene T. Carter
    Drs. Matthew J. and Nicole D. Carter
    Ms. Nancy S. Carter
    Ms. Lena  Carver
    Mr. Reginald B. Carver
    Mr. Miguel Casanova, Jr.
    Mrs. Lynn Case
    Mrs. Jennifer  Cashion
    Mr. Richard Cashman
    Ms. Alexis Casiano
    Mr. Edward A. Casker
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Cassada
    Mrs. Ellen M. Castellane
    Dr. Francine M. Castellucci
    Ms. Nicole Castle
    Ms. Sheila Castrodale
    Ms. Aurelia E. Cathey
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Cavanagh
    Mr. Alan Cave
    Ms. Debra C. Cawthorn
    Ms. Candace  Cecconi
    Mrs. Sheila J. Cecconi
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Cesari Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. James E. Chabreck
    Mrs. Kathryn S. Chadwick
    Dr. William E. Chaiken
    Ms. Catherine Chalk
    Mr. and Mrs. Harry Chalker
    Mr. William E. Chambault
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Chamberlin
    Mr. and Mrs. John E. Chambers
    Mr. Kwai C. Chan
    Ms. Frances Chandler
    Mr. Kirk Chandler
    Drs. Nelson Tan and Chun Peng Tiu Chao
    Mr. Jim Chapin
    Ms. Mary Jo Chapman
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Chappell
    Mr. Sam and Dr. Cynamon Chawla
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Cheek
    Mr. Wilson Cheeley
    Mr. George Cheely
    Dr. and Mrs. Ira M. Cheifetz
    Mr. Ronald G. Cherveny
    Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Cheshire, V
    Ms. Lynne D. Chesney
    Mr. Bryan J. Chestnutt
    Ms. Melissa  Chestnutt
    Ms. Soumitra Choudhury
    Mr. Ajay Chriscoe
    Mr. James Christian
    Mr. Jamie Christien
    Mrs. Sandy Christos
    Ms. Jennifer Chwalik
    Ms. Adriana P. Ciompi*
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Cissel
    Mrs. Jane-Linn  Citro
    Mr. and Mrs. Darren Clark
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Clark
    Mr. Julian J. Clark Jr.
    Ms. Melody P. Clark
    Mrs. Linda C. Clay
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Clayton
    Mr. and Mrs. Randy Clayton
    Mr. Bulmaro Clement
    Ms. Jenny  Clements
    Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Clemo
    Ms. Judia  Clifton
    Mrs. Doris I. Cloninger
    Ms. Sherry  Clough
    Mr. Shawn Clymer
    Mr. Matthew Coates
    Mr. and Mrs. T. Wayne Coats
    Ms. Teresa J. Cochran
    Mr. Charles W. Cocker
    Ms. Sara  Cockerill
    Mr. Carl M. Coe
    Mrs. Karen R. Coe
    Mr. and Mrs. Steve Cogdell
    Mr. George F. Coggins III
    Ms. Tanya  Coggins
    Mrs. Erin W. Cohen
    Ms. Susan C. Cohen
    Mr. Aaron E. Cohn
    Ms. Cheryl  Coldsmith
    Ms. Elizabeth Cole
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Cole
    Mrs. Stacey M. Cole
    Ms. Teresa  Coleman
    Mrs. Hope  Colen
    Dr. and Mrs. Jack E. Colker
    Dr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Collins
    Mr. Arthur F. Collins
    Ms. Frances Collins
    Ms. Phyllis B. Collins
    Mr. Henry O. Colomb
    Mr. Marc V. Colpo
    Ms. Jennifer Coltrane
    Mr. Leslie Colucci
    Mr. John Combs
    Mr. and Mrs. William F. Combs
    Mr. Don Comer
    Ms. Christel Compton
    Mr. and Mrs. George A. Conger
    Mrs. Avery Conkling
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Conley
    Mr. Tom Conley
    Mr. William Conn
    Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Connor
    Mr. Doug Connor
    Ms. Kathleen A. Considine
    Mr. and Mrs. John M. Constantinou
    Ms. Lauren Conte
    Ms. Marissa D. Conti
    Dr. Diane Cook
    Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Cook
    Ms. Kim N. Cook
    Mr. Larry T.  Coole
    Mr. Kevin Coons
    Mr. Jeffrey S. Cooper and Ms. Julia A. Baer
    Mr. and Mrs. Norman Cooper
    Mr. Ricky Cooper
    Mrs. Teresa M. Cooper
    Mr. Willie A. Cooper
    Dr. and Mrs. William C. Cooper Jr.
    Ms. Carolyn G. Coordes
    Mr. John M. Copeland
    Ms. Sue Anne Copley
    Ms. Vickie Corbett
    Mr. Jack Cornell
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Cornell
    Ms. Lynn Cosentino
    Mr. and Mrs. William D. Cossa
    Mr. Craig Costabile
    Ms. Linda L. Costain
    Mr. and Mrs. Sam W. Costello III
    Carol Costin
    Dr. Michael Cotten
    Ms. Lynn Cotterill
    Mr. and Mrs. K. D. Cottrell, Jr.
    Mr. Norman Couch
    Mr. Donald Coulombe
    Mrs. Jennifer Council
    Mr. and Mrs. James  Cox
    Ms. Judith S. Cox
    Mr. Orval L. Cox, Jr.
    Mrs. Renee Cox
    Mr. W. Hal Crabtree
    Mr. Damian M. Craig and Ms. Marybeth E. Dennett
    Ms. Ginger  Craig
    Mr. and Mrs. Bill R. Craigle III
    Mr. Ronald Crammer
    Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle C. Craven
    Ms. Diane Crawford
    Ms. Eleanor A. Crawford
    Mr. H. L. Crayton
    Mrs. Eleanor N. Creech
    Mr. and Mrs. William P. Creighton
    Mrs. Margaret A. Crevar
    Mrs. Beverly B. Crews
    Mr. James O. Crisp
    Ms. Maddie Crisp
    Mr. R. L. Crisp
    Mr. and Mrs. Danny R. Crocker
    Mr. and Mrs. Tim Crocker
    Ms. Christine Croonquist
    Mr. and Mrs. Clarence F. Crosby, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Cross
    Ms. Carol H. Crovitz
    Mrs. Beatrice P. Crowder
    Ms. Tracey M. Crowder
    Ms. Kim  Crump
    Ms. Janis S. Crutchfield
    Ms. Paola M. Csirke-Juliano
    Ms. Kristy M. Culbreth
    Mrs. Kellie Cullen
    Ms. Marguerite M. Cullen
    Ms. Ashley  Culpepper
    Ms. Cathy D. Cummings
    Mr. David M. Cummings
    Mr. Joseph Cunha
    Mrs. Rachel E. Curry
    Dr. Mark Cushman
    Mr. Luther G. Cuthrell
    Mr. Austin B. Cutler
    Ms. Claudette Cutrell
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Dahm
    Mr. Richard B. Dale
    Ms. Nicole Dalton
    Ms. Carol Daniels
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Daniels
    Ms. Tonia D. Daniels
    Mr. and Mrs. John E. Danowski
    Mr. Ricardo C. Daquil
    Ms. Charlene  Dark
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Das
    Mr. Joseph DaSilva
    Ms. Sarah E. Daughtry
    Mr. Scott Davenport
    Mrs. Sharon Daves
    Dr. Susan E. Davidson
    Mr. Chester A. Davis
    Ms. Heather  Davis
    Ms. Jamie B. Davis
    Dr. Jeffrey P. Davis
    Mr. John B. Davis
    Mr. and Mrs. Randy Davis
    Ms. Lola Davis
    Mr. and Mrs. Mack Davis
    Mr. Ronald L. Davis
    Ms. Tammy Davis
    Mrs. Teresa L. Davis
    Mrs. Carla Dawson
    Mr. Ryan J. Dawson
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Day
    Ms. Tonya T. Day
    Mrs. Elizabeth De Tenley
    Mr. and Mrs. James C. Deal, Jr.
    Ms. Margaret Anne Deal
    Ms. Retha O. Deaton
    Mr. Gary DeBruhl
    Mr. Christopher DeCiantis and Dr. Alyssa M. Stephany
    Mr. Bill Deibler
    Ms. Janeen Delimata
    Mr. Darin DelVecchio
    Mr. David Demers
    Mrs. Terry DeMuth
    Ms. Carol A. Den Herder
    Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Denson
    Mr. Charles A. Denton
    Mr. and Mrs. Layne Denton
    Ms. Joni Derome
    Dr. Leslie K. Derr
    Mr. and Mrs. Loy Devine
    Ms. Pam  Devlin
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Devlin
    Mr. and Mrs. Cort W. Devoe
    Mrs. Kathleen Dickenson
    Mr. Joe Dietzel
    Mrs. Elena Diffin
    Ms. Teresa P. Dilday
    Mr. James A. Dill
    Mrs. Doris N. Dillard
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey N. Dillard
    Mr. Gregory A. Disher
    Mrs. Janice C. Dishman
    Dr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Distell
    Ms. Rachel N. Dizney
    Ms. Andria Dobson
    Ms. Alma G. Dodson
    Ms. Alissa M. Dolan
    Mr. and Mrs. James I. Dolan
    Mr. Matthew J. Dolan
    Ms. Traci Donaldson
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Donnelly
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard  Donnelly
    Mrs. Katie Donoway
    Mr. Jason Dorsey
    Mr. John C. Dorsey
    Mrs. Mary T. Dose
    Mrs. Christine M. Dougherty
    Mrs. Vicki  Dougherty
    Mr. and Mrs. David Douglas
    Dr. W. LaDell Douglas
    The Rev. and Mrs. Joseph O. Dowdle, Jr.
    Ms. Angela Dowless
    Ms. Amy E. Downing
    Ms. Patricia P. Doyle
    Mrs. Erika T. Draffin
    Mr. Paul Draovitch
    Mrs. Christina Drissel
    Ms. Bonny Drust
    Ms. Carolyn J. Dubee
    Ms. Linda Dudley
    Ms. Maria E. Duffy
    Mrs. Tracie J. Dugdell
    Mr. and Mrs. C. Stephen Dula
    The Rev. and Mrs.  Gregory F. Duncan
    Dr. Ira J. Dunkel and Ms. Alice Nicola
    Ms. Judith C. Dunn
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Dunn
    Ms. Joanne B. Dunwoody
    Mr. and Mrs. Al Durham
    Mrs. Cornelia  Dyer
    Mr. Richard L. Dyer
    Ms. Ruth A. Dyer
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Eagle
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Earp
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Eatman III
    Mrs. Joyce  Eddowes
    Mrs. Julie Edmunds
    Ms. Alison R. Edwards
    Mr. Matthew Edwards
    Ms. Jaye R. Efland
    Ms. Jeanne M. Egan
    Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Egerton Jr.
    Ms. Deborah Eggitto
    Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Eggleston
    Ms. Susan  Eichler
    Mr. Kurt Eiger
    Ms. Serita W. Eisenbie
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Elizondo
    Mr. Jonathan W. Elkins
    Ms. Reatha H. Elks
    Ms. Diana T. Eller
    Mrs. Tara E. Ellinger
    Mr. Raymond Elliott
    Ms. Susan S. Elliott
    Mr. T. Chris Elliott
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ellis
    Ms. Mildred Y. Ellis
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Ellsworth
    Ms. Deborah A. Elmore
    Mr. and Mrs. Rob Elmore
    Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Elting
    Mr. John Emerson
    Mr. Regis C. Emmerich
    Mrs. Thelma Engel
    Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. England
    Mrs. Robin W. Englehart
    Dr. and Mrs. George A. Engstrom
    Mrs. Susan B. Ennis
    Mrs. Angeline T. Ensign
    Mr. Mark A. and Dr. Laura B. Enyedi
    Dr. Norbert B. Enzer
    Mrs. Shawna Nicole Epps-Todd
    Mr. and Mrs. Walter Erazmus
    Mrs. Katy Erickson
    Mr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Esposito
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Estes
    Mr. John W. Etchison
    Dr. Michael Etgen
    Mr. K. W. Eubank
    Ms. Betty M. Evans
    Mr. Douglas  Evans
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Evans
    Mr. Neil Evans
    Mrs. Tanya Evans
    Ms. Rhonda Evrard
    Mrs. Alison Eyth
    Mr. John Fabor
    Mr. Steve Fahle
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Fail
    Ms. Donna  Fain
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Faircloth
    Dr. Roger G. Faix
    Mrs. Sheryl K. Faix
    Mr. Dale M. Fargen
    Mr. and Mrs. David  Farmer
    Ms. Mary K. Farmer
    Ms. Phyllis  Farmer
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Farmer
    Mr. Keith  Farnsworth
    Mr. Leamon Farrior
    Mrs. Diann King Farris
    Ms. Linda Farst
    Mr. and Mrs. Hearl P. Faulkner Jr.
    Mrs. Michelle Faulkner
    Ms. Sharon W. Fauscett
    Mrs. Amy  Feaster
    Dr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Fendrick
    Mr. Alvin C. Fennell
    Ms. Kathleen Ferguson
    Mr. Matthew P. Ferraguto and Dr. Sallie Permar
    Mr. Michael Ferrara
    Mrs. Shirley D. Few
    Mrs. Barbara  Fiedler
    Mrs. Mary Fielder
    Mr. and Mrs. James R. Fields
    Ms. Leora  Fields
    Ms. Sylvia D. Fields
    Mr. and Mrs. Rene E. Figueroa
    Ms. Karl Cristie Fines Figuracion
    Ms. Tina Filler
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Finks
    Mr. and Mrs. William L. Finley
    Mr. and Mrs. Jackie W. Finney
    Mrs. Laurie  Finster
    Ms. Sallie  Fiore
    Ms. Elizabeth H. Fishbaugh
    Ms. Arlene Fisher
    Mrs. Mary Ancil Fisher
    Mrs. Alicia Fitzsimmons
    Ms. Clara B. Flanagan
    Ms. Myke Flanagan
    Mr. and Mrs. Terence Fleming
    Mr. and Mrs. Clif  Flintom
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Flowers
    Ms. Allison G. Floyd
    Mr. Edward K. and Dr. Jennifer Whitehead Floyd
    Mr. John Fochler
    Ms. Ava M. Fogleman
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Fogleman
    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Foley
    Mrs. Erica Folk
    Ms. Francis Fontaine
    Mr. Robert Forstbauer
    Ms. McKenzie Forsyth
    Mr. Brian P. Forth
    Mr. James A. Foushee
    Mr. William E. Foust
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald  Fowler
    Ms. Glenda B. Fowler
    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Fox
    Ms. Jamie  Foy
    Ms. Denise M. Frailey
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Franco
    Ms. Sarah U. Frank
    Ms. Maureen  Franke
    Mr. Lee Frankel
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Frazer
    Mr. and Mrs. James R. Frazier, Jr.
    Ms. Sandra Frazier
    Mr. and Mrs. John D. Fred
    Mr. Christopher T. Frederick
    Mr. Terry A. and Dr. Sharon R. Freeman
    Ms. Barbara J. French
    Mr. Michael D. French
    Mr. Gary S. Fried and Dr. Susan L. Watts
    Drs. Henry S. Friedman and Joanne Kurtzberg
    Mr. Randall Fritz
    Dr. William J. Frohbose
    Ms. Jennifer  Frye
    Mr. and Mrs. Norman Frye
    Drs. Herbert E. and Mary Ann Fuchs
    Ms. Tracy L. Fulghum
    Drs. William J. and Mary M. Fulkerson
    Mr. Glenn Fuller
    Mrs. Tempie Brake Fuller
    Mr. and Mrs. W. Erwin Fuller Jr.
    Mrs. Kathy Furtner
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenny C. Fussell
    Mr. R. Glenn Futrell, Jr.
    Mrs. Candice  Gabrielli
    Mr. Chris W. Gaddy
    Ms. Cheryl Gaffney
    Mrs. Denyse Gaffney
    Ms. Christie P. Gagan
    Mr. John A. Gagan
    Mrs. Angelina Gagliardo
    Mrs. Susan W. Gaines
    Dr. and Mrs. David M. Gallagher
    Mr. Jack G. Gallagher
    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Gallo
    Ms. Denise Galloway
    Ms. Sandra Galloway
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Game
    Mr. Bobby W. Gammons
    Mrs. Sharmila U. Ganesan
    Mr. Chris Gann
    Drs. Robert and Nadia Gaafar Gard
    Mr. and Mrs. Lee M. Gardner
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Gardner
    Ms. Gail A. Garinger
    Ms. Brenda Garner
    Mr. and Mrs. James H. Garner
    Ms. Martha Garner
    Mr. and Mrs. Jason A. Garver
    Mr. William W. Gaskins, Jr.
    Mr. Mark  Gauley
    Ms. Diana B. Gawron
    Mr. Ronald  Gay
    Ms. Ann Gbruoski
    Mr. Joseph M. Gdaniec
    Mr. and Mrs. John S. Gearing
    Mr. Needham E. C. Gee
    Mr. Robert Geer
    Mr. Ray Gelinas
    Ms. Christina I. Gellos
    Miss Ashley N. Gentile
    Mrs. Judy R. Gentry
    Ms. Michelle George
    Ms. Ronda J. George
    Mr. Lawrence P. Gerardot
    Ms. Kristen Gerhart
    Dr. Victor F. German
    Ms. LeAnne Getz
    Ms. Cherry Gibbs
    Mrs. Holly H. Gibbs
    Mr. Randy Giddens
    Mr. Dick Gilbert
    Ms. Elizabeth Gilbert
    Ms. Janet Gillespie
    Mrs. Karen A. Gillespie Mr. Frank M. Gilliam, Jr.
    Mrs. Arlene J. Gillman
    Ms. Maureen Gillmore
    Ms. Audrey J. Gilman
    Ms. Lisa B. Gimpel
    Ms. Julieta Giner
    Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Gingery
    Mr. John T. Giordano
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Gizinski
    Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Glassman
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Glisson
    Mr. Edward J. Glover, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Goeckerman
    Mrs. Cyndi Goerke
    Ms. Linda S. Goff
    Dr. and Mrs. Ronald N. Goldberg
    Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Goldman
    Mr. Jimmy W. Goldston
    Mr. Carlos A. Gomez-Pena
    Ms. Maribel Gonzalez
    Mrs. Dawn Gooch
    Mr. Eddie H. Gooch
    Mr. Barry K. Goodwin
    Mrs. Connie Goodwin
    Mr. Ryan J. Goodwin
    Mr. and Mrs. William V. Goodwin
    Mr. and Mrs. Alexander M. Gordon
    Ms. Ashley N. Gordon
    Ms. Josephine  Gordon
    Mrs. Sharon C. Gordon
    Ms. Vanessa B. Gordon
    Mr. William M. Gore
    Ms. Lisa Gorman
    Mrs. Eiko Goti
    Mr. Jorge  Goti
    Mr. Walter T. Gould, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Wilson B. Grab
    Ms. Jacqueline Grady
    Mr. Charles W. Graham, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Graham
    Drs. Doyle G. Graham and Lea N. O'Quinn
    Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Graham
    Ms. Amy Graichen
    Ms. Ava Graichen
    Mr. and Mrs. Claus  Graichen
    Ms. Judi K. Grainger
    Ms. Ann M. Grant
    Mr. and Mrs. Danny R. Gray
    Ms. Debbie T. Gray
    Mr. Steve Gray
    Ms. Sharon Grealey
    Dr. and Mrs. William J. Greeley
    Ms. Jane R. Green
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Green
    Ms. Nathalie Greene
    Mr. F. W. Gregg
    Ms. Kaylor M. Gregory*
    Ms. Vickie Gregory
    Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Greguire
    Mr. Pete Gresock
    Ms. Ashley A. Greulich
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Grew
    Mr. John Grice
    Dr. and Mrs. Lee W. Grier
    Mr. Roy S. Grier
    Mrs. Nancy Griesmer
    Mr. and Mrs. William G. Griesser
    Ms. Mary Griffin
    Mr. David Griffith
    Ms. Linda  Griggs
    Mr. Kevin Grimaldi
    Mrs. Amy Jo Grimes
    Ms. Brenda C. Grimes
    Mrs. Julia F. Grissom
    Mr. William Grobe
    Mrs. Nancy  Grose
    Mr. John Grosso
    Ms. Irene T. Grskovic
    Ms. Senka Stojic Grskovic
    Lieut. Col. and Mrs. Frederick Grube
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin F. Grundmeier
    Mr. and Mrs. David Guess
    Mr. Aanan Guetterman
    Mrs. Gayenell Gull
    Mr. Alfred G. Gulvin
    Mr. Mark Gurley
    Mr. Scott  Guthrie
    Ms. Kathryn D. Gwinn
    Mr. and Mrs. George W. Habel III
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Hadley
    Mr. Duray Hale
    Ms. Anne Hall
    Ms. Christine Hall
    Mrs. Kimberley H. Hall
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Hall
    Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hallman
    Mr. Travis I. Hallquist
    Ms. Josephine B. Hambrick
    Ms. Fatima Hamidaddin
    Mr. Allen Hamilton
    Mr. Jeffrey E. Hamm
    Mr. and Mrs. William R. Hamm
    Ms. Naomi Hammecke
    Ms. Eleanor M. Hammond
    Dr. Julia M. Hammond
    Mr. Carl A. Hampton
    Dr. Earl S. Hampton
    Mrs. Marguerite S. Hampton
    Mr. David C. Hane
    Mr. John F. Haney
    Ms. Terryl Hanson
    Mr. Larry W. Harbin
    Mr. and Mrs. David R. Harcus
    Dr. John R. Harding
    Mr. Roger Harding
    Ms. Daleen Hardy
    Ms. Sally Hare
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Harlow
    Drs. Merel H. and Ernestine Friedl Harmel
    Mrs. Mary A. Harmelink
    Mr. and Mrs. Kurt E. Harmon
    Ms. Lori Harper
    Mr. Paul R. Harper and Ms. V. Bliss Von Haven
    Mrs. Helen J. Harrar
    Mr. Armin L. Harrell
    Dr. and Mrs. N. G. Harrell Jr.
    Ms. Lori  Harrelson
    Mr. James Harriman
    Mr. David L. Harris
    Ms. Kim  Harris
    Ms. Lawana L. Harris
    Ms. Mandy L. Harris
    Mrs. Susan R. Harris
    Ms. Vanessa R. Harris
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Hart, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. George E. Hart Jr.
    Mr. Donald Hartmann
    Mr. and Mrs. Clarence H. Harvell
    Mr. and Mrs. William D. Harward
    Ms. Jessica Harwell
    Dr. and Mrs. John E. Harwood Jr.
    Mr. Greg  Haskell
    Ms. Mary Jo E. Hassett
    Ms. Shawna J. Hastings
    Mr. and Mrs. R. Brian Hess
    Mr. and Mrs. David M. Hessee and Joyce Wasdell
    Mr. Ron Hester
    Mr. Marc Heurtematte
    Ms. Virginia M. Hevener
    Mr. Joshua T. Hewitt
    Ms. Brenda  Hickey
    Mr. and Mrs. Dyson W. Hickingbotham
    Mrs. Fern Hickman
    Mr. and Mrs. James Hickman
    Ms. Elizabeth Anna Hicks
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Hicks
    Mr. James A. Hicks
    Ms. Pamela G. Higdon
    Mr. David A. Higgins
    Ms. Linda R. Hill
    Mrs. Louise Hill
    Mrs. Mary T. Hilliard
    Ms. Patricia K. Hilliard
    Mr. and Mrs. Benny Hilliard
    Ms. Ellen Hillman
    Mr. James Hines
    Mrs. Dina Hinkle
    Mr. and Mrs. Wally Hinkleman
    Ms. Sondra M. Hinnant
    Mr. Allen Hinton
    Mrs. Cheryl Hiser
    Mr. James E. Hiter
    Ms. Kathryn A. Hix-Boyette
    Ms. Anne P. Hizar
    Mr. and Mrs. T. William Hizar, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. John E. Hobson
    Mr. and Mrs. Jon L. Hockaday
    Ms. Kathy B. Hodge
    Mrs. Patricia W. Hodge
    Ms. Ashley W. Hodges
    Ms. Sandra W. Hodges
    Mr. Timothy A. Hodgkins
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Hodgman
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin  Hoff
    Mr. Norman Hoffa
    Mr. and Mrs. James C. Hoffman
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hoffmeister
    Mr. and Mrs. David S. Hoffner
    Ms. Sharon E. Hogg
    Ms. Fay Bowman Hoggard
    Ms. Linda Hohn
    Mrs. Jacquelyn Holcombe
    Mr. Josh  Holdner
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Holeman
    Mr. Ronnie M. Holland
    Ms. Mary C. Holley
    Ms. Linda O. Hollis
    Ms. Lucy P. Holmes
    Ms. Elaine D. Holmquist
    Mr. Adam S. Holt
    Ms. Loretta Holt
    Ms. Phyllis D. Holt
    Mr. Randy L. Holt
    Mrs. Shannon Holt
    Mrs. Vandora Holt
    Mr. J. Radford Holton
    Mr. Joseph Holung
    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Honeycutt
    Mr.  William C. Hooper
    Ms. Nadine  Hoover
    Ms. Patricia N. Hoover
    Ms. Cindy M. Hopkins
    Mr. Stephen J. Horn
    Ms. Erin T. Horne
    Mr. Anthony R. Horton
    Mr. James D. Hoskins
    Mrs. Wanda Hoskins
    Ms. April Houck
    Mrs. Catherine M. Houlihan
    Mr. Adam House
    Ms. Ellen H. House
    Mr. Bobby G. Howard
    Mr. and Mrs. Dan R. Howard
    Mrs. Janet L. Howard
    Dr. Rodney Howell
    Dr. R. Rodney Howell
    Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Howell
    Mrs. Valerie J. Howell
    Ms. Susan  Howlett
    Mr. Stephen Scott Hoyt
    Ms. Susan M. Hrovat
    Dr. Bethany Joy Hsia
    Drs. Yuh-Chin T. Huang and Yui-Lin Tang
    Mr. and Mrs. Vick A. Hubbard
    Dr. Morton W. Huber
    Mr. David A. Huberman
    Mrs. Linda Hubley
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Hucke
    Mr. and Mrs. Cecil I. Hudgins
    Ms. Allison C. Hudson
    Mr. and Mrs. Tony L. Hudson
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hudyma
    Mr. Juan Huerta
    Mr. Stephen J. Huey
    Ms. Gail  Huffaker
    Ms. Laura L. Huffman
    Ms. Dawn E. Huffstetler
    Mr. Fred Hughes
    Mrs. Glenda A. Hughes
    Mr. J. P. Hughes
    Ms. Jane A. Hughes
    Mr. Joey Humphrey
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Humphreys
    Ms. Cheryl Hunsberger
    Mrs. Sandra L. Hunsberger
    Mr. Carter H. Hunt
    Ms. Jo  Hunt
    Mr. Richard F. Hunt III
    Mr. Samuel J. Hunt
    Ms. Anne Hunter
    Dr. and Mrs. Charles B. Hunter
    Mrs. Sheila Hunter-Wooten
    Mr. and Mrs. Billy F. Huntley
    Mr. James R. Huskins
    Mr. and Mrs. J. Farrell Hussey
    Mrs. Gayla Hutchins
    Ms. Rebecca J. Hutchinson
    Ms. Sherry B. Hylton
    Ms. Alice Ann Hyman
    Drs. Salim F. and Marilyn M. Idriss
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Iffland
    Dr. and Mrs. William E. Inabinett
    Mr. Johnathan R. Inman
    Mr. and Mrs. Rand Irwin
    Ms. Teresa P. Ivey
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jackson
    Ms. Crystal  Jackson
    Dr. and Mrs. Edward Jackson
    Mr. David  Jackson
    Mr. and Mrs. T. Ray Jackson
    Ms. Teresa Jackson
    Mr. and Mrs. David J. Jacobius
    Ms. Connie L. Jacobs
    Dr. Louis R. Jacobson
    Mrs. Rabecca Jaeb
    Mrs. Monica K. Jakubowski
    Ms. Dorothy  James
    Mr. Lawrence H. James
    Ms. Samantha  James
    Dr. and Mrs. W. Scott James Jr.
    Ms. Paula M. Januzzi-Godfrey
    Mrs. Joani Jarrad
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank V. Javinett, Jr.
    Ms. Katherine E. Jean
    Mr. and Mrs. Ben  Jeffreys
    Mr. and Mrs. David G. Jenkins
    Mr. John M. Jenkins, Jr.
    Mr. Hans F. Jensen
    Ms. Heidi Jensen
    Ms. Karen Jervah
    Mr. and Mrs. Todd  Jesso
    Ms. Donna E. Jessup
    Ms. Rebecca Jester
    Mr. Richard E. Jester
    Dr. Andrea M. Jimenez
    Mrs. Kathryn V. Jimison
    Ms. Tammy Jirles
    Mr. Aimee M. Jodon
    Ms. Elizabeth B. Johns
    Ms. Andrea B. Johnson
    Ms. Becky B. Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. Bradley W. Johnson
    Mrs. Cameron Q. Johnson
    Ms. Carol Johnson
    Ms. Catherine  Johnson
    Mr. Charles Johnson
    Mrs. Cindy  Johnson
    Mrs. Cynthia R. Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Johnson
    Mr. Edison H. Johnson
    Mr. George W. Johnson
    Ms. Heather Johnson
    Mr. Horace M. Johnson Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. J. Rhett Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. Jay  Johnson
    Mr. John M. Johnson
    Ms. Judy M. Johnson
    Ms. Karen Johnson
    Mr. Kelly D. Johnson
    Ms. Marlene Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Michelle Gray Johnson
    Ms. Rhonda Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. Rick Johnson
    Mr. Robert Johnson
    Mrs. Shirley Johnson
    Ms. Shirley A. Johnson
    Mr. Stewart P. Johnson
    Mr. Van C. Johnson
    Mrs. Vicki Y. Johnson
    Mr. William Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. Francis G. Jonas
    Ms. Cindy Jones
    Ms. Cynthia T. Jones
    Mr. Daryl P. Jones
    Ms. Eunice Jones
    Mrs. Frances D. Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. James L. Jones III
    Mrs. Jennifer  Jones
    Ms. Jennifer E. Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Jones
    Mr. Kelsey A. Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. Leonidas M. and Susan Pickens Jones
    Ms. Lisa Jones
    Mrs. Lisa B. Jones
    Mrs. Misti L. Jones
    Mr. Robert L. Jones
    Mr. Robert L. Jones
    Mr. Bobby  Jones
    Mrs. Shelly Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. Tim Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. Bill A. Jordan
    Mr. Brad Jordan
    Mr. John R. Jordan
    Ms. Misty Jordan
    Mr. Sam  Jordan
    Mr. Samuel C. Jordan
    Ms. Megan L. Jorgenson
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry C. Joyce
    Mr. Gold Joyner, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Kadis
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Kadzielawski
    Mr. Jeff Kaehler
    Mrs. Becky Kagey
    Mr. James A. Kagey
    Mr. Ramesh Kalagnanam
    Mrs. Marjorie Kalcinski
    Ms. Barbara K. Kampschmidt
    Mr. Bernard G. Kampschmidt
    Mrs. Marilyn Kamszik
    Ms. Michele  Kane
    Mr. Vincent P. Kania
    Mr. Sakthivel Karthikeyan
    Ms. Michelle Kasprak Mr. and Mrs. Constantinos Kassimis
    Mr. Darnay Kastl
    Mr. and Mrs. Jon M. Kates
    Mr. James J. Katon
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Kattman
    Dr. and Mrs. John Kattwinkel
    Mr. Tom Kaznowski
    Mr. Kevin Kearns
    Mrs. Shawn  Keegan
    Mr. Gordon Keehn
    Mr. Hank M. Keeping
    Dr. Charles R. Keith and Ms. Muki Fairchild
    Ms. Mari Keith
    Mr. Tibor Keler
    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Keller
    Mr. and Mrs. David E. Kelley
    Ms. Karen A. Kelley
    Mrs. Kathy  Kelling
    Ms. Patricia Kellogg
    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Kelly
    Dr. and Mrs. Larry W. Kelly
    Mrs. Michele A. Kelly
    Mrs. Cristen Kemak
    Dr. and Mrs. Alex R. Kemper
    Mrs. Betty P. Kenan
    Mr. L. James Kendrick
    Ms. Christine Kenefick
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Kennedy Jr.
    Ms. Tammy K. Kennedy
    Dr. and Mrs. James A. Kenning
    Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Kent
    Mr. and Mrs. James K. Kent
    Ms. Anne M. Kenyon
    Mr. Patrick  Kernan
    Mrs. Mary I. Kerns
    Ms. Kimberli Kerstein
    Ms. Amy Kester
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Key
    Mr. and Mrs. Hamid Khodaparast
    Ms. Christine M. Khoury
    Mrs. Caitlyn E. Kick
    Ms. Kristine  Kiegiel
    Mr. Theodore C. Kiegiel
    Ms. Sharon Kiesel
    Ms. Tracy Joe Killette
    Mrs. Mary Kiloustian
    Mr. Dennis G. Kilpatrick
    Dr. Charles Kim

    Ms. Alisa King
    Ms. Betsy  King
    Ms. Holly K. King
    Ms. Melinda King
    Mrs. Melinda  King
    Mr. Junius Kinlaw
    Mr. Craig V. Kinney
    Mrs. Kathryn G. Kirby
    Ms. Dawn  Kirk
    Ms. Melea  Kirk
    Mr. and Mrs. Millard Kirk
    Mr. and Mrs. Phillip J. Kirk, Jr.
    Mr. Richard C. Kirkland
    Ms. Judy B. Kirksey
    Ms. Frances A. Kiser
    Mr. Sunil and Dr. Priya S. Kishnani
    Ms. Alicia Kitchel
    Ms. Heather  Klein
    Mr. Daniel J. Klemanovic
    Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Kloha
    Ms. Sara  Knies
    Ms. Cheri D. Knight
    Ms. Mary C. Knight
    Mr. William M. Knight, Jr.
    Mrs. Nan W. Knorr
    Mr. Robert J. Knorr
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Kobet
    Dr. Medha Kochha
    Ms. April Kolstad
    Mr. and Mrs. Srinivas  Kondapaneni
    Ms. Diane Kondichook
    Mrs. Becky  Konopka
    Mr. Shane W. Koonts
    Ms. Julie A. Kopetsky
    Ms. Wendy S. Korobkin
    Mr. Wesley Kosier
    Mrs. Jenny L. Kotora-Lynch
    Ms. Sarah Kotzian
    Dr. Michael S. Krangel
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Krasuski
    Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Kravitz
    Dr. Nicholas M. Kredich
    Mr. Robert H. Kreissman
    Ms. Christine Krieg
    Mr. Gopal Krishnan
    Mrs. Lakshmi V. Krishnan
    Ms. Judith S. Kritzberg
    Ms. Peggy Ku

    Mr. Mario Kucich
    Mrs. Kimberly B. Kuepferle
    Ms. Catherine M. Kuhn
    Mr. Kevin Kuhner
    Mrs. Joan S. Kull
    Mr. Petro Kulynych
    Mr. Ajai  Kumar and Ms. Shikha Srivastava
    Mr. Suvarna  Kurmala
    Ms. Judy K. Kuykendall
    Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kwasny
    Mr. and Mrs. Tom La Rose
    Mr. and Mrs. Melvin  Laakso
    Mr. Aric LaBarr
    Mr. and Mrs. David C. LaBarr
    Mrs. Virginia S. Labelle
    Ms. Ave M. Lachiewicz
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Lada
    Ms. Mindy R. Ladd
    Ms. Lori Ladner
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ladrie
    Ms. Amanda  Laird
    Ms. April A. Lally
    Mr. Edgar E. Lambert, Jr.
    Mrs. Jennifer Lambert
    Ms. Sandra L. Lamm
    Mr. Stephen Lamm, Jr.
    Ms. Andrea  Lanahan
    Mr. and Mrs. James R. Lancaster
    Dr. and Mrs. Tryon D. Lancaster
    Mrs. Kathy B. Land
    Ms. Anna M. Landgraf
    Mrs. Joann Landon
    Ms. Nikki Lane
    Mr. Jeffrey Langdon
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Langdon
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Lange
    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Langer
    Mrs. Marlayna Langley
    Mrs. Mary W. Langley
    Ms. Debbie Langlois
    Ms. Barbara Langston
    Mrs. Betty Q. Lanier
    Mr. James Lanier
    Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Lankford
    Ms. Monika LaPrad
    Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. LaRaia
    Mr. Gary Laramee
    Mr. Patrick Larkin

    Mr. Steve Larkin
    Ms. Emory Larmer
    Dr. Sara Lash
    Mr. W. Michael Lassiter
    Ms. Shirley A. Lauer
    Ms. Geneva Lauterbach
    Mrs. Judith O. Law
    Mr. Mark J. Lawrence
    Ms. Nancy Lawrence
    Ms. Angela Lawson
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Layton
    Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Leahy
    Ms. Ann S. Lear
    Mr. Paul D. Leary
    Ms. Valerie Leary
    Mr. and Mrs. Donell H. Lee
    Mrs. Elaine  Lee
    Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Lee
    Ms. Lilia Lee
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Lee
    Ms. Lillian G. Leezer
    Mr. Kevin Lehman
    Mr. David Leinfelder
    Dr. Jeffrey D. Leiser
    Ms. Simone Lemieux
    Ms. Dolly Lemons
    Mrs. Tammy P. Lenox
    Ms. Robin  Leonard
    Mr. and Mrs. William A. Leonardi
    Ms. L. F. Lesher
    Ms. Cathleen M. Lewis
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Lewis
    Ms. Jamie D. Lewis
    Mrs. Jessie L. Lewis
    Mr. Joseph P. Lewis
    Ms. Margaret Lewis
    Ms. Millie Likes
    Mr. and Mrs. Shelton Lilley
    Ms. Yi-Kung L. Lin
    Ms. Kari  Lindell
    Mrs. Pat  Lindenmuth
    Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Lindley Sr.
    Ms. Kitty Linens
    Mr. Charlie  Lingenfelser
    Mr. Dan Lingren
    Ms. Susan D. Little
    Ms. Yvonne Powell Little
    Ms. Sue Mae Liu

    Ms. Yan Liu
    Mrs. Monica Livingston
    Ms. Cathy Lockard
    Mr. and Mrs. Leo Locklear
    Mrs. Joan T. Loftin
    Mr. John M. Loftis
    Mr. Robert O. Loftis
    Ms. Jo Ann Logan
    Dr. and Mrs. W. L. London
    Mrs. Donna L. Long
    Dr. and Mrs. Gwynn D. Long
    Ms. Karen L. Long
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Long
    Mr. Robert M. Long Jr.
    Mr. Eugene J. Longo
    Mr. John F. Looby
    Ms. Sandra S. Looper
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lopes, Jr.
    Mr. Tony Lopriore
    Mr. and Mrs. Wilmot H. Losee Jr.
    Ms. Stephanie Loter
    Ms. Karyn Love
    Mr. Sam D. Lovelace
    Mr. Jerry A. Lovin
    Ms. Eloise C. Lowder
    Mr. and Mrs. James R. Lowe
    Mr. and Mrs. Russell G. Lowe
    Ms. Martha W. Lowrance
    Mrs. Amy Loyd
    Mr. and Mrs. C. Brock Lucas
    Ms. Sherry Lucas
    Ms. Carolin H. Luckett
    Mrs. Lynda C. Lumpkin
    Mr. Mark Luongo
    Ms. Renee  Luongo
    Ms. Ashley Luster
    Ms. Paula Shealy Lyles
    Mrs. Anna Fowler Lyman
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Lyman
    Mr. Roger D. Lynch
    Mr. and Mrs. William  Lytton
    Ms. Jennifer Mabe
    Mr. and Mrs. Raffaele Macchione
    Mr. and Mrs. Alex G. MacFadyen Jr.
    Mrs. Nannie C. MacFadyen
    Mr. Ottis Mackey
    Ms. Shirley  Macy
    Ms. Elizabeth  Maginnes

    Mr. Emory V. Maiden
    Ms. Heather Elise Main
    Mrs. Mary B. Maines
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Mainquist
    Dr. and Mrs. Henry W. Majestic
    Drs. Robert A. Malinzak and Sandra P. Moreira
    Mr. Alonzo M. Mallette
    Ms. Lillian B. Mallia
    Mr. and Mrs. Francis R. Maloney
    Ms. Doris L. Maney
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Mangum
    Ms. Lula F. Mangum
    Mr. James W. Mann
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Manning III
    Mrs. Gina C. Manning
    Mr. Paul Manning
    Ms. Kayalvizhi A. Manoharan
    Ms. Carolyn  Mansfield
    Ms. Judi  Margulies
    Ms. Alice Mariano
    Dr. M. Louise Markert
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Marsh
    Ms. Cathy Marshall
    Mr. Frederic C. Marston
    Mrs. Dale  Martin
    Ms. Debra Martin
    Mrs. Elizabeth Ann D. Martin
    Mrs. Frances K. Martin
    Ms. Holly R. Martin
    Mr. Jonathan C. Martin
    Mrs. Lisa M. Martin
    Dr. and Mrs.  Paul L. Martin
    Mr. Scottie Martin
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Martin
    Ms. Susan D. Martin
    Mr. Richard D. Martinez
    Mr. John W. Marvill and Ms. Diane C. Figueroa
    Ms. Raina Mason
    Ms. Cynthia Massey
    Ms. Julie H. Masten
    Mrs. Marguerite J. Masters
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Masterson
    Mrs. Dot Matherson
    Mrs. Amy Matthews
    Mrs. Dorothy M. Matthews
    Ms. Mary Matthews
    Mr. Allen  Maurer
    Mr. and Mrs. James J. Mauzey

    Ms. Diana May
    Dr. and Mrs. Henry E. May Jr.
    Ms. Melissa May
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. May
    Ms. Virginia May
    Ms. Mordaa Mayra
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul  McArdle
    Mr. John L. McBride
    Mrs. Suzanne L. McBride
    Mr. Andrew and Dr. Barbara J. McCabe
    Ms. Cathy McCanless
    Dr. Edgar E. McCanless
    Mrs. Robin McCarson
    Mr. Kevin R. McCarthy
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth  McClamroch
    Mrs. Elizabeth P. McClintic
    Ms. Carola  McClure
    Mr. and Mrs. James G. McClure
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. McCollum
    Mr. Karl McCormick II
    Dr. and Mrs. Joseph McCracken
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven O. McCraney
    Ms. Amy L. McCready
    Mr. and Mrs. Zack  McCullen Jr.
    Mr. Jesse S. McDaniel
    Ms. Molly McDaniel
    Ms. Valerie McDevitt
    Ms. Georgiana McDonald
    Mrs. Marianna G. McDonald
    Mr. Thomas P. McDonald
    Mrs. Margaret McDougall
    Ms. Dara McDowell
    Mrs. Della L. McDowell
    Ms. Allison P. McFadden
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. McFadden
    Mrs. Susan  McFall
    Dr. Kathleen McGann M.D.
    Ms. Karen  McGee
    Ms. Linda C. McGee
    Mr. Charles E. McGhee, Jr.
    Ms. Sandra McGinnis
    Ms. Linda McGirr
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. McGoogan
    Dr. Catherine A. McHugh
    Mrs. Aimee C. McIntyre
    Mr. Paul M. McIntyre
    Ms. Edie McKellar
    Mr. and Mrs. William E. McKellar Jr.

    Ms. Ann McKelvey
    Mrs. Ann F. McKenzie
    Ms. Sharon K. McKenzie
    Mrs. Lisa G. McKeown
    Mrs. Margaret C. McKinney
    Mr. Ross E. McKinney
    Ms. Lisa Lavonne McKinnie
    Ms. Jeannette McLaughlin
    Dr. Heather McLean
    Mr. Mike McLean
    Miss Jessica D. McLeod
    Mr. Leon D. McMahon
    Mrs. Marjorie  McMahon
    Mr. Aubrey David McManus
    Mr. Henry S. McManus
    Mrs. Anita McMillan
    The Rev. J. Sam McMillan
    Ms. Carol D. McMorrow
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. McNamara III
    Ms. Katherine  McNeese
    Ms. June K. McNeil
    Mrs. Mary L. McNiel
    Mr. and Mrs. Dougal A. McPhail, Jr.
    Ms. Julie  McPherson
    Mr. Ken McQuade
    Ms. Ella McRae
    Ms. Cindy V. McShea
    Ms. Kay C. Mead
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery L. Meade
    Miss Brett W. Meager
    Ms. Terry P. Mears
    Mr. Ari Silber Medoff
    Mrs. Jacqueline B. Meduri
    Ms. Doris B. Meece
    Mr. Andrew T. Meeks
    Mr. and Mrs. Darryl L. Meeks
    Mr. and Mrs.Todd C. Meissner
    Dr. and Mrs. Jon M. Meliones
    Mrs. Karen M. Melvin
    Mr. Ronald M. Melvin
    Mr. Rich  Menseck
    Ms. Donna P. Mercer
    Mr. and Mrs. James R. Mercer, Jr.
    Ms. Robyn Merck
    Mr. Martin D. Merholz
    Mr. Skip S. Mericle
    Mr. and Mrs. Roy Merrills
    Mr. Jason S. Merritt

    Ms. Kaye B. Merritt
    Mr. Rob Metzler
    Mrs. Robin Mewborn
    Ms. Barbara Meyer
    Ms. Shannon Meyer
    Mrs. Susan C. Meyer
    Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Meyer
    Mrs. Vicki Michael
    Ms. Ana Cristina Middleton
    Mrs. Helena Mika
    Ms. Marie Miles
    Mr. and Mrs. Rick Mileski
    Mr. C. Glenn Miller
    Mr. David L. Miller
    Ms. Donna K. Miller
    Mr. Gary S. Miller
    Mr. Gerald G. Miller
    Mr. Greg Miller
    Mr. and Mrs. John  Miller
    Mrs. Melinda M. Miller
    Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Miller, Jr.
    Mrs. Norma P. Miller
    Mr. Paul J. Miller
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Miller
    Mrs. Terry Elks Miller
    Mr. David S. Millington
    Mr. Fred G. Mills, Sr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Jared Milne
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Mincher
    Mr. and Mrs. Lance  Minor
    Ms. Janet Mintel
    Dr. Lydia Mis
    Mrs. Judy Mishoe
    Ms. Amy Mitchell
    The Hon. Burley B. Mitchell, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Mitchell
    Mr. Duncan R. Mitchell
    Ms. Evelyn P. Mitchell
    Mrs. Jane C. Mitchell
    Mrs. Melanie Mitchell
    Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Mitchum
    Mrs. Jill L. Mitta
    Mr. David Mogle
    Mr. and Mrs. Martin G. Molloy
    Miss Monica G. Monari
    Mr. and Mrs. Fred  Monks
    Mr. Gary L. Monroe
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Montcrieff

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Moody
    Mr. Curtis Moore
    Mr. Danny Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. Glenn C. Moore
    Mr. Harold G. Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Moore, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry T. Moore
    Ms. Linda Moore
    Ms. Margaret D. Moore
    Mrs. Rhina S. Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Moore
    Ms. Roberta Z. Moore
    Ms. Sheila Moore
    Mrs. Vickie  Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. Walter and Nancy Moore Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. C. Daniel Mooza
    Ms. Linda A. More
    Dr. Sandra P. Moreira
    Ms. Alicia Morenberg
    Ms. Margery G. Moreno
    Ms. Raquel Moreno
    Mr. Don E. Morgan
    Mr. Stephen R. Morgan
    Ms. Susan Morgan
    Dr. and Mrs. John D. Moriarty
    Mrs. Antonia Morin
    Ms. Whitney Morrin
    Ms. Elaine Morris
    Mr. Robert Morris
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Morris
    Mrs. Theresa M. Morris
    Ms. Marifrances  Morrison
    Ms. Jean Morse
    Mr. Chris Morton
    Ms. Mary B. Morton
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Moseley
    Ms. Jessica Moseley
    Dr. John W. Moses Jr. and Ms. Heather E. Main
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Motter
    Ms. Carol  Mougey
    Dr. and Mrs. Paul N. Mudd Jr.
    Mrs. Debra T. Mueller
    Mrs. Kathryn Mueller
    Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Mulchi
    Mr. Matthew J. Mullady
    Mr. Melton W. Mullinix, Jr.
    Dr. Michael C. Munger and Ms. Donna M. Gingerella

    Ms. Donna  Munguia
    Ms. Shannon Munnerley
    Mrs. June S. Munns
    Ms. April Murch
    Mrs. Christine L. Murphy
    Mrs. Mary T. Murphy
    Mr. Wendell H. Murphy
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Murrah
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Murray
    Ms. Emily Murray
    Mr. Fred A. Murray
    Mr. J. Michael Murray
    Mrs. Tricia S. Murray
    Mr. and Mrs. William J. Murray, Jr.
    Ms. Faye Murrell
    Mr. and Mrs. John T. Musante
    Mr. Whitfield Muse, Jr.
    Mr. Bennie E. Musselwhite
    Ms. Margaret E. Musser
    Mrs. Jeanne Myer
    Ms. Erin Myers
    Ms. Mindy Myers
    Ms. Nancy M. Myers
    Mrs. Jane Naas
    Mr. and Mrs. Etsuko I. Nair
    Ms. Michi Nair
    Dr. Frank  Nania
    Ms. Catherine  Napolitano
    Dr. and Mrs. Barry Nathan
    Mr. and Mrs. Barry J. Needle
    Mr. and Mrs. David A. Neel
    Mrs. Carmen Neese
    Mr. and Mrs. David C. Nelms
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Nelson
    Mrs. Victoria Nelson
    Mrs. Wendy L. Newby
    Ms. Cindy M. Newcomb
    Ms. Renae Newmiller
    Mr. Charlie Newsome
    Mrs. Shannon Newsome
    Mr. Marty Newton
    Ms. Sandra Newton
    Mrs. Quynh Nguyen
    Ms. Xuan Y. T. Nguyen
    Mrs. Lisa M. Nichols
    Mr. Cheyney A. Nicholson
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Nicita
    Mrs. Caroline Nicol

    Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Niffenegger
    Mr. Edwin S. Nifong
    Mr. and Mrs. Mike K. Nobles
    Mr. and Mrs. Lee  Noel
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Noonan
    Ms. Terri D. Norby
    Ms. Joyce  Norman
    Ms. Laura U. Norment
    Ms. Helen T. Norris
    Mrs. Nancy F. Norton
    Mr. Frank Novak
    Mr. Dean Novotny
    Ms. Betty Nowalk
    Ms. Jenn Nowalk
    Mrs. Martha Nyman
    Mr. Joseph A. O'Boyle
    Mr. and Mrs. Deryl C. O'Briant
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O'Brien
    Mr. and Mrs. Ethan O'Brien
    Mr. David J. O'Connell
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. O'Connor Sr.
    Mrs. Sally S. Odum
    Ms. Kelly O'Hara
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeff O'Hara
    Mr. Gerald B. Ohle
    Mr. Alan K. Oka
    Ms. Colleen M. O'Leary
    Mrs. Elizabeth H. O'Leary
    Mr. Michael S. O'Leary
    Ms. Allison Olive
    Dr. Lois P. Oliver
    Mr. Patrick  Oliveri
    Ms. Susan O'Neal
    Ms. Marie ONeill
    Capt. Elizabeth O'Neill
    Ms. Linda C. Opacic
    Mr. and Mrs. Conway L. Ormond
    Dr. Zeydy Ortiz
    Ms. Paulette Orwin
    Mr. J. M. Osborne
    Dr. and Mrs. Donald L. Oschwald
    Mr. Thomas A. O'Shea
    Mrs. Leilani J. Ostiguy
    Dr. Daniel Ostrovsky
    Ms. Donna Oswalt
    Dr. Eric A. Ottesen
    Mr. Mark A. Outlaw

    Ms. Gena L. Overbey
    Ms. Barbara Overman
    Mr. Greg  Overstreet
    Mr. Robert L. Overstreet III
    Mrs. Cathy Overton
    Mr. Michael M. Overton
    Mr. William Owen
    Ms. Robin E. Owens
    Ms. Theressa A. Owens
    Dr. Thomas A. Owens
    Mrs. Sara I. Pacholke
    Mrs. Andrea T. Pacyna
    Mr. John G. Page Jr.
    Ms. Lynn P. Page
    Mrs. Mary A. Page
    Ms. Neelima Paleti
    Mr. David Papworth
    Ms. Carol Park
    Mr. and Mrs. Alton P. Parker
    Mr. and Mrs. David M. Parker
    Ms. Emily Parker
    Ms. Emily Parker
    Mr. and Mrs. Knowles R. Parker
    Mrs. Sonya  Parker
    Mr. Stephen T. Parker
    Ms. Jennifer  Parries
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Parrish
    Mr. Roger Parro
    Ms. Catherine Parrott
    Ms. Teressa Paschaloudis
    Mr. and Mrs. Danny R. Pate
    Mr. and Mrs. P. Will Pate
    Mrs. Shannon D. Pate
    Mr. Anil Patel
    Mr. and Mrs. Owais I. Patel
    Mr. Smaran Patel
    Mr. William J. Patnaud
    Mr. Daniel D. Patriss
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Patz, Sr.
    Ms. Janice P. Paul
    Mr. Mitchell H. Paul
    Ms. Helen M. Pavilonis
    Mr. Ronald  Pearce
    Mr. Larry W. Pearman
    Mrs. Evelyn M. Pearson
    Ms. Katherine  Pearson
    Ms. Sandra Pearson
    Mr. E. A. Pease
    Mrs. Marilyn Pease

    (This section is currently under construction.)




    Corporate Donors

    Circle of Inspiration ($100,000 and more)

    American Heart Association
    Autism Speaks
    Chenzyme Foundation
    Children's Miracle Network
    Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
    Elon University Dance Marathon**
    Food Lion Inc.**
    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    The Hartwell Foundation
    Hyundai Motor America
    March Of Dimes
    National Marrow Donor Program
    Research Institute at Nationwide Ho
    Robertson Foundation
    Phil and Gerry Rominger Foundation
    Sanofi-Aventis U.S. Inc.
    The Duke Endowment
    The V Foundation
    Wal-Mart and Sam's Clubs**
    Washington University in St. Louis


    Circle of Strength ($25,000 and more)

    Abbott Laboratories
    Advanced Liquid Logic
    Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation
    Alpha One Foundation Inc.
    American Lung Association
    American Society of Hematology
    Amicus Therapeutics, Inc.
    Arthritis Foundation
    Astellas Scientific & Medical Affairs
    Baylor College of Medicine
    Edward H. Benenson Foundation
    Childrens Fund For GSD Research Inc.
    Children's Mercy Hospital
    Cincinnati Children's Hospital MedicalCenter
    Costco Wholesale**
    Credit Unions For Kids**
    Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
    Emory University
    Faculty Connection, LLC
    Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
    Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network
    Fundamental Alliance Ltd.
    Homes By Dickerson, Inc.
    Hope On Wheels Hyundai Dealers
    International House of Pancakes**
    Janey Fund Charitable Trust
    Lenox Baker Children's Hospital Foundation
    MARS Overseas Holdings Inc.
    McLane/Carolina Inc.**
    Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp
    Muscular Dystrophy Association
    National Alliance For Research
    New England Research Institutes Inc.
    Oregon Health & Science University
    Paralyzed Veterans of America
    Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Foundation
    Phi Mu**
    Foundation for Prader-Willi Research
    Pratt Family Foundation
    RE/MAX International**
    Rite Aid Corporation**
    Schering Plough Research Institute
    St. Jude Medical Foundation
    Teleflex Medical
    United Way of the Greater Triangle


    Circle of Hope ($10,000 and more)

    A. E. Finley Foundation
    American Heart Association
    Blue Cross & Blue Shield of N. C.
    Carmike Cinemas**
    Chance Harman Memorial Fund
    Chico's FAS, Inc.**
    Cincinnati Children's Hospital Med
    Combined Federal Campaign**
    Credit Suisse Americas Foundation
    Credit Union Miracle Day Inc.**
    Cristian Rivera Foundation
    Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
    DeHaven's Transfer & Storage
    Express Employment Professionals**
    Giorgio's Hospitality Group
    Great Clips**
    IBM International Foundation
    International House of Pancakes**
    Jones & Guerrero Co. Inc.
    Little Man Foundation, Inc.
    Long Beverage Inc.
    Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores**
    Elizabeth McGeachin McKee Foundation
    John P. McGovern Foundation
    McLane/Carolina Inc.**
    MRINetwork Charitable Foundation Inc.
    Newman's Own**
    Ollie's Bargain Outlet**
    Paralyzed Veterans of America
    Shoemate Foundation
    Silverback Foundation Inc.
    State Employees Combined Campaign
    Teleflex Medical
    VS Cancer Foundation
    Warren County Jaycees
    Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club
    West Mount Ruritan Club


    Circle of Caring ($5,000 and more)

    ABB Foundation Inc.
    Ace Hardware**
    Aliotta Holdings, LLC
    AMB Group, LLC
    American Academy Of Pediatrics
    Bailey's Fine Jewelry
    BAPS Charities
    Brewer Cycles Inc.
    Carrington Family Foundation
    Cord:Use Foundation, Inc.
    Couch Oil Co.
    Delta Beta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma
    Family Fare Inc.
    GKN Foundation
    GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
    Francis A. Hendricks & Edith T. Hendricks Foundation
    ICAP Services North America LLC
    John E. & Nellie J. Bastien Foundation
    Johnson Bros. Carolina Distributing
    Knott Family Foundation
    Lone Star Steakhouse**
    Lorillard Federal Credit Union**
    Masimo Americas, Inc.
    MG Capital Maintenance Inc.
    Michael Jordan Nissan
    Miss America**
    National Agents Alliance
    Ninth Street Flowers
    Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart
    Oregon Health & Science University
    Philips Respironics
    Progress Energy Foundation
    RNDC South Carolina, LLC
    Robins & Morton
    Rolander Family Foundation
    The Rona Jaffe Foundation
    United Way of the Greater Triangle
    Van Dusen Charitable Lead Unitrust
    Wake Forest Rotary Foundation Inc.
    Winters Motivation, Inc.


    Circle of Compassion ($1,000 and more)

    237th Fastrack Academy
    Aero US, Inc.
    Alpha Phi Foundation
    American Retirement Counselors
    Ameriprise Financial
    Aramark Corporation
    Bracco Diagnostics Inc.
    Bralies Inc.
    Briegan Concrete Constructors
    Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
    Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation
    Bulk TV & Internet
    Bunnell, Inc.
    Cafe Capistrano
    Cannon School
    Capital City Civitan Club
    Cardinal Health Inc.
    Carolina Recording Systems, Inc.
    Cary Pediatric Center PA
    Cashless Systems Inc.
    Centrex Properties, Inc.
    Charles and Colvard, LLC
    Charlotte Motor Speedway LLC
    Children's Hospital Boston
    Civitan Club Of New Bern
    Coca-Cola Company
    County Tax Services, Inc.
    C. R. England, Inc.
    Dan Cameron Family Foundation
    DPR Construction
    Dynamic Directions
    E. F. Harris Family Foundation
    F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.
    Firefighters Charitable Foundation
    First American Carriers, Inc.
    First Citizens Bank & Trust Company
    Frazier Home Design, LLC
    Fred's Inc.**
    GE Aviation
    General Parts Inc.
    Gigi's Cupcakes
    Goodberry's Creamery, Incorporated
    Go Realty
    Gregory Poole Equipment Co.
    Ethan Grossman Family Charitable Gift Fund
    Gurley, Ritter & Brogden DDS, MS PA
    Hamilton Medical
    Handly Family Charitable Fund

    Health Care Systems Inc.
    Helena Elementary School
    Hendrick Durham Auto Mall
    H.O.G. of Raleigh
    Hurricane Region Porsche Club of America
    Integrated Industrial Information, Inc.
    International Merchandising Corporation
    International Paper Company
    Jackson Family Donor Advised Fund
    Jag Trucking, Inc
    Jamestown UMC Outreach Thrift Center
    Jeff Burton Autosports Inc.
    John R. McAdams Company Inc.
    Johns Hopkins University
    Johnson & Johnson
    KLS Martin L.P.
    Sarah and George Klunk Fund
    Kroger Co. Foundation**
    Lamb Foundation of NC, Inc.
    Lane and Craig Huggins Family Charitable
    Leadership Team Development Inc.
    Lenoir Memorial Hospital
    Long Creek Properties
    Marquet Medical Systems USA
    Marriott International**
    Max Cure Foundation Inc.
    Bascom & Frances McKay Charitable Fund
    Medical Foundation of NC, Inc.
    Merck Partnership For Giving
    Miller Coors
    Milmoe Family Fund
    Mondelez International
    Morton & Sandra Semel Charitable Fund
    N.C. Fragile X Foundation
    N. C. Motors and Controls, Inc.
    NC Triangle Chapter SCI
    North Carolina Rheumatology Association
    Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation
    O. & O. Alpan LLC
    Overstreet Sign Systems
    Parker & Otis
    Pfizer Foundation
    PHE Inc.
    Piedmont Electric Membership Corporation
    PKP Holdings, LLC
    Priscilla Zimmermann Trust

    Pasquale & Rose Procacci Charitable Foundation
    Qualcomm Foundation
    I. J. Quinn, Sr. Family Foundation
    Raleigh Civitan Club
    Rally Logistics
    Ravenscroft School
    Ray Price, Inc.
    Red Fox, LLC
    ResMed Corporation
    Riley Contracting Group, Inc.
    Riley Lewis General Contractors Inc
    Ross Angel Foundation
    Salisbury & Moore Construction, LLC
    Schwab Charitable Fund
    Seaborne Farm
    Sequenom Inc.
    Sigma Alpha Epsilon
    Smith Harris Design Associates Inc.
    Soft Pro Co.
    Southeast Guilford Civitan Club
    Sovereign Medical, LLC
    Speedway Children's Charities
    Spice It Up, Inc.
    Stahl Family Charitable Foundation
    St. Mark Catholic School
    Summit Engineering & Construction Services
    Sunny Bingo
    Terramor Homes, Inc.
    The Richards Advantage
    Thrasher Research Fund
    Towering Pines Foundation
    Triangle Farms, Inc.
    Triangle Luncheon Civitan Club
    Triple J Enterprises Inc.
    Turner Ashby High School
    USA Gymnastics**
    Vance Charter School Inc.
    Wake Stone Corporation
    Warren Street Charitable Fund
    Welchons Family Charitable Fund
    Weldon Baptist Church
    WFB Ohio Foundation
    Whispering Hope Farm LLC
    Wichtrich Family Giving Account
    Wilbers Golf Tourney
    Will Ride Two
    Wren Foundation


    Duke Children's Heritage Society

    The following individuals have graciously provided for the benefit and future of Duke by naming Duke Children's as a beneficiary of a will, retirement plan, IRA, life insurance policy, annuity, trust, or gift of tangible personal property.

    Estate of Mr. William R. Alford
    Mr. Justin D. Anderson
    Estate of Catherine Blue
    Dr. Richard Boger
    Estate of Robert A. Boone
    Estate of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Buchen
    Ms. Christine Howard Bullard
    Estate of Mrs. Jo B. Campbell
    Estate of Lee and Muriel Carey
    Ms.Clementine Carlaftes
    Estate of Cathryn T. Childers
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chut, Sr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Clark
    Estate of Rosa Coghill
    Mrs. Karen Como
    Mr. and Mrs. Norman Cooper
    Mrs. Diane J. Crayton
    Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. D'Angelo
    Mr. Robert Deerin
    Estate of John E. Dees
    Mrs. Yorke L. Eastwood
    Estate of John E. Ellington, II
    Dr. and Mrs. Michael M. Frank
    Dr. Henry B. Freye
    Mr. William L. Glancy, Jr.
    Mrs. Winnifred Z. Green
    Mr. George L. Grody
    Estate of Eugene Harris
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Heidman
    Mr. Jack E. Hickman
    Drs. Margaret W. Hilgartner and A. Milton Arky
    Mr. Ray E. Imperial
    Mr. and Mrs. Roy Johnston
    Dr. Shelby H. Josephs
    Dr. Ralph J. Johansmann
    Drs. Samuel L. Katz and Catherine M. Wilfert
    Mr. Robert V. Kelly
    Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Kinney
    Dr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Kiser
    Mr. Frederick W. Klein
    Mrs. Violet G. LaRivere
    Mr. Gary L. Markel
    Dr. Stephen J. McGeady
    Dr. and Mrs. Hamilton W. McKay, Jr.
    Mrs. Kathleen F. Michael
    Mr. Glenn Morris
    Mr. E. Arthur Palumbo
    Ms. Rose Parapiglia
    Mrs. Carolyn K. Penny
    Mrs. Rose F. Procacci
    Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Reichstetter
    Estate of Harry W. Roberson, Jr.
    Estate of Kenneth E. Rupple
    Estate of Gertrude Ruska
    Estate of Dr. Dorothy J. Shaad
    Estate of Wilma D. Shotwell
    Ms. Linda M. Simpson
    Dr. and Mrs. Malbert Smith, III
    Mr. Richard R. Sykes
    Estate of Maxine C. Trollinger
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Uhorchak
    Mrs. Elizabeth Van Dusen
    Ms. Iona Baily Walton
    Estate of Commander Ethel A. Wynant
    Dr. Harry A. Whitaker, Jr.
    Mr. Ralph F. Whitfield, Jr.
    Mr. Dan G. Williamson
    Mr. Claude Wilson
    Ms. Dorothy S. Wilson
    Mr. James Yonkers