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2012 Honor Roll of Donors

The patients, families and staff of Duke Children's Hospital & Health Center express our deepest gratitude for the many generous individuals, corporations, foundations, trusts, groups, and estates who support this organization. Thank you for sharing our commitment and for making a difference in the lives of our children. Your continued help and generosity makes the realization of our vision possible.

The following Honor Roll of Contributors includes those who gave gifts of $100 or more during the period of January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2012. Please bring any inaccuracies to our attention by calling 919-385-3138.

    Donors marked in bold have supported Duke Children's for five years or more.
    **Children's Miracle Network Sponsor

    Individual Donors

    Circle of Inspiration ($100,000 and above)

    Dr. and Mrs. Yuan-Tsong Chen
    Mr. and Mrs. William H. Gates III
    Mr. Julian H. Robertson, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. James T. Yonkers

    Circle of Strength ($25,000 and above)

    Mr. Anthony Abitbol
    Mr. and Mrs. W. Harden Blackwell
    Mr. George L. Grody
    Mrs. Elaine Cruz Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. James Keith Morgan
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip Procacci
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Quattrocchi
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Rothenberg
    Mr. and Mrs. Jim K. Sabiston
    Mr. Yomtov Senegor and Ms. Kelly A. McNelis 


    Circle of Hope ($10,000 and above)

    Mr. and Mrs. Rick Anicetti
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary Burkhead
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Burton
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chut, Sr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Walter Erazmus
    Mr. David S. Ferriero and Ms. Gail Zimmermann
    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Gabriel
    Mrs. Heather Golin
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Jenkins
    Mrs. Patsy S. Johnson
    Dr. and Mrs. John P. J. Kelly
    Mr. and Mrs. David P. King
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Krzyzewski
    Mrs. Nelda G. Lee
    Mr. Crockett Long
    Mrs. Kathrine G. McGovern
    Mr. and Mrs. David G. McIntee
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Moulton
    Mrs. Vivian Raftery
    Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Reese
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry Winters

    Circle of Caring ($5,000 and above)

    Mr. Jeffrey M. Aliotta
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Brewer
    Dr. and Mrs. Mark F. Cesta
    Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Crumpler
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Evans
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Felton
    Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Finley
    Mr, and Mrs. David T. Goodson
    Mr. Kevin Griffith
    Ms. Donna Cruz Jones
    Ms. Lois S. Klauder
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Knott
    Mr. and Mrs. John H. Love
    Mr. and Mrs. W. Ed Lowe II
    Mr. Joseph T. McMahon
    Drs. Ann M. Pflugrath and Donald J. Thimsen
    Drs. David B. and Leighan R. Rinker
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Rolander
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Shoemate
    Mr. Steven R. Shoemate and Ms. Noelle Pelio
    Dr. and Mrs. James R. Urbaniak
    Mr. and Mrs. Lars von Kantzow

    Circle of Compassion ($1,000 and above)

    Mr. Rudolph R. Adamiak
    Mr. and Mrs. Clay T. Adams
    Mrs. Denise Ashworth
    Mr. Jerry W. Atkins
    Dr. Richard L. Auten, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Bacon, Jr.
    Mr. Clyde Bailey, Jr.
    Mr. Bruce Ballard
    Dr. and Mrs. Habib F. Bassil
    Ms. Barbara M. Bays
    Mr. and Mrs. C. Jim Beacham
    Ms. Lauren J. Beaudry
    Ms. Bonnie L. Beliveau
    Mr. and Mrs. William S. Berry
    Ms. Patti K. Black
    Mr. and Mrs. H. Burns Blackwell
    Ms. Angela Boone
    Mr. and Mrs. Elliot G. Bossen
    Mrs. Rebecca R. Bost
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Bowman
    Ms. Kim Boyle
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Braddy
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Brandaleone
    Mr. Jimmy Brantley
    Ms. Karin M. Brezin
    Mr. David E. Brown
    Mr. Paul Brown
    Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Brown
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles M Buben
    Drs. Charles E. and Rebecca H. Buckley
    Mr. and Mrs. Ike Bullard
    Ms. Deborah Burchfield
    Ms. Tanya Butler
    Mr. and Mrs. Carlton L. Campbell
    Ms. Kristen B. Campbell
    Mr. FC Cary
    Ms. Lucy E. Castle
    Mr. and Mrs. William Castonguay
    Ms. Candace Chapman
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Chobot
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Clark
    Drs. Dennis A. Clements III and Martha Ann Keels
    Mr. James W. Collins
    Mr. and Mrs. John H. Cooling, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Coors
    Ms. Elizabeth Lee Cozart
    Mrs. Glenda K. Crouch
    Mr. and Mrs. Joel Cusick
    Mr. and Mrs. David Cutcliffe
    Mr. Edward Dailey
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Darden
    Mr. and Mrs. James W. Davis
    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Davison
    Mr. and Mrs. Eric Dean
    Mr. Russell A. Digilio
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Dombeck
    Ms. Karen Downing
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Drickey
    Drs. Robert P. and Joan L. Drucker
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Dyar
    Dr. and Mrs. Victor J. Dzau
    Mrs. Edith Edmondson
    Ms. Rachel L. Elder
    Mr. Ernest Ellison II
    Ms. Cecelia R. English
    Ms. Caroline Ervin
    Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ervin
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Haywood Finison
    Mr. Fred Folger, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Fox, Sr.
    Dr. and Mrs. Henry Bernhard Freye
    Mr. David A. Friedman
    Mr. William J. Gabor
    Mrs. Kathy B. Gaither
    Mr. and Mrs. John S. Gearing
    Mrs. Mary Gerrans
    Ms. Linda G. Gilbert
    Mr. George E. Glass
    Ms. Susan I. Glenn
    Dr. and Mrs. Raymond S. Greenberg
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Gregory
    Mr. Ethan Grossman
    Mrs. Judy Hamelburg
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Handly
    Mr. and Mrs. Jordan B. Hansell
    Mr. David William Hanson
    Mr. Byron L. Hargett
    Estate of Eugene Harris
    Mr. and Mrs. Bill D. and Iluminada Heilman
    Mr. and Mrs. Ira A. Heller
    Mr. Ken Heltemes
    Mrs. Harriet B. Hickman
    Mr. David Hicks
    Mrs. Mary T. Hilliard
    Mr. Thomas Holum
    Mr. and Mrs. Craig C. Huggins
    Dr. and Mrs. Ziad H. Idriss
    Mr. and Mrs. Maurice D. James, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Evan L. Jones
    Mr. Jeff R. Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Jones II
    Mr. and Mrs. Bill A. Jordan
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Kauffman, Sr.
    Ms. Lynda Kerr
    Mr. John W. Kilgore
    Mr. and Mrs. George F. Klunk
    Ms. Elizabeth B. Lamar
    Ms. Nickle J. Lamoreaux
    Mr. and Mrs. Brett A. Lawrence and Laura Cerruti
    Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Leahy
    Ms. Marina R. Lee
    Ms. Theodora Lengowski
    Mrs. Jessie L. Lewis
    Mr. and Mrs. William D. Lindenmuth
    Mr. Peter B. Lynt
    Mr. and Mrs. David J. Mandzak
    Mr. Michael D. Manis
    Dr. Abigail E. Martin
    Mr. and Mrs. Eric McCartney
    Mr. Francis J McClernon
    Estate of Frances C. McKay*
    Dr. and Mrs. Ross E. McKinney, Jr.
    Mr. T. Bragg McLeod
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. McMahon
    Ms. Louise R. Meminger
    Mr. Kristofer Meyers
    Dr. and Mrs. Chad Michael Miller
    Drs. Robert B. and Paige W. Miller IV
    Ms. Lynda Moegling
    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Monk
    Mr. Charles R. Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. William T. Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Morrison
    Mr. David Nolte
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Nunn
    Ms. Sally S. Ong
    Mr. Joseph Owens
    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Pappas
    Ms. Meghan E. Parker
    Mr. Sejal Patel
    Mrs. Frances E. Payne
    Mr. and Mrs. Jay L. Peters
    Ms. Linda Peterson
    Mr. Tim Petreikis
    Ms. Phyllis E. Pitt
    Mr. and Mrs. Luther W. Pitts, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Porter
    Mr. and Mrs. A. Nicholas Purrington
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Raleigh
    Mr. and Mrs. John D. Ratliff
    Ms. Carol Reichstetter
    Mrs. Barbara C. Reid
    Ms. Chrissy Rhodes
    Mr. and Mrs. Jack Van Rich
    Ms. Carol Richards
    Mr. William Opperman Richards
    Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Gary Rusnak
    Mr. Frank J. Ryan
    Mr. and Mrs. Jerome B. Ryan III
    Ms. Laurie Schaefer
    Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Schar
    Mr. and Mrs. Arnold M. Schechter
    Mrs. Pearl F. Schechter
    Mr. Bruce A. Seelinger
    Mr. Timothy M. Shannon
    Mr. Stanton E. Simmerson
    Mrs. Georgeanna Smith
    Mr. and Mrs. Earl E. T. Smith, Jr.
    Mr. John D. Snipes III
    Drs. John P. and Laurie Kinder Sorge
    Ms. Terry W. Sosa
    Mr. Gregory Soussloff
    Dr. Arthur W. Spengler
    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Spinazze
    Dr. and Mrs. William St. Clair
    Drs. Joseph W. St. Geme III and Lynn White
    Ms. Janet Stowe
    Mr. Ray Summerlin Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Adam Taback
    Capt. and Mrs. Robert P. Taishoff
    Ms. Stacy M. Brown Taylor
    Mr. Gregory F. Tell
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Theret
    Mr. James Thorpe
    Ms. Eileen Tiffany
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Tiffany
    Dr. Karen Grossmann Todd
    Ms. Linda K. Tolar
    Mr. and Mrs. Hal G. Transou III
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Trapani
    Mr. Michael S. Trombley
    Ms. Susan Ellen Trukawinski
    Dr. George A. Truskey and Ms. Anna A. Wu
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hugh Tucker, Jr.
    Mr. Allen Wayne Turner
    Mr. and Mrs. Darren Umstead
    Mrs. Elizabeth Van Dusen*
    Ms. Elizabeth Lael Van Dyke
    Mr. Cleve Wagstaff
    Dr. and Mrs. Warren S. Warren
    Mrs. Carole Ann Weaver
    Mrs. Brenna E. Weston
    Mr. and Mrs. Don M. Wheless, Sr.
    Ms. Caitlin Elizabeth Whiteman
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Whitman
    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wichtrich
    Mr. Dan G. Williamson
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wishnew
    Dr. David Wong
    Drs. John C. and Pamela Runge Wood
    Mr. and Mrs. Alexander M. Worth, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Wrayno
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert K. Yowell
    Ms. Wenlan Zhang
    Mr. and Mrs. Francis G. Ziegler


    Circle of Encouragement ($500 and above)

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V WY Z

    Mr. and Mrs. George B. Abercrombie
    Dr. and Mrs. Tony C. Adams
    Ms. Shirelle M. Allen
    Mr. George C. Avent
    Mr. Reggie Baird
    Mr. Mitchel H. Baker
    Mrs. Joanne Bald
    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ball
    Mr. Carl A. Barkley, III
    Mr. and Mrs. John W. Barnes
    Ms. Barbara A. Bartko
    Ms. Susan Baxley
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Baynes
    Mr. John A. Beckelman
    Ms. Jeane R. Bibb
    Mr. Michael Biersack
    Mr. and Mrs. Christian A. Bigsby
    Ms. Patricia Biondi
    Mr. W. D. Bishop, Sr.
    Mr. and Mrs. William C. Blackman
    Mrs. Brenda Bledsoe
    Mr. Brett J. Bleess and Ms. Elise A. Coletta
    Ms. Mary Anne Bosher
    Ms. Tonia Bowen
    Mr. and Mrs. Nelson W. Bowers
    Ms. Kristie Brady
    Mr. Chester Brantley
    Mr. Chuck Braswell
    Mrs. Ruby U. Briley
    Ms. Heather Brown
    Mrs. Molly P. Brown
    Mr. Brian D. Bumgardner
    Mr. Michael L. Bundy
    Mrs. Colleen Burgess
    Mr. Kenneth T. Burns
    Ms. Carolyn G. Campbell
    Mrs. Erika W. Canady
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Cantor
    Ms. Patty Carlson
    Mr. Gregory B. Carpenter
    Mr. and Mrs. Kent H. Carrington
    Ms. Carol M. Carroll
    Dr. Francine M. Castellucci
    Mr. Jose Castorena
    Mr. and Mrs. Grant L. Castrodale
    Ms. Lindsay Chadwick
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Chambers
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Charbonneau
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Charles
    Mr. and Mrs. John Cheek
    Mrs. Deborah K. Clark
    Mr. Rogers H. Clark
    Ms. Julie L. Clayton
    Mr. and Mrs. Harold M. Clements
    Ms. Frances Collins
    Mr. Mark Connelly
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Cooper
    Ms. Ginia Coors
    Ms. Lynn Cotterill
    Mr. Phillip Cottros
    Ms. Sharon Crawshaw
    Ms. Carolyn T. Cresimore
    Mr. and Mrs. David E. Cromartie
    Ms. Helen Crompton
    Ms. Amy E. Crossley
    Ms. Ellen Crowley
    Mr. and Mrs. George R. Cunningham, Jr.
    Mr. R. O. Cutts
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Daniels
    Ms. Deborah Davis
    Ms. Karen E. Davis
    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Davison
    Mrs. Martha B. DeBrule
    Mr. Robert P. Demarco
    Ms. Sue Doring
    Mr. and Mrs. David Douglas
    Ms. Patricia P. Doyle
    Mr. and Mrs. Pello L. Duncan, Jr.
    Ms. Stacy Dunn
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Dwyer
    Mrs. Lou A. Eatman
    Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Edwards
    Mrs. Lorraine Egan
    Ms. Roxanne R. Ellington
    Mrs. Margaret E. Eudailey
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Fail
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Faircloth
    Mr. Thomas A. Faircloth
    Ms. Martha M. Faucette
    Mr. Paul Faulkner
    Mrs. Lisa Fernandez
    Mr. and Mrs. Clif Flintom
    Mr. James Flowers
    Mr. Joe Floyd
    Mr. John Flynn
    Ms. Jennifer Frye
    Mr. and Mrs. John S. Gaither
    Mr. Robert Gambrell
    Mr. Chris Gann
    Mr. Edgar W. Garvin
    Mrs. Elizabeth D Gasiorowski
    Mr. Joseph M. Gdaniec
    Ms. Trudy L. Gentry
    Ms. Mahmette Gerrans
    Dr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Ghio
    Mr. George Gillis
    Ms. Elisabeth Glann
    Mr. and Mrs. Tony E. Goodson
    Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Gorrie
    Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Goti
    Mr. Jeffrey S. Greaser
    Ms. Danielle Greene
    Mrs. Karen K. Greene
    Mrs. Margaret M. Groves
    Ms. Stacie Halbert
    Dr. Julia M. Hammond
    Ms. Gloria I. Hankins
    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Hardee
    Ms. Nancy Harless
    Mr. William Harrison
    Mr. William E. Hassinger, Jr.
    Mr. Ronald A. Haynes, Sr.
    Mrs. Helga S. Hedrick
    Mr. Steve Heidecker
    Mr. David M. Heiser
    Dr. Mary Pat Hemstreet
    Ms. Amy Hendershott
    Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester D. Herlihy
    Mr. Ron Hester
    Ms. Christina A. Hobbs
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Hoffman, Jr.
    Mrs. Debbie Holt
    Mrs. Diane C. Hooper
    Mr. Dewitt Hoover
    Drs. David A. and Sandra B. Hosford
    Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Howell
    Ms. Bonnie Hurst
    Mrs. Marlene Ingham
    Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jackson
    Mrs. Nelle C. Jackson
    Ms. Linda L. Johnson
    Mr. William R. Johnston
    Mrs. Janet R. Jones
    Mrs. Jennifer Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin E. Jordan, Jr.
    Ms. Rebecca G. Jordan
    Mr. Garland Joyner
    Ms. Akira Kageyama
    Mr. and Mrs. Sam A. Keel
    Mr. David F. Keith
    Ms. Susan Kennedy
    Mr. Randall Kerr
    Ms. Rachel King
    Ms. Dawn Kirk
    Ms. Susan Kirkman
    Mrs. Laura Kneavel
    Ms. Kristi Koren
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Kornegay
    Mrs. Jill Laird-Sanders
    Mr. Robert Lambert
    Ms. Gail A. Lamm
    Ms. Melissa R. Landers
    Mr. and Mrs. Joel R. Lanik
    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Larimore
    Mr. and Mrs. James T. Lawton
    Ms. Susan L. Leavell
    Ms. Brooke Ledford
    Ms. Jennifer Lewis
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lind
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Lisk
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Luken
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronel D. Lurie
    Mr. Hugh MacGregor
    Mr. Julius Mahan
    Mr. Martin T. Maher
    Mr. G. Mahesh
    Mrs. Elizabeth P. McClintic
    Ms. Marjorie McFetridge
    Drs. Kathleen A. McGann and Ted Hendershot
    Mr. Charles E. McGhee, Jr.
    Mr. Joseph W. McKay
    Mr. William Stuart McKee
    Ms. Diane McKinney
    Mr. and Mrs. Edson McKinney, Jr.
    Mrs. Susan McMickle
    Ms. Ellen S. Medearis and Dr. Richard Superfine
    Mrs. Karen M. Melvin
    Mrs. Marcy Mercy
    Ms. Barbara Meyer
    Mr. Carlton Midyette
    Mrs. Gina Miller
    Mrs. Betty M. Minton
    Mrs. Jane C. Mitchell
    Mr. George M. Moffett, II
    Mr. James Molton
    Ms. Kristy Morgan
    Mrs. Antonia Morin
    Mrs. Therecia Morris
    Ms. Julie Moseley
    Ms. Sue E. Mosley
    Dr. Robert Murphy
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Murrah
    Mr. I. E. Murray, Jr.
    Ms. Jane C. Murray
    Ms. Pamela Myers
    Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Nacouzi
    Mr. Vijay Nagaraj
    Ms. Georgia S. Nelson
    Mr. David J. O'Connell
    Mr. Rodrigo C. Ortiz
    Ms. Agnes Ostiguy
    Ms. Panaderia Pahuatlan
    Mr. Jeffrey Parker
    Ms. Trusha Patel
    Mr. and Mrs. Tushar K Patel
    Mr. Allan D. Pedersen
    Mr. and Mrs. Wade H. Penny, Jr.
    Ms. Judy Perez
    Mr. and Mrs. William G. Pfeiffer
    Mr. Eddie Phillips
    Mrs. Jennifer L. Plurad
    Mr. and Mrs. David B. Polich
    Mr. and Mrs. Tony L. Pope
    Ms. Cynthia Powell
    Mrs. Yuki A. Prescott
    Mrs. Lauren S. Price
    Dr. and Mrs. Pasquale Procacci, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Pucci
    Mrs. Corrinne E. Radford
    Mrs. Christina Radosta
    Mr. Ambica Rajagiri
    Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ray
    Mrs. Cynthia C. Rice
    Mr. and Mrs. Allen E. Richardson
    Mr. and Mrs. Barry R. Riddle
    Mr. Lou Rizkallah
    Mr. Michael W. Rodelius
    Ms. Tammy L. Rogers
    Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Romeo
    Mr. June M. Rooney
    Mr. Joseph A. Ross, Jr.
    Mrs. Kimberly P. Rost
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Ruth
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Ruziska
    Mr. and Mrs. William J. Rysanek III
    Mr. John W. Sanderson, Jr.
    Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Schutz
    Ms. Marcella J. Scott
    Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Scroggs
    Mr. David Seoane
    Mr. Paul H. Sevene
    Mr. and Mrs. James DeS. Shaffner
    Mrs. Carol Shaw
    Mr. John Shearer
    Mrs. Judith S. Shelton
    Mr. Edward J. Sherman
    Mrs. Meredith Shivar
    Ms. Diane Shreenan
    Mr. Michael Singer
    Ms. Vanja Sitar
    Ms. Larisa Slark
    Mr. O. T. Sloan III
    Miss Kris A. Sloman
    Mr. and Mrs. Earl M. Smith
    Mr. and Mrs. James B. Smith
    Ms. Julie Smith
    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Sogn
    Mrs. Adalia Sova
    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Spinazze
    Ms. Julie Spitzer
    Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Sporn
    Miss Gloria Stevens
    Mr. Charles J. Stewart
    Mr. David Stone
    Mr. and Mrs. John J. Stumpf
    Mr. and Mrs. Adam Taback
    Mrs. Tammy Mae Taylor
    Mrs. Alene O. Thomas
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Scott Thomas
    Mr. James L. Throneburg
    Mr. Frank D. and Dr. Karen Grossmann Todd
    Mr. Steven Toy
    Mr. Edmond R. Tremblay
    Ms. Gina M. Trianfo
    Ms. Nancy S. Truluck
    Ms. Belinda B. Trutna
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Ulasewich
    Mr. and John J. and Dr. Kirsten E. Travers UyHam
    Mr. William Van Meter
    Mrs. Linda Vaughan
    Mr. Daniel Vinson
    Mr. Michael Vivenzio
    Mr. and Mrs. Randall L. Ward
    Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Waters
    Drs. Dan and Stephanie Wechsler
    Ms. Lucinda J. Weese
    Ms. Elizabeth Welch
    The Rev. Sharon M. Wheeler
    Ms. Katherine K. White
    Mr. Robert B. Whitfield
    Mr. and Mrs. Tommy J. Willett
    Mr. Bradford and Dr. Christina J. Williams
    Mr. Joel T. C. Williams
    Mrs. Patti Williams
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wissink
    Ms. Agnes Wong
    Mr. and Mrs. Wyman Wong
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip N. Woodell
    Mr. Randall S. Woody
    Leslie Pat Wray
    Mrs. Mary A. Wyand
    Mr. Douglas J. Yacenda
    Mr. and Mrs. Thornton H. Yancey
    Ms. Catherine Young
    Mrs. Penelope L. Young
    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Zeltmann
    Drs. Mark W. and Sherri Arthur Zimmerman


    Circle of Kindness ($100 and above)

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

    Mrs. Crystal Abbott
    Mr. and Mrs. Reed Abercrombie
    Mr. Jeff Abney
    Mr. Abu J. Abraham
    Mr. Greg Abrams
    Mr. Shneyder Acosta
    Ms. Brenda E. Adams
    Mr. and Mrs. Jesse E. Adams
    Ms. Judith D. Adams
    Ms. Laura H. Adams
    Ms. Marilyn Adams
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Adams
    Ms. Nancy K. Adams
    Mr. Shane Adams
    Mrs. Susan M. Adams
    Ms. Vickie R. Adams
    Dr. and Mrs. Adegboyega O. Aderibigbe
    Mrs. Sylvia D. Aiken
    Mr. Sai Akula
    Mr. Sean Alazraki
    Mr. and Mrs. Eric Milo Albert
    Mr. and Mrs. Harry Albert
    Mr. Tyler Albright
    Ms. Marsha A. Alexander
    Capt. Samuel P. Alford
    Ms. Sherrie Alford-Beasley
    Mr. Bartlett H. Allen
    Mrs. Eleanor P. Allen
    Mr. Glenn P. Allen
    Dr. Margaret Karen Allen
    Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell J. Allen, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Randy Scott Allen
    Ms. Sandee Allen
    Mr. Wesley B. Allen
    Mrs. Sandra H. Allenbaugh
    Ms. Teresa M. Allgood
    Ms. Marki Allison
    Ms. Norma E. Allred
    Ms. Ruth E. Allred
    Mr. and Mrs. Rom Alphin
    Mr. Samuel Alter
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Altstaetter
    Ms. Kristel Alvarez
    Mrs. Melony Amerson
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Amor
    Mr. Klaus L. Andersen
    Mr. Cole D. Anderson
    Ms. Ellen L. Anderson
    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Anderson, Jr.
    Mr. Josh Anderson
    Mrs. Julia H. Anderson
    Mr. Kevin D. Anderson
    Ms. Patricia Anderson
    Mr. William Anderson
    Mr. and Mrs. William J. Anderson
    Mr. Michael W. Andreucci
    Mrs. Tracy Anghie
    Mr. James Anthony
    Ms. Jennifer Appetta
    Dr. and Mrs. Jerry S. Apple
    Mr. and Mrs. Keith E. Appleby
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Archambault
    Mr. Furness J. Armstead
    Mrs. Barbara P. Armstrong
    Mr. Jack Armstrong
    Mr. Ryan Armstrong
    Ms. Melinda Arndt
    Ms. Chastity Arnette
    Ms. Caswell S. Arnold
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Arnold
    Dr. and Mrs. Richard Adler Aronson
    Mrs. Judith K. Arrendale
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Alan Artley
    Mrs. Dorothy R. Arwe
    Ms. Heather Asebes
    Mrs. Sylvia C. Ashcraft
    Mrs. Patricia H. Ashworth
    Mr. and Mrs. David Askew and Elizabeth C. Satterfield
    Ms. Helen Atkins
    Ms. Jean D. Atkins
    Mr. and Mrs. John L. Atkins III
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Atkinson
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Atkinson
    Dr. and Mrs. David E. Attarian
    Ms. Christina Lee Augst
    Mr. Mark Auman
    Ms. Carolyn B. Austin
    Mr. Franklin D. Austin
    Ms. Patricia Austin
    Ms. Kathy J. Auten
    Mrs. Lois K. Auton
    Mrs. Susan M. Auton
    Mr. and Mrs. Alan P. Avakian
    Mr. Charles W. Averre
    Ms. Ashley Aycock
    Mr. Steve Aycock
    Mrs. Ethel Ayscue
    Ms. Teresa S. Babcock
    Mr. and Mrs. Alan O. Backus
    Mr. and Mrs. James L. Bacon
    Ms. Carol A. Bader
    Mrs. Elsa Bagnulo
    Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Bailey
    Dr. William D. Bailey
    Ms. Kimberly Bailliard
    Ms. Sharon Baird
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Baker
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Baker
    Mr. and Mrs. David Baker
    Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Baker
    Mrs. Edith Baker
    Mr. Jake Baker
    Ms. Michelle A. Baker
    Ms. Nanty Baker
    Mr. Tommy B. Baker
    Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Baker
    Mr. Ciro Baldino
    Ms. Annette M. Baldwin
    Ms. Jennifer Baldwin
    Mrs. Lee H. Baldwin
    Ms. Lindsey Baldwin
    Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Bales
    Mrs. Carol Ball
    Ms. Melissa Ballance
    Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Ballard
    Mr. Rickie Barbee
    Mr. and Mrs. Grady L. Barber
    Ms. Peggy Barber
    Ms. Debra J. Barbour
    Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Keith Barbour
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Barbour
    Ms. Debbie Barefoot
    Mr. and Mrs. John Barile
    Ms. Pamela Barker
    Mrs. Ann Thomas Barkley
    Mr. Barbara E. Barnes
    Mr. and Mrs. David W. Barnes, Jr.
    Mr. Gerald O. Barnes
    Mr. Harold W. Barnes
    Mrs. Lisa H. Barnes
    Ms. Margaret M. Barnes
    Mr. and Gary A. and Dr. Genevieve A. Barnett
    Ms. Lisa Barnette
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Barnhart
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Barnhill
    Ms. Michelle Barnhill
    Mrs. Kathi Barringer
    Mr. and Mrs. James C. Barrow
    Mr. Edward G. Barry
    Ms. Jean M. Bartholomew
    Mr. Tucker and Dr. Kathleen Wurth Bartlett
    Mrs. Patti Bartlett
    Mr. Benjamin C. Barwick
    Ms. Eleanor B. Basehoar
    Mr. and Mrs. David Bass
    Ms. Michelle Bass
    Mrs. Dana Batchelor
    Mrs. Emma M. Batchelor
    Mr. Gaston Bates
    Ms. Jennifer Bates
    Mrs. Deborah D. Batten
    Ms. Deborah Batts
    Mr. Eric D. Batykefer
    Ms. Jeanne Bauer
    Ms. Nancy B. Bausman
    Dr. Mary J. Baxley
    Mr. and Mrs. John L. Beach, Jr.
    Mrs. Jacquelyn A. Beacham
    Ms. Sue Beal
    Mr. Drewery N. Beale
    Mrs. Lynda Beasley
    Ms. Suzanne M. Beasley
    Mrs. Susie Beatty
    Mr. and Mrs. Johnny S. Beck
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Becker
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Beckett
    Mr. Hugh G. Becton
    Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Begun
    Ms. Barbara Behnke
    Ms. Laurel Belanger
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Bell
    Ms. Valonda Bender
    Mrs. Carolyn Benner
    Ms. Barbara M. Bennett
    Ms. LaRae Bennett
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Bennett, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bennett
    Ms. Wendy B. Benson
    Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Berchuck
    Mrs. Debbie Berg
    Mr. Ernest Bergeron, Jr.
    Mr. Eduardo Bermeo
    Mr. Carlo Bernarte
    Mr. James C. Berrier
    Mr. Derryl G. Berry
    Ms. Nancy M. Berry
    Mr. Pat Berry
    Mr. Richard C. Berry
    Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Berryman
    Mr. Frank Besosa
    Mr. Gary L. Best
    Mr. and Mrs. David A. Betts
    Ms. Katherine L. Bick
    Ms. Susan Bickel
    Mr. and Mrs. George Bidanset
    Dr. Margarita Bidegain
    Ms. Brenda Biggers
    Mrs. Dolores Bilangi
    Ms. Sara Bingham
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Birkenmeyer
    Ms. Helen A. Bishop
    Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan K. Bivens
    Mr. Allen Bizub
    Ms. Brenda Black
    Mr. Douglas E. Black
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Black
    Mr. R. Dudley Black
    Cynthia Blackley
    Mr. Rob Blackmon
    Mr. and Mrs. Jim Blackorby
    Mr. Kevin Blake
    Mr. Micah G. Blake
    Ms. Nancy C. Blake
    Mr. Frank Blalock, Jr.
    Dr. Brent Blaylock
    Mrs. Robin Blevins
    Mr. Ernest G. Blough
    Ms. Karen L. Blount
    Mrs. Sarah R. Blue
    Ms. Bridget Boaz
    Ms. Florence M. Bobo
    Mrs. Amy R. Bock
    Mr. Michael Boger
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Bohannon Jr.
    Mr. Mark D. Boldt
    Ms. Mary Bonack
    Ms. Beatrice A. Bonasera
    Mr. Peter J. Bonfilio
    Ms. Rebecca Booher
    Mrs. Lynda G. Booker
    Mrs. Martha S. Bordeaux
    Mr. Bernard W. Bost, Jr.
    Ms. Christina W. Bost
    Dr. and Mrs. Roger B. Bost
    Ms. Barbara Bostian
    Mrs. Gloria T. Boswell
    Mrs. Noel Bounds
    Mrs. Carrie Bowers
    Mrs. Connie L. Bowes
    Mr. and Mrs. David S. Bowser
    Mr. Charles Boyd
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Boyd
    Ms. Phyllis R. Boyd
    Ms. Darby Boyette
    Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Boyette
    Mr. and Mrs. Raymond R. Boyette
    Mr. Ananda Boyina
    Ms. Marybeth Boynton
    Mr. E. M. Brackett III
    Mr. Robert C. Brackett
    Mrs. Heather A. Bradley
    Ms. Wini J Bradley
    Mrs. Joyce A. Bradshaw
    Mrs. Penny Bradshaw
    Ms. Sonia L. Bradshaw
    Mrs. Elizabeth E. Bradsher
    Mr. Steve Brady
    Ms. Ann Kenny Braff
    Mrs. Dorothy K. Brandon
    Mr. and Mrs. G. Thomas Brantley
    Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell D. Brantley
    Mr. William M. Braswell
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Brearley
    Mr. and Mrs. Randolph G. Brecheisen
    Mrs. Sandra Breitschwerdt
    Ms. Lauren Brennan
    Dr. and Mrs. Adam M. Bressler
    Dr. and Mrs. Garrett S. Bressler
    Mr. and Mrs. John C. Brettschneider
    Ms. Mary Alice Brevard
    Mr. and Mrs. Amos C. Brewer
    Mr. and Mrs. Britt Brewer
    Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Brewer
    Mr. Jim Brewer
    Mr. Scott Brewer
    Mr. Jeffrey Todd Bridges
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Bridgette
    Mr. and Mrs. Ray Brinker
    Mr. and Mrs. Dack Brinkley
    Mr. Martin H. Brinkley
    Ms. Christy Britt
    Mrs. Susan P. Britton
    Mr. Charles Broadfoot III
    Ms. Frances D. Brod
    Mrs. Marilyn Brodd
    Mrs. Brenda Brogden
    Ms. Hany S. Brollesy
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Brooks
    Mr. and Mrs. William D. Brooks
    Mr. Michael A. Brooks
    Ms. Bobbie Brosnahan
    Mrs. Amy N. Brown
    Mr. Bruce Brown
    Mr. Cameron Brown
    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Brown
    Mr. Greg Brown
    Ms. Heather Phillips Brown
    Ms. Jane D. Brown
    Ms. Joan A. Brown
    Mr. Joshua J. Brown
    Ms. Katelyn Brown
    Ms. Marcia J. Brown
    Ms. Melissa S. Brown
    Mr. Phil R. Brown
    Ms. Rebecca M. Brown
    Mr. Robert E. Brown
    Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Brown
    Ms. Sonya M. Brown
    Drs. Wade and Paige Brown
    Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brown III
    Mrs. Leanne D. Broyhill
    Ms. Debbie Broyles
    Ms. Charlotte Bruce
    Mr. and Mrs. Vinton C. Bruton III
    Ms. Brittany A. Bryan
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bryant
    Ms. Margaret Bryce
    Ms. Tina Bryenton
    Mr. Troy Bryenton
    Mr. William B. Buchanan, Jr.
    Mr. James A. Buck
    Mr. Don Buckey
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Buckoski
    Dr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Buff
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Buhrman
    Ms. Annette Bullard
    Mr. Robert L. Bullard
    Mr. and Mrs. James F. Bullock
    Mr. and Mrs. William L. Bullock, Sr.
    Ms. Kim Bunce
    Ms. Maria Bundros
    Mr. Joe Bunn
    Mr. John Bunn
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Burch, Jr.
    Mr. Jarrod Burch
    Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Burch
    Mr. Walter A. Burch
    Mr. and Mrs. James L. Burchette Jr.
    Mr. Charles G. Burden III
    Alan Burger
    Mr. and Mrs. Ben Burger
    Ms. Harriet S. Burgess
    Mrs. Rita W. Burgess
    Mr. and Mrs. J. Armand Burgun
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Burke
    Mr. Artie H. Burkhart
    Dr. and Mrs. Wesley Burks
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew I. Burness
    Ms. Josephine C. Burnett
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Burnette
    Ms. Patricia Burnette
    Ms. Susan Burnette
    Mr. Dan Burns
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel K. Burns
    Ms. Kristine Burns
    Mr. and Mrs. Ty Burns
    Mr. and Mrs. Claude F. Burrows II
    Ms. Jennifer Burton
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Greene Burton
    Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Butler III
    Ms. Denise I. Butler
    Mr. and Mrs. John M. Butler
    Ms. Morgan Butler
    Mr. William T. Butler

    Ms. Betty Butler-Cole
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Byrd
    Ms. Deana N. Byrd
    Mr. James Byrd
    Mr. and Mrs. Ricky B. Byrd
    Ms. Vickie S. Byrd
    Mr. James F. Byrne
    Ms. Mary Byrne
    Mr. George T. Cade
    Mr. Stephen C. Cadwallader
    Mr. Copeland W. Cain
    Mr. and Mrs. Melton Caison
    Ms. Melissa L. Caldwell
    Mrs. Joan T Calhoun
    Ms. Laureen Callan
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Calloway
    Mr. Michael J. Calvello
    Ms. Kelly Camacho
    Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cameron
    Mrs. Leanne J. Camp
    Ms. Susan Camp
    Mrs. Susan Cannon
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Cantor
    Mr. Zachary A. Cantor
    Mrs. Patricia C. Cantrell
    Mr. Phillip Cantrell
    Ms. Joyce Caplan
    Mrs. Diane Cappo
    Mr. Richard F. Capps
    Mr. Peter L. Caprioli
    Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Carcich
    Ms. Rosario Cardenas
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Cardin
    Ms. Laura Carey
    Mr. and Mrs. John Carley and Patricia B. McCutcheon
    Mrs. Ruth A. Carmona
    Mr. Alexander H. Carr
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Carreno
    Ms. Caroline W. Carrico
    Ms. Judy Carroll
    Mrs. Martelia E. Carroll
    Ms. Melissa Carroll
    Mr. Donald W. Carson
    Ms. Amiee Carsteen
    Mrs. Clara L. Carter
    Mr. and Mrs. Ted A. Carter
    Ms. Lena Carver
    Ms. Robin Carver
    Ms. Estrella Casarez
    Mrs. Karen S. Case
    Mr. and Mrs. D. Donald Cashion
    Mr. and Mrs. Hilton E. Cashion
    Mrs. Jennifer Cashion
    Mr. Richard Cashman
    Mr. Edward A. Casker and Dr. Lydia Mis
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cameron Cassada
    Ms. Evanthia Cassaras
    Mrs. Ellen M. Castellane
    Mr. Frank Castillo
    Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Cates
    Mr. Charles Cavenaugh
    Ms. Lynda M. Cecere
    Mrs. Kathryn S. Chadwick
    Dr. William E. Chaiken
    Mr. Mark Chamberlain
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Chamberlain
    Mr. and Mrs. John E. Chambers
    Ms. Meliza Chan
    Ms. Virginia C. Chandler
    Ms. Margie A. Chaney
    Drs. Nelson Tan and Chun Peng Tiu Chao
    Mr. Alexander Chapman
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Chappell
    Mrs. Hugh H. Chatham
    Mrs. Carol H. Chauvin
    Mr. Crafton Chavis
    Mrs. Janet A. Cheek
    Mr. Wilson Cheeley
    Dr. and Mrs. Ira M. Cheifetz
    Mr. Carlisle Chenault
    Mr. Ronald G. Cherveny
    Mrs. Carolyn B. Cheshire
    Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin J. Childs
    Ms. Kathlene T. Chmielewski
    Ms. Ellen Chrysogelos
    Mr. Edwin T. Chua
    Dr. Aimee B. Chung
    Ms. Martha Church
    Ms. Joan P. Cinanni
    Ms. Adriana P. Ciompi
    Ms. Tammy Cissel
    Mr. Scott A. Cissel
    Mrs. Jane-Linn Citro
    Mr. Aaron S. Clark
    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Clark
    Mr. Donnie A. Clark
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Clark
    Mr. Julian J. Clark, Jr.
    Mr. William E. Clay
    Mr. Arthur A. Clayton, Jr.
    Mr. Milton Clayton
    Ms. Nicole Clayton
    Ms. Jenny Clements
    Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Clemo
    Ms. Jody Cleveland
    Drs. Philip E. and Susann Levy Clifford
    Ms. Michelle Clopper
    Mrs. Linda Close
    Ms. Sherry Clough
    Mr. Shawn Clymer
    Mr. and Mrs. T. Wayne Coats
    Mr. Chad R. Cochran
    Ms. Teresa J. Cochran
    Mrs. Priscilla D. Cochrane
    Ms. Betty F. Cockrill
    Ms. Susan C. Cohen
    Mrs. Carolyn T. Coker
    Ms. Suzanne Colandro
    Ms. Heather Colburn
    Ms. Cheryl Coldsmith
    Ms. Elizabeth Cole
    Ms. Jennifer Cole
    Ms. Glenda Colebrook
    Mr. and Mrs. John Coleman
    Ms. Teresa Coleman
    Ms. Christina Colgan
    Dr. and Mrs. Jack Eric Colker
    Mr. Arthur F. Collins
    Ms. Connie Collins
    Ms. Laura A. Collins
    Mr. Henry O. Colomb
    Ms. Jennifer Coltrane
    Mr. Leslie Colucci
    Ms. Aurora Comanescu
    Mr. Don Comer
    Ms. Margaret Comin
    Ms. Christel Compton
    Mrs. Miff K. Cone
    Mr. and Mrs. George A. Conger
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Conley
    Mr. Tom Conley
    Mr. Gary Conlon
    Mr. and Mrs. James E. Connell
    Ms. Maryellen Connelly
    Mrs. Chelsea Connolly
    Mr. Doug Connor
    Mr. Daniel Cook
    Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Cook
    Ms. June Cook
    Mr. Larry Coole
    Mrs. Penny Cooley
    Ms. Elizabeth J. Cooper
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Cooper and Julia A. Baer
    Mrs. Marla S. Cooper
    Mr. Michael Eric Cooper
    Mr. and Mrs. Norman Cooper
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Cooper
    Mr. Ricky Cooper
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Cooper
    Mr. William Cooper
    Ms. Elizabeth Brandon Coors
    Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Coors
    Ms. Jan Copeland
    Ms. Sue A. Copley
    Ms. Jackie Corbett
    Ms. Vickie Corbett
    Mr. Jim Corby
    Mrs. Elizabeth Pickens Cordia
    Ms. Amy Corl
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Cornell
    Mr. Roger Corner
    Mrs. Natalie N. Corrigan
    Mr. David F. Corson
    Mrs. Mary A. Cosgrove
    Mr. and Mrs. Santo J. Costa
    Ms. Linda L. Costain
    Mr. Daniel R. Cote
    Dr. and Mrs. C. Michael Cotten
    Mrs. Nickie Cottle
    Mr. and Mrs. K. D. Cottrell, Jr.
    Ms. Becky M. Couch
    Mr. Norman Couch
    Mrs. Wendy Couillard-Komarek
    Mr. Donald Coulombe
    Mrs. Jennifer Council
    Mr. Willie Covington
    Mrs. Ruth Cowan
    Mr. and Mrs. James Cox
    Mr. Orval L. Cox, Jr.
    Mr. Phillip B. Cox
    Ms. Cynthia Crabtree
    Mr. and Mrs. Morris E. Crabtree
    Ms. Beverly Craft
    Mr. Ronald Crammer
    Ms. Debbie W. Craven
    Ms. Diane Crawford
    Ms. Eleanor A. Crawford
    Mrs. Diane J. Crayton
    Mr. H. L. Crayton
    Mrs. Eleanor N. Creech
    Mr. and Mrs. William P. Creighton
    Mr. and Mrs. Roy N. Crenshaw Jr.
    Mr. Benny A. Crepps, Sr.
    Mrs. Linda M. Cress
    Mrs. Margaret A. Crevar
    Mrs. Beverly B. Crews
    Mrs. Shannon L. Crews
    Mr. James O. Crisp
    Ms. Mary B. Cristinziano
    Mr. and Mrs. Tim Crocker
    Mr. and Mrs. Clarence F. Crosby, Jr.
    Ms. Susan Cross
    Mr. Allen R. Crowder
    Mrs. Dawn M. Crowder
    Mr. Reed Cruess
    Ms. Barbara A. Crumpler
    Ms. Janis S. Crutchfield
    Mrs. Suzie Cruz
    Ms. Paola M. Csirke-Juliano
    Ms. Kristy M. Culbreth
    Mrs. Kellie Cullen
    Ms. Cathy D. Cummings
    Ms. Diana Cummings
    Mr. and Mrs. David Cummins
    Ms. Emily B. Currin
    Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lee Currin
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Curry
    Mr. L. G. Cuthrell

    Mr. Michael Dalbo
    Mr. Richard B. Dale
    Ms. Nicole Dalton
    Ms. Diane K. Damen
    Mrs. Amy G. Daniel
    Mrs. Joan J. Daniels
    Ms. Tonia D. Daniels
    Mr. and Mrs. John E. Danowski
    Ms. Mary Ann D'Antono
    Mr. Ricardo C. Daquil
    Mrs. Amy H. Darwin
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Das
    Ms. Dinesh Dasarathan
    Mr. Joseph DaSilva
    Mr. David Daughtry
    Mrs. Donna S. Davenport
    Mrs. Sharon Daves
    Mr. Vartan A. Davidian III
    Mr. Christopher L. Davidson
    Dr. Susan E. Davidson
    Mr. and Mrs. John D. Davies
    Ms. Danielle Davis
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Davis
    Ms. Jamie B. Davis
    Mr. Julius Davis
    Ms. Lola Davis
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Davis
    Mr. and Mrs. William Davis
    Ms. Sandra C. Davis
    Ms. Siobhan M. Davis
    Mrs. Teresa L. Davis
    Mrs. Carla Dawson
    Ms. Judy Day
    Mrs. Elizabeth De Tenley
    Mr. and Mrs. James C. Deal, Jr.
    Ms. Margaret A. Deal
    Ms. Maxine P. Dean
    Mrs. Carol G. Deane
    Ms. Beth Debrito Lohela
    Mr. Gary DeBruhl
    Ms. Ronda Decker
    Mr. Jeffery Dedrich
    Mr. Joe Defeo
    Mr. Bill Deibler
    Mr. and Mrs. John P. Delaney
    Ms. Brian DeLaurentis
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Delay
    Ms. Elsie Delgado
    Ms. Janeen Delimata
    Ms. Dorothy J. Delis
    Mrs. Doris Demunck
    Mr. Joseph S. Denning
    Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Denson
    Ms. Dianna Denton
    Mr. Robert Derome
    Dr. Leslie Kay Derr
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Dever
    Ms. Pam Devlin
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Devlin
    Mrs. Jennifer DeVries
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Dew
    Ms. Jo Dewell
    Ms. Tammy Diacont
    Mr. Robert Dickens
    Mr. David Diepenbrock
    Mrs. Lee Dietz
    Mr. Joe Dietzel
    Ms. Teresa P. Dilday
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey N. Dillard
    Mrs. Debra Dillow
    Mr. Dirk Dimitry
    Mr. Brandon Dirksen
    Mr. Gregory A. Disher
    Mrs. Janice C. Dishman
    Mr. and Mrs. Bradford C. Dixon
    Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. Dixon
    Ms. Erin Dixon
    Ms. Rachel N. Dizney
    Mr. and Mrs. John Dobler
    Mr. Charles Dodge
    Ms. Lucille G. Dodson
    Mr. Joseph W. Donahue
    Ms. Patsy H. Donaldson
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Donnelly
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Donnelly
    Mrs. Katie Donoway
    Ms. Pamela Doolittle
    Mr. Joseph R. Dorner
    Mr. and Mrs. William Dorsett
    Mr. Jason Dorsey
    Mr. John C. Dorsey
    Ms. Judith Dorsey
    Mrs. Mary T. Dose
    Ms. Patricia E. Doss
    Mrs. Christine M. Dougherty
    Mrs. Vicki Dougherty
    Ms. Kerry Dove
    Mrs. Sue A. Dove
    The Rev. and Mrs. Joseph O. Dowdle, Jr.
    Ms. Angela Dowless
    Mr. Jonathan R. Doyle
    Mr. Barry Dradley
    Ms. Erika Draffin
    Mr. Paul Draovitch
    Mr. Michael Drew
    Mrs. Christina Drissel
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Driver
    Mr. Matthew L. Drummond
    Mrs. Michele Dubay
    Ms. Melissa H. Ducceschi
    Mr. Charles K. Duckett
    Mr. and Mrs. John E. Dudley
    Ms. Linda Dudley
    Ms. Margaret A. Dudley
    Mr. Steve Dudzinski
    Ms. Amy Duffy
    Ms. Maria E. Duffy
    Mrs. Tracie J. Dugdell
    Mr. and Mrs. C. Stephen Dula
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Dumas
    Mrs. Diane Duncan
    The Rev. and Mrs. Gregory F. Duncan
    Mr. Jim Duncan
    Mrs. Nancy L. Dunford
    Dr. and Mrs. Ira J. Dunkel and Alice Nicola
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Dunn
    Ms. Connie Dupree
    Mr. and Mrs. Al Durham
    Ms. Partha Dutta
    Mrs. Beverly Duve
    Mr. Aubrey M. Dvorak
    Ms. Deborah Dvorak
    Mr. and Mrs. Louis D. Dworsky
    Mrs. Deborah A. Dye
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Dyer
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Eagle
    Mr. Stephen B. Eastman
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Eatman III
    Mr. Daniel Eberhard
    Ms. Hattie Ediens
    Mr. Rufus L. Edmisten
    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Edmond
    Ms. Anna E. Edmundson
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank Edwards
    Mr. Lester R. Edwards
    Ms. Teressa M. Edwards
    Mr. William D. Edwards
    Ms. Jaye R. Efland
    Mr. and Mrs. William H. Efland, Sr.
    Ms. Jeanne M. Egan
    Mrs. Kathleen A. Egan
    Mr. and Mrs. William E. Egen
    Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Egerton Jr.
    Mr. Daniel and Dr. Helen Link Egger
    Ms. Deborah Eggitto
    Ms. Susan Eichler
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Eifler
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip N. Elcan
    Mr. J. H. Eller
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Elles
    Mrs. Tara E. Ellinger
    Mrs. Mary Elliot
    Mr. Raymond Elliott
    Mr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Elliott
    Ms. Susan S. Elliott
    Ms. Ellen Ellis
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Ellis
    Ms. Mildred Y. Ellis
    Ms. Theresa Ellis
    Ms. Deborah A. Elmore
    Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Elting
    Ms. Helen M. Emerling
    Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. England
    Ms. Cathy E. English
    Ms. Tonya Enoch
    Mrs. Angeline T. Ensign
    Ms. Mary A. Enzweiler
    Mrs. Katy Erickson
    Mr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Esposito
    Mrs. Randi Esqueda
    Mrs. Pamela L. EstesDr. Michael Etgen
    Mr. K. W. Eubank
    Mr. Douglas Evans
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Evans
    Mr. Neil Evans
    Mrs. Tanya Evans
    Mr. John Fairall
    Mrs. Donna S. Faircloth
    Ms. Jeane Fairweather
    Ms. Jackie Faison
    Dr. and Mrs. Roger Gordon Faix
    Ms. Kriston Fancellas
    Mr. and Mrs. James J. Farley
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Farmer
    Mr. and Mrs. David Farmer
    Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Farmer
    Ms. Mary K. Farmer
    Mr. Keith Farnsworth
    Mrs. Diann King Farris
    Mrs. Kristine M. Fasano
    Mr. Matthew J. Faschingbauer
    Mr. Edward S. Fasold
    Mr. and Mrs. James W. Faucette
    Mr. Hearl P. Faulkner
    Ms. Sharon W. Fauscett
    Mrs. Amy Feaster
    Ms. Theodora L. Feldberg
    Ms. Margie F. Felton
    Ms. Mary H. Felton
    Mr. Alvin C. Fennell
    Mr. and Mrs. Stanley T Ferger
    Mrs. Jamie F. Ferguson
    Ms. Kathleen Ferguson
    Ms. Suzanne Ferguson
    Mr. and Mrs. Jon F. Ferrante
    Mr. Michael Ferrara
    Ms. Sue G. Ferrari
    Mrs. Mary W. Few
    Mr. Randolph Reamey Few Jr.
    Mrs. Shirley D. Few
    Ms. Lisa Fey
    Mrs. Barbara Fiedler
    Mrs. Mary Fielder
    Ms. Leora Fields
    Ms. Sylvia D. Fields
    Ms. Leslie Fife
    Ms. Diane Christina Figueroa
    Mr. and Mrs. Rene E. Figueroa
    Mr. Greg Finchum
    Mr. and Mrs. John J. Finelli
    Mr. Hugh D. Finison
    Mr. Paul A. Finks
    Mr. Kenneth Finlayson
    Mr. and Mrs. William L. Finley
    Mr. and Mrs. Jackie W. Finney
    Mr. Jay M. Finnigan
    Mrs. Laurie Finster
    Ms. Elizabeth H. Fishbaugh
    Ms. Arlene Fisher
    Dr. Gregory A. Fisher
    Mrs. May Fitch
    Mr. and Mrs. Mike Fitzgerald
    Ms. Karen B. Flagg
    Ms. Clara B. Flanagan
    Mr. and Mrs. David M. Fleeman
    Mr. Gregory K Fleming
    Mr. Johnny Fleming
    Mr. and Mrs. Russ Florack
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Flowers
    Ms. Allison G. Floyd
    Mr. Daniel J. Flynn
    Mr. Robert Foister
    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Foley
    Ms. Kristin Foley
    Ms. Francis Fontaine
    Mrs. Patricia Ford
    Dr. and Mrs. John W. Foreman
    Ms. Lynn Forgione
    Ms. Theresa M. Forrest
    Mr. Frank A. Foster
    Jerry L. Foster
    Mr. and Mrs. Reed N. Fountain
    Mr. William E. Foust
    Mrs. Eleanor Fowler
    Ms. Kathy A. Fox
    Mr. Jerry Frady
    Mrs. Tammy B. Frady
    Ms. Sophia T. Fragakis
    Ms. Denise Michelle Frailey
    Mrs. Denise M. Franchi
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Franco
    Mr. Robert S. Franco
    Mrs. Jody L. Frank
    Mr. Matthew Frank
    Ms. Maureen Franke
    Mr. Lee Frankel
    Mrs. Nicole Franklin
    Ms. Tammy C. Franklin
    Ms. Caitlyn E. Franks
    Ms. Lea Franks
    Ms. Melissa Franz
    Mr. Michael Frawley
    Mr. and Mrs. James R. Frazier, Jr.
    Mr. Michael A. Frazier
    Ms. Sandra Frazier
    Mr. and Mrs. John D. Fred
    Mr. Harvey W. Freeman, Jr.
    Mr. Jim Freeman
    Mrs. Elizabeth A. Fridley
    Mr. George Fridrich
    Drs. Henry S. Friedman and Joanne Kurtzberg
    Dr. William J. Frohbose
    Ms. Sylvia Fryar
    Mr. and Mrs. Norman Frye
    Drs. Herbert E. and Mary Ann M. Fuchs
    Mr. Eva M. Fujimoto
    Ms. Tracy L. Fulghum
    Dr. and Mrs. Hartwell H. Fuller, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. W. Erwin Fuller Jr.
    Ms. Jane A. Fulton
    Mrs. Kathy Furtner
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenny C. Fussell
    Mr. R. Glenn Futrell, Jr.
    Mr. Rodney E. Gaddy
    Mrs. Susan W. Gaines
    Ms. Betty Gainey
    Ms. Cora L. Gainey
    Ms. Mary L. Galan
    Mrs. Lorena B. Galilea
    Mr. Jack G. Gallagher
    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Gallo
    Ms. Denise Galloway
    Ms. Sandra Galloway
    Ms. Rochelle Gamble
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Game
    Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert J. Garcia
    Ms. Kelly Garcia
    Mr. Pancho Garcia
    Drs. Robert and Nadia Gaafar Gard
    Ms. Donna Gardner
    Mrs. Ellen Gardner
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Gardner
    Ms. Gail A. Garinger
    Mrs. Anna W. Garner
    Ms. Brenda Garner
    Mr. Anderson H. Garrett
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Garrett
    Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Garrett
    Mr. and Mrs. Jason A. Garver
    Ms. Alexis Garvin
    Ms. Stacy Jean Garvin
    Mrs. Susan E. Gaskins*
    Mr. William W. Gaskins, Jr.
    Ms. Stephanie Gaspard
    Mr. and Mrs. John R Gauthier
    Ms. Vicki Gavin
    Mrs. Karen Y. Gay
    Mr. Ronald Gay
    Mr. and Mrs. John F. Gayle
    Mr. Needham E. C. Gee
    Mr. Robert Geer
    Mr. Ray Gelinas
    Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Gentle
    Mrs. Elizabeth P. George
    Ms. Michelle George
    Ms. Ronda J. George
    Ms. Michelle Marie Gerardot
    Ms. LeAnne Getz
    Mrs. Linda Giangiulio
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Gibson
    Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Gilbert
    Mr. James Gillem
    Ms. Amy Gillen
    Mrs. Karen A. Gillespie
    Ms. Willie Ann Gillis
    Mr. Charles E. Gillman
    Ms. Audrey J. Gilman
    Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Gingery
    Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Giuliano
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Givens
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Gizinski
    Ms. Wilma S. Gladden
    Ms. Debbie Glandorf
    Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Glassman
    Mr. Robert D. Glenn
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Glover
    Ms. Barbara L. Glover
    Ms. Claudia Glover
    Mr. Edward James Glover, Jr.
    Mr. James Godfrey
    Ms. Stacey Godfrey
    Mr. and Mrs. Terry Godown
    Dr. Keely Godwin
    Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Goeckerman
    Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Goeken
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Goerke II
    Ms. Linda S. Goff
    Mrs. Paula A. Goldberg
    Dr. and Mrs. Ronald N. Goldberg
    Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Goldman
    Mrs. Christine Goldner
    Mr. Joel Goldstein
    Mr. Jimmy W. Goldston
    Ms. Katie A. Golliday
    Ms. Paulette Gonzalez
    Mr. Eddie H. Gooch
    Mrs. Robin S. Good
    Mr. Robert W. Goodman
    Mr. Barry K. Goodwin
    Ms. Diane Goodwin
    Mr. and Mrs. Ishwar H. Gopichand
    Mrs. Penny T. Gopichand
    Mr. and Mrs. Duane A. Gordon
    Mr. Jeff Gordon
    Mrs. Sharon C. Gordon
    Ms. Vanessa B. Gordon
    Mr. Michael C. Gore
    Mr. Brian Gormley
    Mr. Walter T. Gould, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Gower
    Mr. and Mrs. Wilson B. Grab
    Mr. Timothy Grabus
    Ms. Cheryl Grady
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Graf
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Graham
    Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Graham
    Ms. Maureen Graham
    Mr. and Mrs. Claus Graichen
    Mr. Jeremy Granger
    Mrs. Ann M. Grant
    Mr. Thomas R. Grassey
    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gray
    Ms. Debbie T. Gray
    Mr. and Mrs. Danny R. Gray
    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Grazen
    Ms. Sharon Grealey
    Mrs. Bettina Greaves
    Mr. Cary R. Green
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Green
    Mr. and Mrs. Joe Greene
    Mr. and Mrs. Tim W. Greene
    Ms. Natalie Greene
    Mr. R. L. Greene
    Mr. Byron Gregg
    Ms. Vickie Gregory
    Mr. and Mrs. William D. Gregory
    Mrs. Tammy Greguire
    Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Gretz
    Mr. John Grice
    Dr. and Mrs. Lee W. Grier
    Mrs. Nancy Griesmer
    Mr. and Mrs. William G. Griesser
    Ms. Dana Griffin
    Mr. David Griffith
    Ms. Debora J. Griffith
    Mr. Fenton H. Griffith
    Ms. Ghislaine L. Griffith
    Mr. Lee W. Griffith
    Mr. Kevin Grimaldi
    Ms. Ann-Marie Grissino
    Mr. William Grobe
    Mr. Jonathan Groff
    Mrs. Nancy Grose
    Ms. Cynthia Grosser
    Mr. and Mrs. Conrad W. Grossmann
    Mr. John Grosso
    Mr. Brad Grove
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin F. Grundmeier
    Mrs. Pamela A. Guevara
    Mrs. Gayenell Gull
    Mrs. Margie Gunter
    Mr. Hemanshu Gupta
    Ms. Kathryn D. Gwinn 
    Mr. and Mrs. George W. Habel III
    Dr. Robyn D. Hahn
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Haislip, Jr.
    Ms. Linda Hale
    Ms. Christine Hall
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Hall
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Hall
    Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hallman
    Ms. Josephine B. Hambrick
    Ms. Monica Hamilton
    Mr. Jeffrey E. Hamm
    Mr. and Mrs. William R. Hamm
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Hammer
    Mr. and Mrs. William L. Hammock II
    Mr. Carl A. Hampton
    Mrs. and Mrs. Tapp L. Hancock
    Mr. John F. Haney
    Ms. Terryl Hanson
    Mr. Larry W. Harbin
    Mr. and Mrs. David R. Harcus
    Ms. Robbie Hardy
    Ms. Sally Hare
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Harlow
    Mr. and Mrs. William A. Harman III
    Drs. Merel H. and Ernestine Friedl Harmel
    Mrs. Mary A. Harmelink
    Mr. and Mrs. Kurt E. Harmon
    Ms. Sylvia Sue Harmon
    Ms. Maria Haro
    Mr. Armin L. Harrell
    Ms. Diane Harrell
    Mr. Ronnie Harrell
    Mrs. Mary L. Harrington
    Mr. Roy Harrington
    Ms. Cindy Harris
    Mr. David L Harris
    Mrs. Debra F. Harris
    Mrs. Glenda Harris
    Mr. and Mrs. Joe Harris
    Ms. Kim Harris
    Ms. Mandy L. Harris
    Mrs. Susan Harris
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Hart, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. George E. Hart, Jr.
    Ms. Betty J. Hartman
    Mr. and Mrs. John Hartman
    Ms. Jessica Harwell
    Dr. and Mrs. John E. Harwood, Jr.
    Mr. Greg Haskell
    Ms. Mary Jo Ellen Hassett
    Mrs. Becky Hasty
    Mr. D. G. Haswell
    Ms. Lori E. Hatcher
    Mrs. Phyllis Hatley
    Mr. and Mrs. David W. Haughey
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hawks
    Ms. Juliana Hayden
    Ms. Brenda D. Hayes
    Ms. Christy Hayes
    Ms. Krystal Hayes
    Ms. Melanie R. Hayes
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Hays
    Ms. Jill Wells Heath
    Mr. W. A. Heath, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. William M. Hedgepeth
    Ms. Patricia E. Hedrick
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Heenan
    Mr. and Mrs. James Arthur Heery
    Ms. Emilie L. Hefner
    Ms. Mikeal P. Helgerson
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Helsper
    Mrs. Nancy M. Hemmerich
    Ms. Tabatha Hemphill
    Mr. Jon R. Hendershott
    Ms. Alison Henderson
    Ms. Elizabeth I. Henderson
    Ms. Mary D. Henderson
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. and Patricia Meiske Henderson
    Mrs. Thresa Henderson
    Mr. Andrew Hendrick
    Mr. James C. Hendricks
    Mrs. Phyllis S. Hendrix
    Mr. John H. Henke
    Ms. Patty Herbin
    Ms. Helen Herbst
    Mr. Erik Hernandez
    Ms. Bettye A. Herpich
    Mrs. Vanessa Herr
    Mrs. Gail W. Herring
    Mr. Kevin Herring
    Mr. and Mrs. R. Brian Hess
    Mr. and Mrs. David M. Hessee
    Ms. Nancy Hester
    Mr. Ronald Hester
    Ms. Virginia M. Hevener
    Mr. Joshua T. Hewitt
    Ms. Brenda Hickey
    Mr. and Mrs. Dyson W. Hickingbotham
    Mr. and Mrs. James Hickman
    Mrs. Tonya R. Higgs
    Dr. Allison L. Hilburn
    Ms. Paula Hilemn
    Ms. Anita Hill
    Ms. Linda R. Hill
    Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Hiller
    Ms. Michelle Hilliard
    Ms. Patricia K. Hilliard
    Mr. Tom Hillis
    Ms. Ellen Hillman
    Mr. Scott S. Hills
    Ms. Sophia Hinely
    Ms. Sondra M. Hinnant
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hinspeter
    Mr. James E. Hiter
    Mr. and Mrs. T. William Hizar, Jr.
    Ms. Geretha Y. Hizey
    Mr. and Mrs. Jon L. Hockaday
    Mrs. Patricia W. Hodge
    Ms. Ashley W. Hodges
    Mr. Michael Hodges
    Ms. Sandra W. Hodges
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hoff
    Ms. Kimberly Hoff
    Mr. Norman Hoffa
    Mr. William Hoffer
    Ms. Sharon E Hogg
    Mrs. Beth Hohmann
    Mr. Kenneth J. Holbrook
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Holden
    Mrs. Hilda B. Holdsclaw
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Holeman
    Mr. Ronnie M. Holland
    Ms. Mary C. Holley
    Mr. and Mrs. Billy G. Hollingsworth
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Holloway
    Ms. Elaine D. Holmquist
    Mr. Joe Holt
    Mr. Randy L. Holt
    Mrs. Shannon Holt
    Mrs. Vandora Holt
    Mr. J. Radford Holton
    Ms. Brenda Honeycutt
    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Honeycutt
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hoover
    Ms. Patricia N. Hoover
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Hopper
    Ms. Amber Horne
    Ms. Susanna Horne
    Dr. and Mrs. Mark B. Horton
    Mr. Richard T. Horton
    Ms. Tracy Horwitz
    Mrs. Wanda Hoskins
    Mr. Nyle L. Hothem
    Ms. Alice D. Houle
    Ms. Ethany E. Howden
    Ms. Laura K. Howell
    Ms. Linda Howell
    Mr. Michael P. Hoyle
    Mr. Stephen S. Hoyt
    Mr. and Mrs. Vick A. Hubbard
    Mr. Preston Hubble
    Mr. David Adam Huberman
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Hucke
    Ms. Michele S. Hudgins
    Ms. Allison C. Hudson
    Dr. Elizabeth Hudson
    Mrs. Aldath B. Hudson
    Mr. Ronald D. Hudson
    Mr. and Mrs. Tony L. Hudson
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hudyma
    Ms. Laura L. Huffman
    Ms. Petrieka Huffman
    Ms. Elizabeth D. Huffstetler
    Mr. Edward A. Hughes, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Geoff L. Hughes
    Mrs. Glenda A. Hughes
    Ms. Jane A. Hughes
    Mr. Joey Humphrey
    Ms. Debbie Hunnicutt
    Mr. and Mrs. P. Clifford Hunsucker, Jr.
    Mr. Carter H. Hunt
    Mr. David A. Hunt, Jr.
    Ms. Jo Hunt
    Ms. Sandra Hunt
    Dr. and Mrs. Charles B. Hunter
    Mr. and Mrs. Billy F. Huntley
    Ms. Janice Hurst
    Mr. and Mrs. J. Farrell Hussey
    Ms. Jeanette R. Hussey
    Mr. and Mrs. Johnny R. Hussey
    Mrs. Gayla Hutchins
    Ms. Rebecca J. Hutchinson
    Mrs. Carol Hutchison
    Mr. Brian Hutson
    Ms. Addie Hymes
    Mrs. Early Iannello
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Iffland
    Ms. Peggy Ilich
    Ms. Marcia A. Ilnicki
    Dr. and Mrs. William E. Inabinett
    Mrs. Lieba Beth Ingber
    Mr. Charles Inman
    Dr. and Mrs. Charles T. Inman
    Mrs. Elizabeth Inscoe
    Ms. Kimberly W. Irby
    Mr. and Mrs. Rand Irwin
    Ms. Maura Ivey
    Ms. Teresa P. Ivey
    Mrs. Candyce M. Jackness
    Ms. Betty C. Jackson
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jackson
    Dr. and Mrs. Edward Jackson
    Mrs. Jane J. Jackson
    Mr. and Mrs. T. Ray Jackson
    Mr. and Mrs. David J. Jacobius
    Ms. Connie L. Jacobs
    Ms. Kimberly Jacobs
    Ms. Dorothy James
    Mr. Edwin James
    Ms. Elaine N. James
    Ms. Elizabeth A. James
    Mr. Robert James
    Dr. and Mrs. W. Scott James, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Jankovictz
    Mrs. Joani Jarrad
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank V. Javinett, Jr.
    Mr. Ken Jaycox
    Ms. Katherine E. Jean
    Mr. and Mrs. Ben Jeffreys
    Ms. Jennifer L. Jenkins
    Mr. John M. Jenkins, Jr.
    Mr. Hans F. Jensen
    Ms. Karen Jervah
    Ms. Nancy Jesko
    Mr. and Mrs. Todd Jesso
    Ms. Donna E. Jessup
    Ms. Rebecca Jester
    Mr. Richard E. Jester
    Ms. Tammy Jirles
    Mrs. Amanda S. Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. Bradley W. Johnson
    Ms. Brenda Johnson
    Ms. Carol Johnson
    Ms. Catherine Johnson
    Mr. Grady W. Johnson
    Mr. Howard W. Johnson
    Mr. John M. Johnson
    Ms. Judy M. Johnson
    Ms. Karen Johnson
    Mr. Kelly D. Johnson
    Ms. Linda Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. Todd S. Johnson
    Mr. Rhett Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. Rick Johnson
    Ms. Shirley A. Johnson
    Mr. Stewart P. Johnson
    Mrs. Susanne H. Johnson
    Mrs. Vicki Y. Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Johnston II
    Mr. and Mrs. Francis G. Jonas
    Ms. Allison Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. Tim Jones
    Mrs. Denise Jones
    Ms. Heather H. Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. James L. Jones III
    Ms. Janet D. Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Jones
    Mr. Joe Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. John Richard Jones
    Mrs. Kay S. Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. L. Merritt Jones, Jr.
    Mr. Lewis W. Jones
    Mr. Michael L. Jones
    Mrs. Misti L. Jones
    Mr. R. W. Jones
    Mrs. Sandy Jones
    The Rev. Van M. Jones
    Mr. Edmund Jooste
    Mr. John Richard Jordan
    Ms. Megan L. Jorgenson
    Mr. and Mrs. Chad Joyce
    Ms. Jeanne Joyce
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry C. Joyce
    Mr. Gold Joyner, Jr.
    Ms. Nancy Jurgens 
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Kadis
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Kadzielawski
    Mr. Jeff Kaehler
    Dr. and Mrs. Steven Kagan
    Mr. Venkata B. Kalagara
    Ms. Florence Kalbacker
    Mr. James S. Kalmer
    Mr. David L. Kaminsky
    Mrs. Marilyn Kamszik
    Mr. Christopher Kanaby
    Ms. Dolly Karnani
    Mr. Rishi Karumanchi
    Mr. Frank Kasprzak
    Ms. Monica E. Kasse
    Mr. and Mrs. Jon M. Kates
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Kattman
    Drs. Samuel L. and Catherine Wilfert Katz
    Mr. Stephen Kearney
    Mr. Kevin Kearns
    Ms. Susan Keefer
    Mr. Randy J. Keeler
    Dr. Charles R. Keith and Ms. Muki W. Fairchild
    Ms. Mari Keith
    Mr. Ron Kellam
    Mrs. Katherine Ryan Kelley
    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Kelly
    Mrs. Cristen Kemak
    Mrs. Frank H. Kenan
    Mr. L. James Kendrick
    Ms. Susan Kennedy
    Ms. Tammy K. Kennedy
    Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kent
    Mr. and Mrs. James K. Kent
    Ms. Anne M. Kenyon
    Mr. Patrick Kernan
    Mr. Paul Kerner
    Mrs. Mary I. Kerns
    Mr. Steven H. Kersteiner
    Ms. Amy Kester
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Key
    Ms. Janet Keys
    Mr. and Mrs. Shane Kilfoil
    Ms. Cindy Killiam
    Mr. Dennis G. Kilpatrick
    Mr. and Mrs. James H. Kilpatrick
    Dr. Young-Jee Kim
    Mrs. Georgette B. Kimball
    Ms. Kerstin M. Kimel
    Mr. Larry R. King
    Ms. Roberta W. King
    Mr. Robert W. King
    Ms. Melea Kirk
    Mr. and Mrs. Millard Kirk
    Mr. Richard C. Kirkland
    Ms. Judy B. Kirksey
    Ms. Frances A. Kiser
    Mr. Robert B. Kittenger
    Mrs. Cathy J. Klein
    Ms. Heather Klein
    Mr. Daniel J. Klemanovic
    Mr. David Kline
    Ms. Sara Knies
    Mr. William M Knight, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Knupp
    Ms. Monica Koch
    Dr. Medha Kochhar
    Mr. Philip H. Kohl
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Kohl
    Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kohlhepp
    Mr. Edward Kokidko
    Ms. Alyce Kolesar
    Mr. and Mrs. Srinivas Srinivas Kondapaneni
    Ms. Becky Konopka
    Ms. Alyssa J. Koontz
    Ms. Julie A. Kopetsky
    Mrs. Gina Kornegay
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Kornegay
    Mr. Robert P. Koscso
    Mr. Rajesh Kottu
    Ms. Sarah Kotzian
    Dr. Michael S. Krangel
    Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Kravitz
    Dr. Nicholas Michael Kredich
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie F. Kreidt
    Mrs. Suzanne F. Krzycki
    Mr. Chien-Tsun Kuan
    Ms. Jessica Kuehl
    Mr. Kevin Kuhner
    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Kuhns
    Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Kuluz
    Mr. Dustin Kupka
    Mr. Suvarna Kurmala
    Ms. Penni Kurtz
    Ms. Judy K. Kuykendall
    Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kwasny
    Mr. and Mrs. Tom La Rose
    Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Laakso
    Mr. Aric LaBarr
    Mr. and Mrs. David C. LaBarr
    Mrs. Virginia S. Labelle
    Ms. Ave M. Lachiewicz
    Ms. Lori Ladner
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ladrie
    Ms. Sharon Lafevers
    Ms. Amanda Laird
    Ms. April A. Lally
    Mr. David G. Lambert
    Mrs. Michelle L. Lamphier
    Dr. and Mrs. Tryon D. Lancaster
    Mrs. Ashley Lancaster
    Mr. and Mrs. James R. Lancaster
    Mr. Richard V. Lancaster
    Ms. Anna M. Landgraf
    Mr. Craig Landwehr
    Mrs. Cindy Lane
    Ms. Nikki Lane
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Langdon
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Lange
    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Langer
    Mr. Luke Langford
    Ms. Ann Langley
    Mrs. Mary W. Langley
    Ms. Debbie Langlois
    Ms. Barbara Langston
    Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Lankford
    Ms. Virginia Lanning
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen LaPierre
    Mr. Christopher D. LaPlante
    Ms. Debra Ann LaRaia
    Mr. Gary Laramee
    Ms. Gay Largent
    Mr. Patrick Larkin
    Mr. Tyler Larsen
    Ms. Lynda Larson
    Ms. Julie Lashley
    Ms. Shannon B. Lashley
    Ms. Heather Lassiter
    Mr. Mark J. Lawrence
    Mr. and Mrs. William G. Laws
    Ms. Christine Lawson
    Drs. Jeffrey H. and Jennifer M. Lawson
    Ms. Sandra F. Lawson
    Mr. James Lawton, Jr.
    Mr. Jeffrey Lawver
    Ms. Sinthya Layola
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Layton
    Mr. Jesse C. League, Jr.
    The Rev. Heather H. Lear
    Ms. Beth Lee
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Lee
    Mr. and Mrs. David D. Lee
    Mr. and Mrs. Donell H. Lee
    Ms. Donna Lee
    Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Lee
    Mrs. Jane A. Lee
    Ms. Lilia Lee
    Ms. Gayle P. Leezer
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lehr
    Mr. Richard Leib
    Drs. Mark E. and Linda G. Leithe
    Mrs. Robin Leiv
    Ms. Simone Lemieux
    Mrs. Nancy Lenaghan
    Mr. Thomas R. Lenfestey, III
    Mr. and Mrs. John F. Lentz
    Mr. Mark A. Leonard
    Mr. and Mrs. William A. Leonardi
    Mr. and Mrs. Jim Lepley
    Ms. L. F. Lesher
    Mr. and Mrs. Troy R. Leshko
    Mr. David Lester
    Mr. Jim Levbridge
    Mr. Jo Ann Levo
    Ms. Cathleen M. Lewis
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Lewis
    Mr. Joseph P. Lewis
    Ms. Kathy G. Lewis
    Mr. Leland Lewis
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Liekweg
    Ms. Marsha Ligon
    Mr. Royal H. Ligon
    Ms. Millie Likes
    Mr. and Mrs. David D. Lilley
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary G. Limer
    Dr. James C. Lin
    Dr. and Mrs. Shu Shiuh-Shieu Lin
    Ms. Yi-Kung L. Lin
    Mrs. Pat Lindenmuth
    Ms. Kitty Linens
    Mr. Robert T. Link
    Mr. Eric Lippard
    Mr. Eddie L. Lipscomb
    Ms. Kathleen Lisi
    Mr. Brian Little
    Mrs. Deborah Little
    Ms. Susan D. Little
    Mr. W. J. Little, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. J. Littleton
    Ms. Sue M. Liu
    Mrs. Yan L. Liu
    Ms. Cathy C. Livesay
    Mrs. Monica Livingston
    Mrs. Mary M. Lloyd
    Ms. Cathy Lockard
    Mr. Paul J. Lockett, Sr.
    Ms. Lori Locklear
    Mr. Philip Lodwick
    Mrs. Joan T. Loftin
    Mr. John M. Loftis
    Mr. Robert O. Loftis
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lofton
    Ms. Jo Ann Logan
    Mrs. Edith M. Logeman
    Mr. and Mrs. Dale L. Lomelino
    Mrs. Donna L. Long
    Ms. Karen L. Long
    Mr. Wayne Long
    Mr. Jeffrey S. Looper
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lopes, Jr.
    Mr. Stanley S. Lorren
    Ms. Stephanie Loter
    Mrs. Barbara A. Lovelace
    Ms. Trudi Loveland
    Ms. Eloise C. Lowder
    Mr. and Mrs. Russell G. Lowe
    Mrs. Suzanne M. Lowe
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Lowery
    Ms. Martha W. Lowrance
    Ms. Kimberly D. Loyd
    Mr. and Mrs. C. Brock Lucas
    Ms. Lois Lucas
    Ms. Sherry Lucas
    Mr. S. F. Luhrs
    Mr. Mark Luongo
    Ms. Ashley Luster
    Dr. David Charles Lyden
    Ms. Paula Shealy Lyles
    Mrs. Anna Fowler Lyman
    Mr. and Mrs. William Lytton
    Maj. Curtis Mabe
    Dr. Mack H. Mabry and Ms. Diane M. Laudermilch
    Mrs. Barbara C. Macaulay*
    Mr. Wade B. MacDonald
    Mrs. Frank E. MacFadyen
    Ms. Sue F. Maddox
    Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. Madigan
    Ms. Wanda S. Maggart
    Ms. Elizabeth Maginnes
    Mr. Joseph A. Mahaffey
    Ms. Kathryn Maher
    Mr. Emory V. Maiden
    Dr. and Mrs. Henry W. Majestic
    Ms. Karen Makhuli
    Drs. Robert A. Malinzak and Sandra P. Moreira
    Mr. Alonzo M. Mallette
    Mr. James B. Mallory
    Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Maloney, Jr.
    Mr. Daniel A. Malpass
    Ms. Vickye Malugin
    Ms. Mary A. Mancini
    Ms. Edna Mangum
    Ms. Lula F. Mangum
    Mrs. Tina F. Manley
    Mr. and Mrs. David E. Mann
    Mr. James W. Mann
    Ms. Teri Mann
    Mr. Miguel A. Manna
    Mr. Marvin Manning
    Ms. Leslie J. Mannion
    Mr. Malathi Manohar
    Ms. Kimberly Mans
    Mr. Dick Mansmann
    Mr. and Mrs. Juan C. Marin
    Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Marr
    Ms. Elinor Marsalisi
    Mrs. Audrey Marsh
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Marsh
    Mrs. Melissa B. Marsh
    Mrs. Debra Marshall
    Mr. and Mrs. Pat Marshall
    Mr. Will Marshburn II
    Mr. Anthony Martin
    Ms. Dale Martin
    Mrs. Darlene M. Martin
    Ms. Debra Martin
    Mrs. Elizabeth Ann D. Martin
    Mrs. Frances K. Martin
    Ms. Holly R. Martin
    Mr. Joe Martin
    Mr. Jonathan C. Martin
    Mrs. Linda S. Martin
    Ms. Lisa M. Martin
    Mr. Scottie Martin
    Ms. Susan D. Martin
    Mr. Wade R. Martin
    Mrs. Cherie Martinelli
    Mr. Richard D. Martinez
    Ms. Katherine A. Martino
    Ms. Raina Mason
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Masseth
    Ms. Cynthia Massey
    Mrs. Marguerite J. Masters
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Masterson
    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D. Mathias
    Ms. Sharon L. Mattei
    Mrs. Dorothy M. Matthews
    Ms. Donna G. Maultsby
    Mr. Allen Maurer
    Mr. and Mrs. James J. Mauzey
    Mr. J. L. Maxwell III
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. May
    Ms. Pamela Mayer
    Mr. Frank Maynard III
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Mayo
    Ms. Alicia Mazur
    Mr. John W. McAden, Sr.
    Ms. Kelly McAlarney
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul McArdle
    Mr. and Mrs. John L. McBride
    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. McCampbell
    Dr. Edgar E. McCanless
    Dr. Matthew B. McCarthy
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McClamroch
    Ms. Margaret M. McClellan
    Mr. Matthew McClesky
    Mr. Peter J. McClintock
    Mr. and Mrs. James G. McClure
    Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. McCormick
    Mr. Karl McCormick II
    Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. McCracken
    Ms. Amy L. McCready
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. McCreight
    Ms. Heather McCullen
    Mr. and Mrs. Zack McCullen, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. William S. McCurdy
    Mrs. Laurie McDaniel
    Ms. Molly McDaniel
    Ms. Valerie McDevitt
    Mr. and Mrs. Neill A. McDonald III
    Ms. Stephanie McDonald
    Mrs. Della L. McDowell
    Ms. Allison P. McFadden
    Mrs. Susan McFall
    Mr. Matthew McGahee
    Ms. Rita McGee
    Mrs. Sarah L. McGee
    Ms. Sandra McGinnis
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. McGoogan
    Mr. Brian McGrath
    Mrs. Nancy McGrew
    Mr. Brian J. McHugh
    Ms. Allison S. McInnis
    Mr. Scott McInnis
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. McIntyre
    Ms. Betty A. McKay
    Mr. Jeff McKeehan
    Ms. Ann McKelvey
    Ms. Lesia S. McKenzie
    Ms. Sharon K. McKenzie
    Mr. and Mrs. Ross E. McKinney
    Ms. Mary A. McKnight
    Mrs. Eva McLanahan
    Ms. Gail J. McLaughlin
    Ms. Sadie McLaurin
    Mrs. Amy McLean
    Ms. Jennifer L. McLean
    Miss Jessica D. McLeod
    Mr. and Mrs. Leon D. McMahon
    The Rev. and Mrs. J. Sam McMillan
    Mr. and Mrs. Randy L. McMillan
    Ms. Carol B. McMorrow
    Mrs. Maureen Q. McNamara
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. McNamara III
    Ms. Katherine McNeese
    Ms. June K. McNeil
    Mrs. Mary L. McNiel
    Mr. and Mrs. Dougal A. McPhail, Jr.
    Mr. Larry McPhail, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs.Michael McPhail
    Ms. Brenda McQueen
    Ms. Ella McRae
    Ms. Cindy V. McShea
    Mrs. Gail McWithey
    Mr. L. C. Meachum
    Ms. Kay C. Mead
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery L. Meade
    Ms. Terry P. Mears
    Mr. Boyd R. Medford
    Mr. Muralidhar Medikonda
    Ms. Doris B. Meece
    Mr. Andrew T. Meeks
    Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Lee Meeks
    Mr. and Mrs. David M. Meiburg
    Mr. Barry Meil
    Mr. and Mrs. Todd C. Meissner
    Ms. Lori A. Melnick
    Ms. Ruth Menechella
    Mr. and Mrs. Pete Mercer
    Mr. Martin D. Merholz
    Mr. and Mrs. Roy Merrills
    Mr. Jason S. Merritt
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Merritt
    Mr. John B. Merritt Jr.*
    Mr. Mark Messier
    Mrs. Kay Meyer
    Ms. Shannon Meyer
    Mrs. Virginia H. Meyerhoeffer
    Mrs. Vicki Michael
    Ms. Connie D. Midyette
    Ms. Pamela Mikaelian
    Mr. Paul V. Miles
    Mr. and Mrs. Rick Mileski
    Mr. Patrick Millar
    Ms. Angela S. Miller
    Mr. C. Glenn Miller
    Mrs. Cathy S. Miller
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Miller
    Ms. Donna K. Miller
    Mrs. Elaine Miller
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Miller
    Mr. Greg Miller
    Mr. and Mrs. John Miller
    Mrs. Melinda M. Miller
    Ms. Nancy R. Miller
    Mrs. Norma P. Miller
    Mr. Paul K. Miller
    Mr. Robert Miller
    Ms. Suzanne H. Miller
    Mrs. Suzanne M. Miller
    Ms. Ann C. Mills
    Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Mills
    Mr. and Mrs. Hardy Mills
    Mr. Joseph A. Mills
    Ms. Kimberly A. Mills
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Mincher
    Mr. and Mrs. Lance Minor
    Ms. Virginia Minton
    Ms. Gina Misasi-Wood
    Dr. and Mrs. Duane A. Mitchell
    Ms. Laura A. Mitchell
    Mrs. Melanie Mitchell
    Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Mitchum
    Ms. Stephanie Moccia
    Mr. David Modlin
    Mr. David Mogle
    Mr. and Mrs. Martin G. Molloy
    Ms. Ruth Molnar
    Mr. and Mrs. Jim Molzon
    Mr. and Mrs. Fred Monks
    Mr. Gary L. Monroe
    Mr. Michael C. Montcrieff
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris K. Montgomery
    Ms. Megan Montgomery
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Moody
    Ms. Lisa Moon
    Mrs. Barbara C. Moore
    Mr. Curtis Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. Desmond A. Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. G. Christopher Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry T. Moore
    Ms. Linda Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Moore
    Ms. Margaret D. Moore
    Mr. Max Moore
    Mr. O. K. Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. Todd Moore
    Ms. Vickie Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Moore, Jr.
    Ms. Sheila Moorefield
    Mr. Nelson R. Mora
    Mr. Richard Morast
    Mr. and Mrs. Steve M. Morelen
    Mr. Doug Morgan
    Mr. James R. Morgan
    Mrs. Sally G. Morgan
    Mrs. Stephanie M. Morgan
    Ms. Susan Morgan
    Dr. and Mrs. John D. Moriarty
    Ms. Brittany Morris
    Ms. Elaine Morris
    Mr. Michael J. Morris
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Morris
    Mrs. Theresa M. Morris
    Mr. Allen R. Morrison, Sr.
    Mr. Drew Morrison-Rowe
    Ms. Jean Morse
    Mr. Chris Morton
    Ms. Jessica Moseley
    Dr. John W. Moses, Jr. and Ms. Heather E. Main
    Mr. Sam H. Moss, Jr.
    Mr. John Moster
    Mr. George B. Mott III
    Ms. Carol Mougey
    Ms. Cindy Mouton
    Mr. Rodney Mozingo
    Mr. and Mrs. Loren Muchnick
    Dr. and Mrs. Paul N. Mudd, Jr.
    Mrs. Deborah Mueller
    Mrs. Kathryn Mueller
    Ms. Lynne Mueller
    Mrs. Donna Mulcahy
    Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Mulchi
    Mr. Sterling Mull
    Ms. Denise Mullen
    Ms. Peggy Mullen
    Mr. Melton W. Mullinix, Jr.
    Mr. Don C. Mullins
    Dr. Michael C. Munger and Ms. Donna M. Gingerella
    Ms. Donna Munguia
    Ms. Shannon Munnerley
    Ms. April Murch
    Ms. Alice C. Murphy
    Mrs. Christine L. Murphy
    Mr. Patrick Murphy
    Mr. Bill Murray
    Ms. Deborah A. Murray
    Ms. Emily Murray
    Mr. and Mrs. William J. Murray, Jr.
    Ms. Faye Murrell
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Murto
    Mr. Whitfield Muse, Jr.
    Ms. Ann Musselwhite
    Mr. Bennie E. Musselwhite
    Mr. and Mrs. Marvin D. Musselwhite Jr.
    Ms. Margaret E. Musser
    Mr. Scott J. Musson
    Ms. Meg Myers
    Ms. Mindy Myers
    Mr. Robert B. Myers
    Mrs. Mahala Myrick 
    Dr. Frank Nania
    Mr. Drew G. and Dr. Aditee P. Narayan
    Ms. Sarah Nash
    Ms. Ann Nathan
    Dr. and Mrs. Barry Nathan
    Dr. Cynthia Neal
    Mr. and Mrs. David A. Neel
    Mrs. Carmen Neese
    Mr. Christian A. Nelson
    Mr. and Mrs. John D. Nelson
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Nelson
    Mrs. Victoria Nelson
    Mr. Bindu Nemarugommula
    Ms. Sally Neumam
    Mrs. Wendy L. Newby
    Ms. Cindy M. Newcomb
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Newell
    Ms. Shanna Newell
    Mrs. Vikki J. Newell
    Ms. Linda Newkam
    Mr. Charles M. Newman
    Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. Newman
    Mrs. Shannon Newsome
    Mr. Raymond Martin Newton
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Newton
    Mr. Arnaud Ngomsi
    Ms. Xuan Y. T. Nguyen
    Ms. Dianne P. Nichols
    Ms. Heather Nichols
    Mrs. Jodie L. Nichols
    Mr. Sam Nichols
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Nicita
    Ms. Lisa Nicklis
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Niffenegger
    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Noble
    Mr. Dan V. Noblin, Jr.
    Mrs. Kathleen M. Nolin
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Noonan
    Ms. Terri D. Norby
    Ms. Lauri Norman
    Ms. Anita J. Normanly
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Norris
    Mrs. Nancy F. Norton
    Ms. Amy Norville
    Mrs. Charity Norwood
    Mrs. Sailaja Nunna
    Mr. and Mrs. William S. Nye
    Mrs. Martha Nyman
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O'Brien
    Mr. and Mrs. Ethan O'Brien
    Ms. Jane O'Brien
    Ms. Stacy O'Brien
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. O'Connor
    Ms. Natalie O'Connor
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. O'Connor, Sr.
    Mr. Kim Edward O'Donnell
    Mrs. Sally S. Odum
    Ms. Ginger Ogelby
    Dr. John M. Ogle, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeff O'Hara
    Mr. Gerald B. Ohle
    Mr. and Mrs. Bernard R. Okun
    Mr. Adrian A. Oldham
    Mr. James W. Oldham
    Ms. Colleen M. O'Leary
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. O'Leary
    Mr. Dennis Olivares
    Ms. Allison Olive
    Mr. Patrick Oliveri
    Mr. Vincent Oliveri
    Mrs. Terry Olmsted
    Ms. Susan O'Neal
    Ms. Linda C. Opacic
    Mrs. Amy S. Orange
    Ms. Antoinette Ordish
    Mr. and Mrs. William Garry Organ
    Mr. and Mrs. Conway L. Ormond
    Mr. Jose Ortiz
    Mr. J. M. Osborne
    Mrs. Leilani J. Ostiguy
    Mrs. Jenny J. Ostrovsky
    Ms. Frances K. O'Sullivan
    Mr. John L. Otte
    Ms. Jennifer Ouellette
    Mr. Alan Outlaw
    Ms. Staci M. Outlaw
    Mr. Robert Outterson
    Ms. Gena Lynn Overbey
    Mrs. Margaret C. Overby
    Ms. Yvonne V. Overcast
    Ms. Lynette Overman
    Mr. and Mrs. Mack W. Overman
    Mr. Robert L. Overstreet III
    Mr. Michael M. Overton
    Ms. Claudia L. Owen
    Ms. Jennifer Owen
    Ms. Theressa A. Owens 
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Padfield
    Dr. Alan M. and Lisa B. Padgett
    Ms. Lynn P. Page
    Mrs. Mary A. Page
    Mrs. Sandra S. Paige
    Mr. and Mrs. Bob Palmer
    Ms. Judy Panella
    Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Parham
    Ms. Carol Park
    Mr. and Mrs. Alton P. Parker
    Ms. Amy Parker
    Mr. and Mrs. David M. Parker
    Mr. and Mrs. David W. Parker
    Mr. Dean Parker
    Mr. and Mrs. Knowles R. Parker
    Mrs. Ruth Parker
    Mrs. Sonya Parker
    Ms. Jennifer Parries
    Ms. Maryann Parrish
    Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Parrish
    Ms. Molly H. Pasca
    Ms. Dana B. Pasour
    Mr. and Mrs. Danny R. Pate
    Mr. and Mrs. Prayson W. Pate
    Ms. Ekta Patel
    Mr. and Mrs. Owais I. Patel
    Mr. Mehul Patel
    Ms. Sonal Patel
    Mr. William J. Patnaud
    Mrs. Beverly Patterson
    Mr. Christopher Patterson
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Patterson
    Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Pattillo Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Patz, Sr.
    Mrs. Caroline Patzer
    Ms. Janice P. Paul
    Mr. and Mrs. William E. Paul
    Mrs. Linda Paulhus
    Ms. Helen Marie Pavilonis
    Mr. and Mrs. James A. Payne
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Payne
    Ms. Barbara Pearce
    Mr. Larry Pearce
    Mr. Ronald Pearce
    Mr. Larry W. Pearman
    Mrs. Andrea Pearson
    Mrs. Evelyn M. Pearson
    Ms. Sandra Pearson
    Ms. Cindy Peck
    Mr. Jim Pedersen
    Mr. George Peed
    Ms. Mary M. Peed
    Mr. Howard Pell
    Ms. Julia Pendergrass
    Ms. Cathy Pera
    Ms. Doris Peregoy
    Mr. and Mrs. Lee Perkins
    Mr. M. Ross Perkins
    Ms. Susan Permar
    Mrs. Brenda Perry
    Mrs. Pauline E. Perry
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Edward Perry
    Ms. Sharon G. Perry
    Mrs. Jessica S. Perschke
    Mr. Frank W. Pesek
    Ms. Dorothy A. Peters
    Mr. Kenneth B. Peters
    Ms. Christina Petty
    Ms. Gwendolyn Pfeifer
    Mr. William M. Pfeiffer
    Mr. J Pferde
    Ms. Elizabeth A. Pfrogner
    Ms. Hong Pham
    Mrs. Julia M Phares
    Ms. Linda S. Phelps
    Ms. Mary Phelps
    Mr. Darren Phifer
    Mr. Austin Phillips
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary Phillips
    Mr. and Mrs. Joe Phillips
    Mrs. Kathleen Phillips
    Ms. Lynda Phillips
    Mrs. Mary Phillips
    Mr. and Mrs. Todd L. Phinney
    Mr. Brett Phipps
    Ms. Linda Piccinin
    Mr. Khalid Pickering
    Mr. and Mrs. J. Randall Pierce
    Mr. Michael L. Pierce
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Pierrie
    Ms. Sheri Pietrangelo
    Mr. Brandon E. Pike
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Pike
    Mrs. Diana A. Pinkerton
    Mrs. Amber B. Piper
    Mr. Dennis J. Pirone
    Mr. Tommie Pitts III
    Ms. Karen Platz
    Ms. Lisa Pletcher
    Ms. Judith W. Plott
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Plunkett
    Mr. Howard F. Plyler
    Ms. Margaret A. Polak
    Ms. Beth Polleck
    Ms. Karen Polowy
    Mrs. Shabnam S. Poloz
    Mr. and Mrs. Rodney P. Poole
    Ms. Sarah Poole
    Mr. Fred A. Poovey
    Mr. Douglas W. Pope
    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Pope
    Mrs. Pam B. Pope
    Mrs. Betty B. Poplin
    Ms. Brenda K. Porter
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Porter
    Ms. Marie F. Porter
    Ms. Nancy B. Poteat
    Drs. Phillip M. and Merrily Poth
    Mr. Robert A. Potti
    Mrs. Carol M. Powell
    Mrs. Deborah W. Powell
    Ms. Dee Powell
    Ms. Elaine W. Powell
    Mr. James M. Powell
    Ms. Katie Powell
    Ms. Tina Powell
    Ms. Velverly Powell
    Mrs. Leslie Hill Powers
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Prak
    Ms. Tanya Pratt
    Mrs. Christie Preddy
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Prentiss
    Ms. E. Virginia Prescott
    Mrs. Rose P. Prevatte
    Mr. and Mrs. Don K. Price
    Mr. and Mrs. John W. Price III
    Mr. Joseph E. Price
    Mr. Kyle S. Price
    Mr. Rex Price
    Ms. Linda Pridgen
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Prieskorn
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip N. and Mary C. Prince Elcan
    Mr. William Privette
    Ms. Helen P. Prouty
    Mr. and Mrs. Vincent G. Pudelski
    Mr. and Mrs. Phil Pugh
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pugsley
    Mr. Darrin G. Pulliam
    Ms. Lori Ann Pulliam
    Mr. Thomas Purdy
    Mrs. Jenni Puryear
    Ms. Donna Pyrtle
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Qualls
    Mr. and Mrs. Greg Queen
    Ms. Caroline Quinn
    Mr. Edward J. Rabenda, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Raburn
    Ms. Brenda E. Radford
    Ms. Sandy Radford
    Mr. Sridhar Raghuram
    Mr. Jeff Ragone
    Ms. Judy Rains
    Mr. and Mrs. Walter N. Rak
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Raleigh
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris A. Rallis
    Mrs. Padmapriya B. Ramaswamy
    Mrs. Pearly G. Ramey
    Ms. Yvette Ramirez
    Mr. Russ Ramsey
    Mr. Jeff N. Rand
    Ms. Kelle Rand
    Mr. M. Craig Rand
    Mr. Jonathan Randall
    Mr. Franklin A. Randolph
    Mr. and Mrs. William B. Raper, Jr.
    Ms. Linda Raplee
    Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. Rasberry III
    Mr. and Mrs. Sudhir K. Rastogi
    Mr. Jerry Ratley
    Mr. Robert R. Rawe, II
    Mr. Anthony M. Rawluk
    Ms. Kaitlin M. Rawluk
    Ms. Joyce Ray
    Ms. Suzanne Ray
    Mr. and Mrs. William D. Ray
    Mr. Chester Raybon III
    Mr. Kenneth S. Raymond
    Mr. Dewey L. and Dr. Eileen M. Raynor
    Mrs. Helen C. Reaves
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Reavis
    Mr. Joseph M. Redden*
    Ms. Melissa M. Redman
    Ms. Cheri D. Reece
    Ms. Heather K. Reed
    Ms. Marcia Reed
    Ms. Rene' W. Reed
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Reed
    Mr. and Mrs. William G. Reese, IV
    Ms. Sherri A. Reeves
    Mr. Walter E. Register
    Ms. Joanne Rehm
    Mr. Brian K. Reid
    Mr. David C. Reilly
    Mrs. Susan E. Reilly
    Mr. William J. Reilly
    Mr. Joseph M. Reitmaier
    Ms. Andrea Rekrut
    Dr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Renfree
    Mr. Gerald Renfrow
    Ms. Jody Rentz
    Mr. Ernest J. Renzulli
    Mr. Eugene H. Reuther
    Ms. Sara Revell
    Mrs. Cynthia D. Reynolds
    Ms. Loretta Rheaume
    Ms. Judith M. Rhew
    Mr. Raymond O. Rhode, Jr.
    Mrs. Beth Rhodes
    Ms. Mary Powell Rhodes
    Ms. Paula Rhodes
    Mr. Chuck Rice
    Mr. William L. Rice
    Mr. and Mrs. William M. Rich
    Ms. Annalee Richardson
    Ms. Carla J. Richardson
    Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Richardson, Jr.
    Mrs. Mamie A. Richardson
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Richardson III
    Mrs. Melanie Richardson
    Mrs. Joan C. Riddle
    Mrs. Addie Ries
    Ms. Renee Riggs
    Mr. and Mrs. Rick Rigsbee
    Mr. and Mrs. Andy T. Riley, Sr.
    Mr. Daniel Riley
    Ms. Margaret B. Rimer
    Mr. Dale Rimmer
    Dr. Moira C. Ringo
    Mr. Michael R. Ritchie
    Mr. Sidney H. Ritman
    Mr. Christopher T. Ritter
    Mrs. Gretal S. Ritter
    Ms. Teresa Ritter
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Rizza
    Ms. Mildred A. Rizzuto
    Mr. Patrick J. Roach
    Mr. Brian C. Robak
    Mrs. Jamie Robbins
    Mr. Larry E. Robbins
    Ms. Amy S. Roberson
    Ms. Eden M. Robertiello
    Ms. Catherine H. Roberts
    Ms. Danielle Roberts
    Mrs. Emilia C. Roberts
    Mr. George Roberts
    Mr. Gregory Roberts
    Mr. Lee M. Roberts
    Mrs. Linda Roberts
    Mr. Mike Roberts
    Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Anthony C. Robertson
    Ms. Kim D. Robertson
    Mr. and Mrs. David T. Robinson
    Dr. and Mrs. Hugh G. Robinson
    Drs. Stephen E. and Leslie Berkowitz Robinson
    Mr. Tom J. Robinson
    Ms. Connie Robison
    Ms. Lisa L. Roccaforte
    Mr. and Mrs. Matt Rochester
    Mr. Joseph S. Rodgers
    Mrs. Shirley L. Rodgers
    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rodman
    Ms. Lorise Rodriguez
    Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Rodriguez
    Ms. Donna P. Rogers
    Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Rogers
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rogers
    Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Rogers
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Rogers
    Ms. Kathryn Romelotti
    Mr. Jerry R. Rooks
    Mr. Richard J. Root
    Mr. and Mrs. Bernard N. Rorrer
    Mr. and Mrs. Jose Rosa
    Mrs. Nancy Rosas
    Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Rose III
    Ms. Sharon C. Rose
    Ms. Deborah Rosenbaum
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Rosinski
    Ms. Karen Rosner
    Mr. and Mrs. Clive A. Ross
    Ms. Patricia E. Ross
    Ms. Sandra Ross
    Ms. Linda Rothwell
    Dr. and Mrs. Mark E. Rowin
    Mr. Rishin Roy
    Mrs. Louise D. Royster
    Mr. Ramon A. Ruberte Thiele
    Mrs. Mary A. Ruegg
    Mr. and Mrs. Allen Rundall
    Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ruppe
    Ms. Sara Russell
    Mr. James N. Rutledge
    Ms. Alice M. Ryan
    Ms. Donna J. Ryan 
    Miss Melissa Saeger
    Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Salamy
    Mrs. Janice R. Salchert
    Mrs. Jo Jo Sallah
    Mrs. Angela M. Salmon
    Mr. W. L. Salmon, Jr.
    Ms. Cecilia M. Saloni
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Sample
    Mrs. Rita T. Sanchez
    Mr. Joel D. Sanderford, Jr.
    Ms. Donna Sandlin
    Mr. Mackye Sandlin
    Mr. Clint Sandness
    Mr. Franklin Sandy
    Ms. Maria Santa Cruz
    Mr. and Mrs. Victor Santana
    Ms. Kristin L. Santos
    Mrs. Ann T. Sapp
    Mr. and Mrs. Darrell H. Sapp
    Mr. Robert Andrew Sardinas
    Mrs. Sashi Sathischandra
    Dr. and Mrs. Benton S. Satterfield
    Mr. Dustin S. Satterfield
    Mr. and Mrs. James Satterwhite
    Mr. Gary Sauls
    Mr. David L. Saunders
    Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Savage
    Mr. Robert Savage
    Mr. Alan Sawyer
    Ms. Elizbeth Sawyer
    Mr. Bryan Scafidi
    Ms. Dolores Scarboro
    Mr. Andrew Schaefer
    Ms. Rebecca Schaeff
    Mr. Mark Schaffer
    Ms. Domenica Scheps
    Ms. Nicole Schimizzi
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Schindler
    Mr. Peter Schmitt
    Mr. Raymond Schmitz
    Ms. Ann Margaret Schneider
    Mr. Brian Schneider
    Mr. Kent F. Schoch
    Mrs. Gloria A. Schrand
    Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schreiber
    Ms. Pam Schrider
    Mr. and Mrs. Frederic J. Schroeder, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Wesley J. Schrom
    Ms. Betty J. Schuett
    Mr. John Schultz
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Schultz
    Mrs. Alexis Schumacher
    Ms. Rebecca Schwab
    Ms. Donna B. Schwede
    Ms. Karen Schweizer-Nagle
    Mrs. Ellen Schwerer
    Mr. David M. Scognamiglio
    Mrs. Elizabeth Scola
    Mr. Don Scott
    Mr. Edward Scott
    Mr. Garrison Scott
    Ms. Jane W. Scott
    Ms. Kate Scott
    Ms. Kathryn P. Scott
    Ms. Rachel Scott
    Mr. and Mrs. William J. Scott
    Mr. Warren R. Scroggin
    Ms. Diana Scullin
    Ms. Denise Seagroves
    Ms. Wanda Seamans
    Mr. James R. Sears
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seavert
    Mr. James Chris Seawell
    Dr. Angeles A. Secord
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sedlak
    Mr. and Mrs. William T. Seiberling
    Mr. and Mrs. James L. Self
    Mr. and Mrs. Bradley A. Sell
    Ms. Jessica E. Sena
    Mr. and Mrs. Frederick F. Senter
    Mrs. Rebecca L. Servidio
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Sesler
    Ms. Vonita Sessoms
    Mr. and Mrs. Allen C. Sewell
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Sforza
    Mr. Trevor Shakiba
    Ms. Jean B. Shambley
    Mr. and Mrs. Morris L. Shambley
    Mr. Bradley J. Shanks
    Mr. Brent Sharp
    Dr. Julie M. Sharp
    Ms. Hannah L. Sharpe
    Mr. John Sharpe
    Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Sharpe
    The Rev. and Mrs. William G. Sharpe IV
    Mr. Jeffrey C. and Dr. Laura Shaughnessy
    Mrs. Nancy J. Shea
    Mr. Ian R. Shearer
    Ms. Amy Sheehan
    Mr. Donald M. Sheehan
    Mr. Matthew Sheets
    Mr. Alton Sheffield
    Mr. Giles Sheffield
    Mr. William G. Shelton
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Shepherd
    Ms. Louis Sheridan
    Mr. and Mrs. Ted Sherrod
    Ms. Holly Shick
    Mrs. Agnes D. Shipley
    Mr. William L Shipley
    Ms. Sherry C. Shipp
    Ms. Michele Shirkey
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Shore
    Ms. Florence Z. Short
    Ms. Vicky P. Shover
    Mrs. Lori V. Shuart
    Mr. Alphonse Siano
    Mr. Nelson D. Sides
    Mr. Les C. Sigmon
    Ms. Virginia J. Sillerud
    Ms. Patricia A. Silver
    Mr. Philip Silver
    Mrs. Fern G. Simeon
    Ms. Janice C. Simmerson
    Ms. Angela Simmons
    Mr. and Mrs. David K. Simmons
    Mr. Gregory Simmons
    Mrs. Lori Simnor
    Ms. Ashley Simpson
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Simpson, Jr.
    Ms. Linda M. Simpson
    Mrs. Robin Simpson
    Ms. Susan Simpson
    Ms. Amy Sims
    Ms. Deborah A. Sinclair
    Mr. Walter T. Sinclair, Jr.
    Mr. Jacob A. Singer
    Mr. Anju Singla
    Ms. Diana L. Singleton
    Mr. and Mrs. H. Dean Sink
    Mr. Jimmy Sipe
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Skelly
    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Skelly
    Mr. and Mrs. Erik Skinner
    Ms. Susan C. Skinner
    Ms. Emily A. Skipper
    Mrs. Nancy S. Slater
    Mr. Thomas Sluchak and Ms. Susan A. Randolph
    Ms. Julie Slye
    Ms. Kathy Small
    Mr. Stephen H. Smalley
    Mr. Brad Smallwood
    Ms. Anna M. Smith
    Ms. Barbara Smith
    Mrs. Barbara Smith
    Mr. and Mrs. C. Ray Smith
    Ms. Curry Smith
    Ms. Cynthia G. Smith
    Mr. and Mrs. Doug Smith
    Dr. and Mrs. Fred G. Smith
    Mr. Gordon Smith
    Mr. Grady A. Smith
    CSM James E. Smith, Ret.
    Ms. Jennifer A. Smith
    Mrs. Jennifer L. Smith
    Mr. John W. Smith
    Mrs. Katherine H. Smith
    Mr. Kevin Smith
    Ms. Kristi A. Smith
    Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Smith
    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Smith
    Ms. Love D. Smith
    Ms. Lynn Smith
    Mr. Mark Douglas Smith
    Mrs. Melba S. Smith
    Mr. Michael W. Smith
    Mr. Neil Smith
    Mr. Norman B. Smith
    Ms. Patty Smith
    Mrs. Sharon R. Smith
    Ms. Shelley A. Smith
    Mr. Spencer L. Smith
    Mr. Stephanus Smith
    Mr. Stephen C. Smith
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Smith
    Mr. Toby R. Smith
    Ms. Valerie J. Smith
    Mr. William Smith
    Mr. Ken Smithwick
    Ms. Marylaura W Smithwick
    Ms. Marlene R. Smolinski
    Ms. Michelle Smoot
    Mrs. L. A. Snead
    Mr. William K. Snead
    Ms. Catherine Gibson Snipes
    Mr. and Mrs. J. Dal Snipes
    Ms. Kathleen Snodgress
    Mr. Everette V. Snotherly, Jr.
    Dr. Campbell Snowberger
    Ms. Jane Elizabeth Snowden
    Mr. Patrick Snyder
    Mrs. Cheryl Sobnosky
    Dr. and Mrs. William Soffera
    Ms. Helene G. Solimando
    Mrs. Janice Solomon
    Mrs. Kimberly Solomon
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Sommerville
    Mr. Christopher Sorensen
    Mr. Corbin Sorrell
    Mrs. Emily Sorrell
    Ms. Nikki Soulsby
    Mr. Charles R. Southerland
    Mr. Tyler Southerland
    Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Southern
    Mr. Kevin Ward Sowers
    Mr. and Mrs. John B. Sowisdral
    Dr. and Mrs. Madison S. Spach
    Mr. Lawrence Spain
    Ms. Luanne Spainhour
    Ms. Lillian Sparacino
    Ms. Karen Sparrow
    Mr. and Mrs. Boyd M. Spence
    Ms. Gail Spencer*
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Spencer, Jr.
    Mr. Mark Spieth
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary G. Spiros
    Ms. Christine Spivey
    Mr. James Spohn
    Dr. Valerie Marie Sprenz
    Mr. and Mrs. David W. Sprouse
    Mr. Ernest St. Louis
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Stafford
    Mrs. Frances Stafkey
    Ms. Debby Stallings
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Stallings
    Mrs. Sandra R. Stallings
    Mr. and Mrs. Howard Stalls
    Mr. William P. Stamper
    Mrs. Melissa Stanberry
    Ms. Sherry Stanfield-Oakley
    Mr. W. H. Stanley
    Mrs. Mary Stanton
    Mr. Richard Staples
    Mr. and Mrs. David C. Starbird
    Mrs. Michelle J. Starbuck
    Mr. Frederick Starks
    Mr. and Mrs. Glen Starling
    Mr. and Mrs. Gil D. Steadman
    Ms. Julie Hilton Steele
    Dr. William J. Steinbach
    Mr. Brett A. Stemple
    Ms. Erica Stephens
    Ms. Lorraine A. Stephenson
    Mr. Michael R. Stephenson
    Ms. Carolyn Stevenson
    Mr. Jonathan Stevenson
    Ms. Deborah Stewart
    Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Stewart
    Ms. Heather Stewart
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Stewart
    Ms. Teresa S. Stewart
    Ms. Zina Suzanne Stewart
    Ms. Elizabeth L. Stima
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stoetzel
    Mr. and Mrs. James M. Stogner
    Mrs. Wendy L. Stokes
    Mr. Patrick W. Stoltenberg
    Mr. Charles Stone
    Ms. Jennifer S. Stout
    Mr. Ray Stout
    Mr. and Mrs. David M. Stovall
    Mr. David L. Straight
    Ms. Iris F. Stratton
    Mrs. Kay Straughn
    Mrs. Shelly J. Streett
    Mrs. Amy R. Strickland
    Ms. Beth Strickland
    Ms. Caroline Strickland
    Mr. George B. Strickland
    Mrs. Jo Ann Strickland
    Mr. Paul Strickland
    Mr. and Mrs. Rudy V. Strickland
    Mrs. Sharon D. Strickland
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Stuart
    Ms. Kim A Stuntz
    Mr. and Mrs. Mike W. Sturdivant
    Ms. Jocelyn Sturm
    Ms. Lillian Stutts
    Mr. Shawn Subasic
    Drs. Paul V. Suhocki and Lisa M. Ho
    Mrs. Kristen K. Sullivan
    Mr. Robert Sumner
    Ms. Linda C. Sutherin
    Mr. David P. Sutherland
    Mr. Peter R. Sutherland
    Ms. Betty Jo Suttle
    Mrs. Nikki P. Swaney
    Ms. Shirley C. Swanger
    Ms. Stephanie Swanson
    Mr. and Mrs. William J. Swanson
    Mrs. Kathy Sweat
    Ms. Jennifer Sweitzer
    Mr. Charles Sykes
    Ms. Heather Sykes
    Ms. Mollie C. Sykes
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Sykes
    Mr. Richard Symonds
    Mrs. Adele B. Szabo 
    Mr. William J. Tadda
    Mrs. Maria Tafuri
    Mrs. Eileen G. Taht
    Ms. Nancy Farrar Talbert
    Mr. Bryan Talik
    Mr. and Mrs. John H. Tally, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Jason B. Tanner
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey F. Tarkington
    Mrs. Joy W. Tarter
    Miss Gail L. Tate
    Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Tatum
    Mr. Fred A. Taub
    Dr. David T. Tayloe, Jr.
    Ms. Becky M. Taylor
    Mr. G. B. Taylor
    Mr. Harry J. Taylor
    Ms. Heather Taylor
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Taylor
    Mr. John P. Taylor
    Mr. Joshua D. Taylor
    Ms. Kathryn N. Taylor
    Ms. Kim Taylor
    Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Taylor
    Mr. Phillip E. Taylor
    Ms. Terri E. Taylor
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Teachey
    Ms. S. A. Teague
    Ms. Laura K. Teeple
    Mr. Donald A. Templeton
    Mr. Henry Terrell
    Ms. Karen Tesoriero
    Ms. Christy Tew-Batts
    Ms. Anne E. Tezak
    Ms. Caroline Theobald
    Ms. Amanda M. Thiel
    Ms. Cindy Thomas
    Mr. Daniel L. Thomas
    Mr. and Mrs. David F. Thomas
    Mr. Donald R. Thomas
    Ms. Faye Thomas
    Mr. and Mrs. Jackson R. Thomason
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thompson
    Mrs. Clayton G. Thompson
    Mr. and Mrs. John E. Thompson, Jr.
    Mrs. Linda Thompson
    Mr. Michael A. Thompson
    Ms. Natalie Thompson
    Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. Thompson
    Ms. Terry Thompson
    Dr. Courtney D. Thornburg
    Mr. James S. Thornton
    Mrs. Leeanne B. Thornton
    Mrs. Patricia S. Thornton
    Mr. and Mrs. Benton Thrailkill
    Ms. Doris O. Tickle
    Mrs. Diane S. Tilley
    Ms. Linda M. Tilley
    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick B. Timberlake
    Ms. Marilyn P. Tingen
    Ms. Virginia M. Tobin
    Ms. Marie Todd
    Ms. Addiue Tolum
    Mr. and Mrs. Travis H. Tomlinson, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. James T. Tompkins
    Mr. Timothy Tooley
    Mrs. Tracy Torry
    Ms. Caroline P. Touchton
    Mr. and Mrs. Herman Towles
    Mr. Bruce Townsend
    Ms. Yolanda Townsend
    Mr. Fazio Tozzi
    Ms. Diana-Lynn Tracey
    Mrs. Heather Barnes Tracy
    Mr. Michael Travis
    Ms. Reane F. Travis
    Mr. David Tredway
    Mr. and Mrs. James G. Trenner
    Ms. Jean Tripp
    Mrs. Donna Trohanis
    Mrs. Donna C. Troublefield
    Ms. Barbara Trower-Simpkins
    Mrs. Miriam Troxler
    Mr. and Mrs. William Tsun
    Drs. Debara L. Tucci and Kevan VanLandingham
    Mrs. Shirley M. Tuck
    Dr. and Mrs. Donald H. Tucker
    Ms. Patsy E. Tucker
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie C. Tucker
    Mrs. Susan Tullock
    Mr. Scott Tunley
    Mr. and Mrs. George C. Turner
    Mr. Jeffrey Turner
    Mrs. Pamela H. Turner
    Mr. and Mrs. Randy L. Turner
    Ms. Robin Turner
    Ms. Brenda F. Turnipseed
    Mr. Anthony Turrisi
    Ms. Miriam R. Turton
    Ms. Sandra V. Tyre
    Dr. and Mrs. E. Lee Tyrey
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy H. Tyson
    Ms. Louise Uanino
    Mr. Daniel G. Ulrich
    Mr. and Mrs. J. David Ulrich
    Dr. Martin H. Ulshen
    Mr. Henry Umland
    Mr. Aasheesh Upadhyaya
    Ms. Mary F. Upchurch
    Ms. Prasanti Uppaluri
    Ms. Sherry Upton
    Mr. and Mrs. Albert Urquhart
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Roy Utley, Jr.
    Ms. Susan D. Utley
    Dr. Anne M. Valente
    Mr. John Van Coutron
    Mr. and Mrs. David Van Dyke
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Vande Berg
    Ms. Lana VanderLinden
    Mrs. Ollivette P. Vassey
    Ms. Suzanne Vaughn
    Mrs. Janet M. Vaught
    Ms. Brendie Vega
    Mrs. Jessica S. Veno
    Ms. Merilee Ventura
    Ms. Eva Verlinden
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Vernon
    Mrs. Kathryn A. Vincent
    Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Vinson
    Ms. Jessica Visco
    Mr. Michael Vizard
    Ms. Kristin Vogelsberg
    Mr. Jack Vogler
    Dr. Judith A. Voynow
    Ms. Diane K. Wade
    Ms. Donna Wade
    Ms. Berna Jean Wadey
    Mrs. Mary K. Wadford
    Mr. Trond Waerness
    Mr. Julian D. Wagemaker
    Mrs. Colleen Wagner
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Wagner, Jr.
    Ms. Sandra K. Wagner
    Mrs. Kate S. Wahdan
    Ms. Mary Walek
    Mr. Cramer S. Walker
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Walker
    Mr. Henry G. Wall
    Ms. Linda B. Wall
    Ms. Sue Wall
    Ms. Robyn Wall
    Mrs. Susan Wall
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Wallace, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee Wallace
    Mr. and Mrs. James W. Waller
    Ms. Brandie Walser
    Ms. Deborah A. Walsh
    Ms. Melissa Walsh
    Mrs. Doris S. Walston
    Mr. Lamar Walston
    Ms. Lisa Walston
    Mrs. B L. Walters
    Ms. Diane G. Walters
    Mrs. Jimmie L. Walters
    Mrs. Linda Walters
    Mr. Michael A. Walters
    Mr. Ronald J. Walz
    Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Ward
    Mr. James C. Ward
    Miss Vermell Ward
    Ms. Virginia Ward
    Mr. M. Warner
    Ms. Alice Strickland Warren
    Darice Warren
    Mr. and Mrs. Doane H. Warren, Jr.
    Ms. Julia E. Warren
    Ms. Debby Warwick
    Mr. Frank Waterhouse
    Mrs. Danielle Waters
    Mr. and Mrs. Leroy E. Waters, Jr.
    Ms. Lisa Watkins
    Mr. James C. Watson III
    Mr. and Mrs. James E. Watts
    Dr. Susan Lynn Watts
    Ms. Etta G. Weatherman
    Mr. J. Curtis Weaver
    Mrs. Mary Weaver
    Mrs. Ruth A. Weaver
    Mrs. Tamara C. Weaver
    Ms. Donna Webb
    Mr. Ralph D. Webb
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Webb
    Ms. Wila Webb
    Mr. and Mrs. William G. Webber
    Mr. Jeffrey Webster
    Mrs. Alma V. Weddle
    Mrs. Faye A. Weeber
    Mr. Tracy Weeks
    Ms. Renee Weichinger
    Mrs. Joyce C. Weiland
    Mr. and Mrs, Valentino Weiss
    Mr. Doyle Welch
    Mrs. Betsy Wells
    Ms. Cecily A. Wells
    Dr. and Mrs. H. Herbert Wells III
    Mr. James M. Wells
    Ms. Lisa T. Wennerstrum
    Mr. Donald M. Werner
    Mr. Brad West
    Ms. Pam West
    Mrs. Patricia K. West
    Ms. Paula West
    Ms. Vicki P. Westbrook
    Mr. and Mrs. Neill D. Westerbeek
    Ms. Marianne Westhead
    Ms. Leticia Westlake
    Mrs. Shelley A. Westman
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Whaling
    Mr. and Mrs. Clifford O. Wheeler
    Ms. Pat Wheeley
    Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin H. Whitaker
    Ms. Paula S. Whitaker
    Mrs. Cynthia T. White
    Mr. Donald A. White
    Mr. and Mrs. Len White
    Ms. Margaret White
    Mrs. Maureen M. White
    Mr. and Mrs. James R. Whited III
    Mrs. Bonnie Whitehurst
    Mr. Frank M. Whiteside, Jr.
    Ms. Janice Whitford
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Whitlark
    Ms. Lindy Whitley
    Ms. Melissa Whitley
    Ms. Cecilia Whitlow
    Mr. and Mrs. Irving L. Whitney
    Mr. David Whitson
    Mr. and Mrs. J. Dale Whitworth
    Ms. Beba Wiebe
    Mr. and Mrs. George J. Wiederock II
    Ms. Lynn R. Wiemann
    Ms. Jennifer Wildman
    Mr. Edward B. Wile
    Mr. and Mrs. Terry Wiles
    Ms. Susan C. Wiley
    Mrs. Teresa C. Wiley
    Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Wilkerson, Jr.
    Ms. Mary L. Wilkins
    Mr. and Mrs. David B. Wilkinson
    Mr. Lariscy Willard
    Ms. Marie Elaine Willett
    Ms. Cathy L. Willey
    Mr. Bland Williams
    Ms. Brenda G. Williams
    Ms. Christine Williams
    Ms. Corine Williams
    Ms. Dacia D. Williams
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Williams, Jr.
    Mrs. Dorothy S. Williams
    Mr. Dustin Williams
    Mrs. Frances B. Williams
    Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Williams III
    Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Williams
    Mr. Jerome Williams
    Ms. Lisa W. Williams
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Williams
    Mr. and Mrs. Todd Williams
    Mr. William J. Williams
    Ms. Deanne Williamson
    Ms. Kathy Williamson
    Mrs. Betty Lyerly Willis
    Mr. and Mrs. Bill Willis
    Mr. Fernie G. Willis, Jr.
    Mr. Billy Wilson
    Mr. Charles F. Wilson
    Ms. Helen L. Wilson
    Mr. and Mrs. James G. Wilson
    Mr. and Mrs. James I. Wilson
    Ms. Jane C. Wilson
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wilson
    Ms. Karen Wilson
    Ms. Kathryn Wilson
    Mr. Mark Wilson
    Mrs. Peggy P. Wilson
    Mr. Ronald Wilson
    Ms. Sue Wilson
    Mrs. Susan L. Wilson
    Mr. Tommy H Wilson
    Ms. Valla Wilson
    Mr. and Mrs. William R. Wilson
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Wine
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wingate
    Ms. Camille Winston
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Wintermeier
    Mr. Kevin Wirhouski
    Mr. and Mrs. Phil Wise
    Ms. Susan Wise
    Ms. Virginia L. Wise
    Mrs. Mary C. Wiser
    Mr. and Mrs. Myles F. Wittenstein
    Ms. Carol A. Witthun
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Wittmer
    Mrs. Libby Wittneben
    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wiza
    Mr. John Wojcik III
    Mrs. Maury Read Wolfe
    Ms. Rebecca Wolfgang
    Ms. DeEtta J. Wood
    Mrs. Joyce J. Wood
    Mr. Ron D. Wood
    Mr. William Woodall, Jr.
    Ms. Helen Woodard
    Ms. Jeanne Woodard
    Ms. Tara Woodard
    Ms. Allison Woodlief
    Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Woodlief
    Mr. William G. Woodlief
    Ms. Deborah L. Woods
    Ms. Theresa Woods
    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Woody
    Dr. Alma Lorraine Woodyard
    Ms. Barbara Woolard
    Mr. Moye W. Woolard
    Mrs. James T. Woolwine
    Ms. Teresa Wooten
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Wootton
    Mr. Michael D. Worsham
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Worsley
    Mrs. Dianne G. Wrenn
    Mr. David E. Wright
    Ms. Lee A. Wright
    Mrs. Nicole P. Wright
    Ms. Sonia Wriglesworth
    Mr. Anthony Wrobel, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Wyatt
    Mr. and Mrs. James A. Wylie
    Mr. and Mrs. William H. Wynn
    Mr. Vincent Y. Xiong
    Mr. Jack C. Yale
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Yancey
    Mr. and Mrs. Wallace E. Yancey
    Mr. Jianren Yang
    Mr. Song Yao
    Ms. Meredith F. Yarbrough
    Mr. Donald D. Yarson
    Mr. Scott Yaudes
    Mrs. Jo E. Yeargan
    Mr. Kam K. Yee
    Dr. Heather N. Yeowell
    Ms. Joanna B. Yoder
    Mr. Ralph Yokeley
    Mr. and Mrs. David W. Young, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Harry N. Young
    Ms. Hope Young
    Mrs. Sheri L. Youngbar
    Dr. and Mrs. Harold A. Yount
    Mrs. Vanessa Yount
    Mr. Robert Yurgal
    Mr. Bryan Yurko
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Zaytoun
    Mr. and Mrs. Roger Zelenka
    Mr. and Mrs. David A. Zendels
    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony K. Ziberna
    Mrs. Stephanie Ziegler
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Zimmerman
    Mr. John Zimmermann
    Ms. Priscilla Zimmermann
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Zucco
    Mr. Gary Zuckerman and Ms. Cynthia Campbell
    Mrs. Kerryn Zulman
    Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. Zurl
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Zwilling



    Corporate Donors

    Circle of Inspiration ($100,000 and more)

    American Heart Association
    Autism Speaks
    Chenzyme Foundation
    Children's Miracle Network
    Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
    Elon University Dance Marathon**
    Food Lion Inc.**
    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    The Hartwell Foundation
    Hyundai Motor America
    March Of Dimes
    National Marrow Donor Program
    Research Institute at Nationwide Ho
    Robertson Foundation
    Phil and Gerry Rominger Foundation
    Sanofi-Aventis U.S. Inc.
    The Duke Endowment
    The V Foundation
    Wal-Mart and Sam's Clubs**
    Washington University in St. Louis


    Circle of Strength ($25,000 and more)

    Abbott Laboratories
    Advanced Liquid Logic
    Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation
    Alpha One Foundation Inc.
    American Lung Association
    American Society of Hematology
    Amicus Therapeutics, Inc.
    Arthritis Foundation
    Astellas Scientific & Medical Affairs
    Baylor College of Medicine
    Edward H. Benenson Foundation
    Childrens Fund For GSD Research Inc.
    Children's Mercy Hospital
    Cincinnati Children's Hospital MedicalCenter
    Costco Wholesale**
    Credit Unions For Kids**
    Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
    Emory University
    Faculty Connection, LLC
    Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
    Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network
    Fundamental Alliance Ltd.
    Homes By Dickerson, Inc.
    Hope On Wheels Hyundai Dealers
    International House of Pancakes**
    Janey Fund Charitable Trust
    Lenox Baker Children's Hospital Foundation
    MARS Overseas Holdings Inc.
    McLane/Carolina Inc.**
    Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp
    Muscular Dystrophy Association
    National Alliance For Research
    New England Research Institutes Inc.
    Oregon Health & Science University
    Paralyzed Veterans of America
    Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Foundation
    Phi Mu**
    Foundation for Prader-Willi Research
    Pratt Family Foundation
    RE/MAX International**
    Rite Aid Corporation**
    Schering Plough Research Institute
    St. Jude Medical Foundation
    Teleflex Medical
    United Way of the Greater Triangle


    Circle of Hope ($10,000 and more)

    American College of Rheumatology Research & Education
    Ameritas Charitable Foundation
    J. Gary and Dawn P. Burkhead Fund
    Carmike Cinemas**
    Chico's FAS, Inc.**
    Coca-Cola Company
    Credit Union Miracle Day Inc.
    Cristian Rivera Foundation
    Crothall Healthcare Inc.
    Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics
    Dairy Queen**
    DeHaven's Transfer & Storage
    Duke Hospital Auxiliary
    Fresenius Biotech GMBH
    GE Foundation
    Genentech Inc.
    Giorgio's Hospitality Group
    ICAP Services North America LLC
    International Merchandising Corp.
    International Traders, Inc.
    Jeff Burton Autosports Inc.
    Johnson Bros Carolina Distributing
    Jones & Guerrero Co. Inc.
    Keysource Commercial Bank
    Kraft Foods Global, Inc.
    Little Man Foundation, Inc.
    Log A Load**
    Lone Star Steakhouse**
    Long Beverage Inc.
    Marriott International**
    John P. McGovern Foundation
    Michael Jordan Nissan
    Multiple Choices For The Children
    Ollie's Bargain Outlet**
    Outcome Solutions LLC
    Professional Builders Supply
    Quintiles Inc.
    Norman & Bettina Roberts Foundation
    School of Advanced Air & Space Studies
    Silverback Foundation Inc.
    Social & Scientific Systems Inc.
    Southeast Techinventures Inc.
    Spirit of Children
    State Employees Combined Campaign
    Terminix Company
    Warren County Jaycees
    Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club


    Circle of Caring ($5,000 and more)

    A. E. Finley Foundation
    Aliotta Holdings, LLC
    Anna and John J. Sie Foundation
    C. R. Bard Foundation
    Brewer Cycles Inc.
    Carolinas Credit Union Foundation**
    CFCSENC Fund-0656
    Dana Ruggiero Flutterby Foundation Inc
    Duke University Federal Credit Union**
    Evanosky Foundation
    Ferrero U.S.A. Inc.
    First American Carriers, Inc.
    Francis A. Hendricks & Edith T. Hendricks Foundation
    Golden Corral Corporation**
    Great Clips**
    IBM International Foundation
    John Boy & Billy, Inc.
    John E. & Nellie J. Bastien Foundation
    Knott Family Foundation
    Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.
    Lorillard Federal Credit Union
    Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores**
    Masimo Corporation
    Elizabeth McGeachin McKee Foundation
    MG Capital Maintenance Inc.
    Mimi's Café**
    Miss America Organization**
    Ninth Street Flowers
    Nomacorc, LLC
    Paradix Enterprises
    Philip J. Procacci
    Pasquale & Rose Procacci Charitable Foundation
    Progress Energy Foundation
    Marshall E. Rinker Sr. Foundation Inc.
    RNDC South Carolina, LLC
    Robins & Morton
    Rock Against Cancer
    Rolander Family Foundation
    SAS Institute, Inc.
    Shoemate Foundation
    Stanford University
    St. Baldrick's Foundation
    The Monday Life
    Triangle Community Foundation Inc.
    W. E. Love & Associates Inc.
    WHM 2005 Charitable Lead Annuity Trust
    Winters Motivation, Inc.


    Circle of Compassion ($1,000 and more)

    4 Philip Dot Org
    Ace Hardware**
    Affiliated Computer Services, Inc.
    Alpha Phi Foundation
    American Academy of Pediatrics
    American Enterprise Investment Services Inc.
    A.M. Pappas & Associates, LLC
    Aramark Corporation
    Associated Rigging Services
    Bank Of America
    BAPS Charities
    Barnes & Noble Inc.
    Barnhill Contracting Co.
    Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer
    Becton Dickinson and Company
    Best Buy Children's Foundation
    Bova Limited Partnership LP
    Bracco Diagnostics Inc.
    Bralies Inc.
    Breathe Technologies Inc.
    Briegan Concrete Constructors
    Buck Consultants
    Bulk TV & Internet
    Bunnell, Inc.
    Cafe Caturra
    Campbell Road Nursery, Inc.
    Capital City Civitan Club
    Capital Motorsports, LLC
    Cardinal Health Medical Products and Services
    Carolina Recording Systems, Inc.
    Cary Pediatric Center PA
    Cashless Systems Inc.
    Celldex Therapeutics, Inc.
    Centrex Properties, Inc.
    Charles & Colvard
    Civitan Club Of New Bern
    Combined Federal Campaign**
    CO-OP Financial Services**
    Couch Oil Co.
    Cozart & Edwards, P.A.
    C. R. Bard Inc.
    C. R. England, Inc.
    Dan Cameron Family Foundation
    Discovery Laboratories, Inc.
    Dombeck Family Fund
    Durham Harley Owners Group Chapter 1530
    Empire Distributors of NC, Inc.
    Express Employment Professionals**
    F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.
    F H Property Investments LLC
    Firefighters Charitable Foundation
    Fox Family Fund
    Fraternal Order of Police Wake County
    Fred's Inc.**
    GE Healthcare
    General Parts Inc.
    Gigi's Cupcakes
    GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
    Gray's Creek High School
    Greater NC Area Combined Federal Campaign
    Gregory Poole Equipment Co.
    Ethan Grossman Family Charitable Gift Foundation
    Hamilton Medical
    Handly Family Charitable Fund
    Helena Elementary School
    Helme General Contractors
    Hendrick Durham Auto Mall
    H.O.G. of Raleigh
    Holy Temple of Living Water Ministries Inc.
    Hurricane Region PCA
    Jag Trucking, Inc
    Jamestown UMC Outreach Thrift Center
    Johns Hopkins University
    Johnson & Johnson
    Kappa Kappa Gamma
    Katz Family Foundation
    Kerr Cares for Kids Foundation, Inc.
    Kirby Foundation
    Sarah and George Klunk Fund
    Kraft Foods North America, Inc.
    Kroger Company**
    Lamb Foundation of NC, Inc.
    Lane and Craig Huggins Family Charitable
    Leadership Team Development Inc.
    LeChase Construction Services, LLC
    Long Creek Properties, LLC
    Bascom & Frances McKay Charitable Foundation
    Medtronic Inc.
    Merck & Co. Inc.
    MillerCoors, LLC
    Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation
    Monster Energy Company
    National Welders
    NC District East Civitan
    N. C. Motors and Controls, Inc.
    New Apple, Inc
    New Paltz Reformed Church Twice Blessed
    North Carolina Rheumatology Association
    North Raleigh Civitan Club
    Optimist Foundation of Chapel Hill
    Oriana Ag, LLC
    Panda Restaurant Group**
    Parker and Otis
    Perkins & Will, Architects
    PHE Inc.
    Piedmont Electric Membership Corp
    Plant Food South, Inc
    PNC Financial Services Group
    Progress Energy Solutions, Inc.
    Qualcomm Foundation
    I. J. Quinn, Sr. Family Foundation
    Raleigh Civitan Club
    Rally Logistics
    Ravenscroft School
    Ray Price, Inc.
    Red Fox, LLC
    Riley Lewis General Contractors Inc.
    Seaside Therapeutics Inc
    Seattle Children's Hospital Research
    Shenandoah Wood Preservers, Inc.
    Smith Anderson Blount Dorsett Et Al
    Soft Pro Co.
    Speedway Children's Charities
    Spice It Up, Inc.
    Steven D. Felton, Inc.
    Katie Swaney Foundation
    Sybil Ventures, Inc.
    Synageva BioPharma Corp.
    Taishoff Family Foundation
    The Richards Advantage
    Thrasher Research Fund
    TIP Engineering Group, Inc.
    Towering Pines Foundation
    Trapani Family Charitable Fund
    Triangle Farms, Inc.
    Triangle Luncheon Civitan Club
    Tri Properties Inc.
    UBC Late Stage Group
    USA Gymnastics**
    Van Dusen Charitable Lead Unitrust
    Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company
    Verizon Wireless
    Victory Church
    Wake Stone Corporation
    Wal-Mart Foundation
    Warren Street Charitable Fund
    Webb Writes, LLC
    Weldon Baptist Church
    Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
    WFB Ohio Foundation
    Wichtrich Family Giving Account
    Wilbers Golf Tourney
    Will Ride Two
    Alexander McAlister Worth Jr. Foundation
    Wren Foundation
    Yonkers Industries Inc.


    Duke Children's Heritage Society

    The following individuals have graciously provided for the benefit and future of Duke by naming Duke Children's as a beneficiary of a will, retirement plan, IRA, life insurance policy, annuity, trust, or gift of tangible personal property.

    Estate of Mr. William R. Alford
    Mr. Justin D. Anderson
    Estate of Catherine Blue
    Dr. Richard Boger
    Estate of Robert A. Boone
    Estate of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Buchen
    Ms. Christine Howard Bullard
    Estate of Mrs. Jo B. Campbell
    Estate of Lee and Muriel Carey
    Ms.Clementine Carlaftes
    Estate of Cathryn T. Childers
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chut, Sr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Clark
    Estate of Rosa Coghill
    Mrs. Karen Como
    Mr. and Mrs. Norman Cooper
    Mrs. Diane J. Crayton
    Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. D'Angelo
    Estate of John E. Dees
    Mrs. Yorke L. Eastwood
    Estate of John E. Ellington, II
    Dr. and Mrs. Michael M. Frank
    Dr. Henry B. Freye
    Mr. William L. Glancy, Jr.
    Mrs. Winnifred Z. Green
    Mr. George L. Grody
    Estate of Eugene Harris
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Heidman
    Mr. Jack E. Hickman
    Drs. Margaret W. Hilgartner and A. Milton Arky
    Mr. Ray E. Imperial
    Mr. and Mrs. Roy Johnston
    Dr. Shelby H. Josephs
    Dr. Ralph J. Johansmann
    Drs. Samuel L. Katz and Catherine M. Wilfert
    Mr. Robert V. Kelly
    Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Kinney
    Dr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Kiser
    Mr. Frederick W. Klein
    Mrs. Violet G. LaRivere
    Mr. Gary L. Markel
    Dr. Stephen J. McGeady
    Dr. and Mrs. Hamilton W. McKay, Jr.
    Mrs. Kathleen F. Michael
    Mr. Glenn Morris
    Mr. E. Arthur Palumbo
    Ms. Rose Parapiglia
    Mrs. Carolyn K. Penny
    Mrs. Rose F. Procacci
    Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Reichstetter
    Estate of Harry W. Roberson, Jr.
    Estate of Kenneth E. Rupple
    Estate of Gertrude Ruska
    Estate of Dr. Dorothy J. Shaad
    Estate of Wilma D. Shotwell
    Ms. Linda M. Simpson
    Dr. and Mrs. Malbert Smith, III
    Mr. Richard R. Sykes
    Estate of Maxine C. Trollinger
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Uhorchak
    Mrs. Elizabeth Van Dusen
    Ms. Iona Baily Walton
    Estate of Commander Ethel A. Wynant
    Dr. Harry A. Whitaker, Jr.
    Mr. Ralph F. Whitfield, Jr.
    Mr. Dan G. Williamson
    Mr. Claude Wilson
    Ms. Dorothy S. Wilson
    Mr. James Yonkers